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Loki has recently discovered the existence of lollipops and he is obsessed with them to the extent of obscenely licking and sucking on them during battles with the Avengers. Thor cannot find it in himself to object when Loki is trailing the red candy up his pale sinewy belly.

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There was a new addition to Lokis arsenal. It was conveniently portable, easy to keep out of his way when his hands were full, and varied enough to hold his interest. Different sizes, shapes, colours, almost anything really.

And also, they were sweet.

Is he eating a lollipop, because if I cared at all about respect, I would find that disrespectful, Iron Man noted conversationally as he ducked an enthusiastic girder.

Loki raised an eyebrow, taking the red heart-shaped candy out of his mouth for a moment. A vividly red tongue poked out to wet his lips. You do not enjoy them?

Oh I like them fine, Im just thinking I mightrather die at the hands of someone who looked alittle grimmer, Stark replied distractedly as a swipe from one of the monsters threatened to take a chunk out of his leg. But each to his own and what not.

Thor felled his beast, dropping it with a thick thud on the concrete. Loki hefted his sceptre warily.

I have not seen this food before, Thor rumbled, brow crinkling with curiosity. Where did you acquire it, brother?

Hey, hey, am I the only one that gets were kinda fighting for our damn mortal lives here? Iron Man yelled over his helmets speakers, hovering above their heads. One of the monsters seemed to be sprouting arrows from its back like a demonic pin cushion before the whole creature exploded, courtesy of Hawkeye. Pieces of shell and meat splattered, a chunk thwacking Iron Man across the head. His armours posture looked offended.

Lokis gaze flashed to Stark for the barest second. Jacques Torres, he told Thor dryly, popped the sweet-heart treat back into his mouth, and loosed a searing magic bolt at the other God. Thor blocked it but Loki vanished in the chaos the ricochet unleashed.

No way! Chortles shook the Iron Man suit, completely disregarding the battle as a beast swept Stark aside and Thor threw Mjölnir to save his sidetracked brother-in-arms.

Not that Stark found the God of Mischief and his lolly and his red mouth in any way divertingit was just he was still hungover and had a couple of major injuries from when Loki decided that Iron Man throwing him into a sweet shop as a Valentines Day joke was an insult to his person.


It was not too terrible an incident, only somewhat humiliating as all manner of designer confectionary delights had dislodged from their boxes and bounced off his golden horned head, but it was the principle of the matter. On the way out, striding angrily with his sceptre glowing in hand, he had first noticed the different shaped coloured sugars on sticks. He could discern their useful application, and he did miss the honeyed indulgences he had become so accustomed to in Asgard rather fiercely.

Besides, it miffed Tony Stark to see how serenely he licked the treat during Avenger firefights. All of them resented it to some degree, to his pleasureexcept Thor who seemed to take on even more of that puppy-like cheer. Which Loki was always sure to remedy.

Loki had picked up a cheap supermarket lollipop today, chocolate flavoured. He hadnt time to find better, with Victor running him down. It would not amuse him for long. As he watched the carnage spread below his feet, he slowly crunched into the too-yielding bonbon and pressed the little shards into his tongue, mouth puckering crossly.

The battle ended when his sweet disappeared. It was ridiculously short.


I believe his lolly-pop is the cause, Thor gravely told Tony. The fights between Loki and the Avengers had become noticeably more intense and dangerous of late, quicker, sharper but much more often.

Yeah. Tony stroked his short goatee pensively. I think I have something that might fix that.


Captain America shook his head when he saw Loki with his mouth latched defiantly onto a huge madly-coloured candy the size of his face. The super villain was entirely incapacitated from the battle, putting all his ministrations into suckling the treat busily, like he had something to prove. He wasnt even on his feet, perched nonchalantly on the marble balcony of a heritage building, head propped against one of the columns, legs swinging.

Thors happiness was blinding.

It pleases me that my brother enjoys my present so, Thor beamed as he destroyed a tentacled robot with a vicious clang of his hammer. Too oft Loki turns his nose up to my entreaties. This is a sign of improvement!

Lokis threat today was reduced to nothing more than easy pickings, Tony taken to making the most whimsical noises as he shot down the robots with his repulsor beams, sounding to all the world like a little boy playing pretend soldiers in the backyard, taking his time to finish all them off.


Loki rolled his eyes and ignored them. His lips were still wrapped around the edge as his tongue worked to deliquesce the sweet as best he could, the thin pink of his mouth darkened from the artificially coloured rainbow spirals of the round novelty candy.

Very loud music started blaring from all the adjacent buildings.




Humans need a leader. You always haveyou understand this. The body follows the head does it not? You have all been reduced to a writhing savage half-dead carcass, thrashing about without direction, only to destroy

Loki flipped around abruptly, with the shocking speed of a trap snapping shutand pinned Iron Man by the neck. There was now an indent in the wall. No one sneaked up on the God of Lies.

Ever tried a gobstopper? Iron Man said chattily from his precarious position.

Loki frowned. Sugar is more practical on a stick.

Huh. Worth a try to get you to shut up. Loki dropped back immediately as Stark shot his palm repulsors, fielding the beams with his staff, sizzling-hot flashes raining to the ground.

Brother! You do not have a lolly-pop today? Thor boomed, concernedly and with no a hint of irony.

Loki hissed in seething exasperation as he fought Iron Man.

I have one here

I am going to kill you Thor, rawly strained and deceptively quiet enough to be lost in Lokis golden flare of wild power that had even the Thor taking a step back. Stark didnt miss the rare opportunity and showered shots down. That regained Lokis attention, the mages focus was still imperfect, the grip on his sceptre too tense.

It is the flavour of honey, I remember how fond you

The swipe that Loki gave Tony Stark was just short of a killing blow, knocking the industrialist through four solid walls. The dark-haired God stalked harshly to Thor.

You will cease your condescending offerings of

A surprised cry when Thor firmly gripped his brothers wrist and pushed a wrapped lollipop in his black-gloved hands. Even more amazingly, Loki looked genuinely upset. But that cycled straight through to fury when he threw the sweet back at Thor. It harmlessly bounced off Thors forehead. Loki was gone before it hit the ground.

Thor looked down at the treat desolately.


The disappearance of the muesli was a notorious mystery in the Avengers Tower. Mostly because it did not make Bruce happy. It had long arrived at the point where Tony Stark installed surveillance on the pantry. Even though they lived with some of the slyest people on the Earth, Thor was certain he knew who was behind it. He trusted his teammates when they asserted that they were not the thief, so it had to be Loki.

However, this time Thor was the thief. Thor innocently hid the muesli behind his back and put the rejected honey-pop in its place.

Thor checked back next afternoon. The candy was gone. Then Thor had a thought, and checked under his bed. The packet of muesli was opened at one corner and about a cup of it was missing. Thor nodded. That proved that the thief was Loki.

Just to be sure, he inquired of Loki in their evening battle, What flavour is that, brother?

The way that the sorcerer sulked for the rest of the fight, Black Widow solemnly wanted to know what Thor had said.


Thor kept the muesli under his bed and remembered to stock the larder with more honey candies. He should have thought of this before. It gave him great peace of mind to see the volume of the rolled oats decrease regularly and the sweets disappearing, and to know that Loki was eating and taking care of himself.

He still did not understand why Loki would choose to consume such a food though. Perhaps he did not eat pancakes because he did not want to expend the effort of making them, now they were not possessed of a kitchen staff? Thor was sure his brother would enjoy the maple syrup the mortals used to douse the pancakes with. As princes of Asgard, they were brought up surrounded by indulgent treats at every fanciful feast, but Loki in his childhood perhaps more so. In need of something to distract and placate the unusually sensitive young prince, many of their guardians took to giving him a small piece of loaf sugar to suck on. Doubtless, it occupied his mouth well, and stopped the crying, though for the longest time none of them had discovered exactly how crafty the little boy was. Young Thor had picked up on the technique, and the currency between the brothers for a short while had been stolen kitchen desserts, Loki easily amassing the larger share, the warm memory of it all still lodged in Thor's subconscious.

Coming out of the bathing chamber one morning, hair a wet blond mop in his eyes, he was greeted unexpectedly when he managed to get his towel under control.


Loki threw a shirt at Thors head before going back to his book, the small bulge of one of Thors lollies showing through a cheek.

A grin threatened to break Thors face as he pulled the t-shirt on. He was so proud and joyous, and Loki But Thor knew from experience he should approach this slowly.

Have you taken breakfast? Thor tried to keep too much affection from his voice, but failed miserably.

Do you not have someplace to be, Loki disinterestedly answered from the breakfast bar. At that moment, the small card imbued with science in Thor's pocket beeped insistently. The Thunderer was needed.

Loki turned a page.

Why are you here, brother? Thor continued, unwilling to leave just yet.

Thoughtfully Loki pressed the sticky golden lolly to his lips. I am renovating.

There was an urgent rap on Thors door. You are welcome to stay if you wish, Thor told him as if Loki did not do just as he pleased anyway. The God of Thunder gave his younger brother one last lingering look before he left to assemble with the Avengers.


Puny God.

This will not lie, we will do fair battle on this issue, beast, Thor thundered, ramming a large chunk of concrete away from Widows head. However, now is not

Yeah, Deity of Loud Noises, Stark waved his dismissal and jerked his head to his upper left as more debris rained down on the Avengers, little pieces pinging off his shining red armour from a block he shot out of the sky. Isnt that your irksome little bro up there?

Thors forehead furrowed.

Something else for us to worry about? Captain America grimaced. If Loki is responsible for this

More importantly, is Loki having access to that much sugar good for our health? Stark added seriously, posing perhaps a more pressing concern than the monstrous sphere hovering in noon air, threatening the lives of the city.

Indeed Loki was sliding yet another coloured candy in and out of his mouth as he watched over the destruction with curiosity from the top of a low-rise apartment block. Thor grunted.

I would have words with my brother.

Loki tucked his fluttering scarf back under his long coat as Thor whipped up next to him behind Mjölnir.


Mmm. He licked his lips then stuck the pink lollipop back in his mouth, eyes tracking the devastating path of the floating black sphere.

Loki, what are you doing? Thor tried again.

Loki gestured carelessly at a No Loitering sign that Thor was sure was not there a moment ago. At least it looked like he was on his day off, only an observer in this latest plot, not seeming to be maintaining any spells to direct the giant orb.

This is a wonderful food to have your tongue finally so well occupied, Thor chuckled casually, attempting to lighten the mood. He eyed Lokis sucking mouth. The younger Gods lips were reddened obscenely with the candys colouring.

Thor missed the baleful glare Loki shot him before the master mage swept a hand through the air, drenching it heavy with magic, startling Thor. Screaming erupted anew beneath them.

Brother, what have you unleashed?

Oh my. Loki was already peering gleefully over the edge of the building. Its positively a bloodbath.

The black sphere had stopped discharging lasers and now spat out many leaves of green paper, flapping in the wind like ineffectual butterflies. Loki Thor snatched one out of the air and examined the face of an old man on it, thumbing the number 50 in one corner. Loki had taken one himself and released it in the guise of a folded paper bird, which drifted into the absolute bedlam below.

What madness have you induced in the mortals? Reverse it, now!

Loki finally pulled out the candy with an impatient pop, wintergreen eyes narrowed in contempt. Ive always wanted to do that, dont spoil my fun.

Thor raised Mjölnir against Loki, who watched his older brother in amusement. Loki made a show out of twirling the sweet outrageously around in his mouth, then suckling on it childishly, the coyest hint of the strawberry-flavoured lolly slipping in and out of his pouting lips. The pout and the innocent eyes

Thor growled, his grip on Mjölnir flexing in aggravation. Brute force was not always the answer to everything, and hardly anyone knew what to do with his misguided brother in any event. Loki smugly ignored him and went back to watching his social experiment unfold until one of Clint Bartons arrows nearly burrowed through his skull, if it were not for his reflexes. Loki looked sidelong at the still-trembling arrow disdainfully, slipped himself into a window reflection and disappeared.


Maple bacon flavour. Loki placed it to Thors lips and Thor opened his mouth to accept. It was so ludicrous it was necessary to show you.

Thor tongued the lollipop to the side of his cheek. A very intriguing flavour. Loki returned to the fluffy pancakes Thor had set out for him on the breakfast bar, scraping the whipped cream delicately to the side of the plate before forking up a single blueberry.

Thor cut a triangle from his own serving of pancake, scooping a dollop of the cream and a slice of banana on top. Like his brother had done moments before with the lollipop, he held it out to Loki, who stared, biting his lip involuntarily. Pushing it closer until Loki could not recoil any further without toppling off his stool, Thor watched as he silently ate the piece from Thors fork, teeth clicking lightly on the utensil, then whisking away some errant cream from the corner of his mouth with a flicker of his tongue.


Go away, Loki mumbled gently, burrowing deeper into Thors pillows. Thor had just returned from a conference at the SHIELD complex. Loki never came to the Tower after breakfast, and had not come for weeks on end, yet now he was snuggled in Thors bed in the middle of the day.

And his dark green armour lay discarded and ruined and bloodied by the bedside. This was not the work of the Avengers.

Who did this to you, brother? Thor sonorously demanded. He dragged the blanket away from his brothers bare curled form to reveal an assortment of red marks like little strawberries, cuts and bruises on his pale skin, already rapidly healing under the light buzz of Lokis magic.

Loki looked at him, tugging the blanket back to cover his thin chest. Thor, he warned, exhaustion thrumming through his tone, before turning away.

Thor scowled unhappily, but darkened the windows to let Loki sleep. He tenderly squeezed Lokis arm before closing the bedroom door, resolving to grill him later.

Later, Thor does not find Loki, but he does find a red heart-shaped lollipop under his pillow like the first one he saw Loki lick. He keeps it wrapped, keeps it where he found it along with the familiar and missed scent of his brother on the sheets.

Thor fell asleep with a soft smile every night.


It was insensibly long, a twisty lollipop reminiscent of hazy cloying carnival evenings, impossible to even think of fitting all the way into his mouth.

So Loki licked it from bottom to top, following the swirl of candy, again and again, his tongue tracing the treat up and down, patiently working to dissolve it, as Iron Man swore like a sailor.

Loki continued to give the lolly slow lascivious licks.

Okay this has gotten out of hand, hes just playing us for fools now, Clint Barton snapped. Someone get Hulk to dump him in a candy factory and be done with it.

Captain America looked over to the elder God. Thor. Deal with this.

This is obscene, Thor said uncomfortably, halting Mjölnirs spin and landing beside his brother. You are a prince, Loki.

Loki inclined his head and Thor was conflicted. He adored seeing this wickedly mischievous look on Lokis faceinstead of that twisted snarling anger that had too smoothly become the norm, clawing Thors heart ragged every time he saw it.

Thor sat down at Lokis side. Loki, please turn the birds back, he said mildly. A jellyfish floated along in midair, clear flesh undulating. The sun was going down, a full bold orange glazing the skies, tall buildings silhouetted like black cardboard cut-outs against the brilliance.

When Loki still did not respond, Thor gave up with being careful and thinking with his head. It was all too protracted and so tiresome, he missed Loki too much, it felt like a physical bleeding maw in his chestand pulled his brother into a tight strong embrace that shifted some of Lokis bones in unfavourable directions.

Lokis whine was muffled, but Thor let him up only to place a kiss on his mouth. Lokis coated lips were so sticky and fruity and sugared it could not have been much different from sucking on the lolly. Thor brushed his tongue across Lokis closed mouth and it opened under the pressure like a candied flower blooming.

The air trembled with a huge wave of displacement and Thor let go, lifting his hammer to face the threat.

The jellyfish had turned back into birds, all tweeting confusedly and starting to return to their nests for the night.

Before he looked back he already knew. Lokis long lollipop was tossed dirtied on the roof of the building, and as usual, Loki himself was nowhere to be seen.


That night when Thor returned to his floor in the Avengers Tower, he saw Lokis clothes again. This time they were shucked off heedlessly on the lounge. It looked to be the entirety of Lokis heavy ornamented armour, and his underclothes. Thor imagined Loki padding around like a babe, completely nude.

Thor headed to his lit bedroom.

You are supposed to eat the lollipop when I give it to you, Loki began instructively, sitting up cuddled in the pile of pillows in Thors bed, blanket tangled around his long legs. He had found the heart-shaped lolly he had left Thor. I thought I had shown you enough times.

Loki pulled the coloured sucker out of his mouth before touching it to his thigh, just above his knee. Here, lick it off, Loki pointed to the sticky spot. Thor was already nibbling at the sweet mark, pulling away his own armour, and soon enough Loki had trailed the red candy up his pale sinewy belly, Thors hot mouth following.

You learn fast, Loki whispered wryly, the sugar fragrant on his breath. Green eyes glinting he pressed a print onto Thors muscled shoulder, moist, syrupy, sweet. Loki leaned in to suckle at it, cleaning it off with flashes of his fabled tongue teasing at the tanned skin, then licked a trail up the strong column of Thors neck, their hot limbs entwined, locked together, pushing.

Thor took Lokis sweetened mouth in his own again, running his hands along the tight curve of Loki's rump. Loki squirmed when a hand found its way between his thighs, then Thor unexpectedly felt the cool sticky lolly touching just below his throbbing navel. The lollipop was hanging undirected, loose and forgotten by Lokis fingers.

He will be sure to make Loki clean that mark off too.

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A Flawless Plan 4

Natasha split up the food and drinks between the two men and made sure to get a closer look of both their bellies when she drew closer.

Youre going to lose your money, Clint, she smirked as she looked at the Captains slightly larger stomach. Theres no way hes gonna win this.

Dont listen to her, Steve, Clint grinned, picking at the ham again, which had gone cold, but was still delicious. You got this, man.

Steve chuckled and shook his head at the SHIELD agents' behavior, but he said nothing, instead diving into a pizza at a moderate pace that nonetheless would've left the others in the dust if they had still been competing. He had to admit, Thor did seem to be in the lead as far as their bloating stomachs showed, but he had military discipline to help him, and he wasn't going to back down.

Soon, the Captain had finished off two more pizzas and was taking a bit of a break by going for the fruit platter, trying to pace himself without slowing down too much. That was the one thing he knew Thor wouldn't do, as the Asgardian seemed hellbent on pushing on as fast and as far as he could, but it might catch up with him and make him hit a wall. At least, Steve could hope that would happen.

Thor, on the other hand, had already finished all three of his pizzas. His stomach was significantly rounder now, tapering away from his body a full four inches more than normal. He lifted another 2-liter bottle with the intention of chugging it and releasing pressure with a massive belch, as hed done before with Clint.

Clint was quite pleased with the process now, and he and Natasha were both cheering on the victor they preferred, Clint insisting that Steve would win, and Tasha maintaining that Thor had the practice for this sort of this, and claimed total victory in the past. Clint still had strong doubts about that, but he couldnt afford to question it, lest he give away the fact that he has extra knowledge.

You cannot beat me, you might as well give up before you give yourself a serious stomachache, Thor laughed to his fellow warrior in eating, inspecting the way his stomach boasted an extra three inches, at least.

Steve raised an eyebrow and grinned at the thunder god, shaking a strawberry at him. "Now hey, I thought you said you wanted a challenge," he reminded Thor before popping the strawberry into his mouth. "And I damn well intend to give you one."

Natasha scoffed, though it was mostly light-hearted as evidenced by the barely-restrained smile on her face. "Challenge or not, just go till one of you drops." She waved one hand dismissively and nodded at the remaining food.

You have given a good fight, yes, but you cannot possibly hope to consume everything in front of you, Thor said, looking back at the array still laid out in front of Steve. It will be funny to watch you try.

Steve shrugged, the slightest prickle of annoyance flaring up at Thor's comments, but he managed to easily ignore it. "Well I guess I'll just have to give it a try and see how far I get, then."

In the next twenty minutes, Thor had also inhaled the remaining cake and pie on his side, with his middle noticeably rounder to show for it. He took a few minutes to drink another bottle of soda, though he took it slower, letting out shallow little burps instead, using his free hand to massage his stomach, which was giving him the first real signs of pain. Only the poptarts and fruit platter remained on his side, though the amount of sliced fruit was daunting. At least two pounds, if not more.

In the same time frame, the Captain's remaining pizzas had vanished, as well as most of his fruit and a couple more boxes of poptarts. He lacked the love for the breakfast pastries that Thor had, though, and found them to be a bit slower going than the foods he was used to. They tasted so...artificial, he wasn't sure he really liked it, but didn't want to say so due to the massive horror that he knew would be Thor's reaction. Things were getting quite painful now, but he fought down the flares of discomfort and plowed on, determined to stick it out as long as he possibly could.

I swear, its gonna come down to soda here, Clint laughed, seeing how close both the men were to finishing their food. Thor had picked his way through two thirds of the fruit tray and half of the boxes of poptarts.

Thor had resorted to swallowing the chunks of fruit whole. He rather enjoyed the feeling of the large morsels slipping down his throat and forcing the walls of his stomach out that much more. He could hardly believe the amount of food that Steve, a mortal even an enhanced mortal had eaten. It was nearly worthy of an Asgardian, though he would be sure not to let the Captain win.

Several tense minutes later and hed finished off the fruit entirely, and he sat back to survey the damage of his stomach. It was much larger than before, his waistline had expanded by at least six or seven inches, if not more, and the stretch was no longer pleasant, but rather bordering in painful. He would never show his weakness on his face, however, and continued to grin as he sipped his way through another bottle of soda.

The cake and pie on the Captain's side of the table quickly vanished, as did the remnants of his fruit, leaving him with poptarts and soda as he tried to catch up to Thor's pace. He was amazed at how quickly the Asgardian had been able to go the entire way, without really slowing at all or showing signs that the speed was a problem, even as he felt his own pace continue to take its toll on his aching stomach.

Frowning at the poptarts, Steve shook his head wearily but kept eating, glancing at Thor every once in a while to see how he was doing and noticing that the thunder god was still ahead. He didn't really know what he could do to catch up at that point, but he refused to surrender, pushing harder as things came down to the wire.

Come on, man, you cant let Thunderbuns take this from you! Clint encouraged. It was less that he wanted the two of them round and immobile now, more that he wanted to come home to Loki with the news that his brother had been defeated.

Should I go get more pizza? Natasha raised an eyebrow.

I am sure I could take it, Thor smiled confidently. But I do believe our Captain is on his last leg.

"Hey now," Steve looked up and managed a smile, though the strain was evident in his expression, "You haven't finished those yet either." He nodded to the remaining few boxes of poptarts in front of Thor as he reached for a swig of his own soda.

Natasha shook her head. "Okay, this is gonna take forever if we push you two to your limit. What if we just call it that whoever finishes what they've got here first takes it?" she suggested, catching a suspicious frown from Clint.

"Hey, you know Thor's a faster eater. That's cheap," he pointed out, and the redhead threw up her hands exasperatedly.

"Well...okay, fair point, but I also don't wanna be here all day," she remarked, motioning to the way both combatants continued to stubbornly struggle on despite their massive stomachs.

Alright, lets see if you guys can finish before worrying about getting more, Clint just said with a laugh. I mean, theres still a lot of soda left there, so even that has to disappear.

It is not a challenge, Thor chuckled.

Steve wasnt so sure, but he was certainly going to give it a shot.

They ate their way through the last of their food without much more struggle, but then it came to the soda.

The home stretch, Natasha smirked, and with a quick count, Lets see who can fit twelve liters inside them on top of all the food, hm?

Thor continued to grin as he pulled the nearest of the sodas close. His stomach was straining against his shirt now, and he gave in to Clints idea, lifting the tight hem over his globe of a belly to relieve some of the pressure. Steve looked cautious, but he was methodical in his drinking.

He was definitely feeling pain now. Hed pushed himself farther now than he ever had before in all his life, his gut rounding out in front of him almost a full ten inches, and the whole mass was pulsing with a heartbeat. Liquid, as it turned out, was actually harder to get down than food. It had so much less mass, but filled him up so much more quickly. Clint could actually watch his stomach expand with every deep swallow he took, and he knew, unfortunately, he would be bowing out soon.

Upon completion of the second bottle of soda, Steve nearly felt the contents of his stomach backwash up his throat. And looking over at Thor, who had just tossed his fifth bottle out of six to the floor, and he knew he was done.

Okay, he moaned, sliding down in his chair to relieve some of the pressure on his gut by sitting back. Fine, Thor, you win, you win.

Dammit Steve, Clint muttered, pulling out his wallet with some difficulty and passing a twenty to Natasha.

I am victorious! Thor announced, thrusting his fist into the air.

Steve shook his head dazedly, glancing over at Clint and managing a pained chuckle. "Sorry, but serum or no, I'm still only, uh, sort of human," he said apologetically, then turned to Thor. "You are something else entirely. Good going."

Smirking, Natasha took her partner's money and pocketed it, looking around at the three engorged men. "Okay, well, game over then. I'm gonna go, since I am not about to try carting any of you outta here."

She turned and strolled to the door, pausing before she left and turning back to smile at Clint. "Good game Barton, that was...less horrible than I thought it'd be." And with that, she slipped into the hallway and out of sight.

Good luck getting out of here you guys, Clint laughed. Im gonna go back to my room and try to sleep this off, he patted his stomach and finally managed to pull himself into a standing position.

He teetered out of the room, quite looking forward to the spell that Loki will use to fix his gut and make it less achy and heavy. The pain was dulled almost entirely, instead he was just feeling incredibly full, and actually pretty satisfied.

As soon as he was alone in his room, he walked into his bathroom the only place that wasnt under surveillance, and fired the spelled arrow at the wall of the shower. Pulling the arrow out as he went to close the portal behind him, Clint stepped through into the very heart of Lokis castle. With a few shaky steps, he made his way through the castle and finally rounded the corner into Lokis throne room. He chuckled and fell back against the wall to support the added weight in his middle.

Done and done, he huffed at Loki, rubbing his swollen gut. They wont be a problem now.

The trickster's eyes flashed as they flickered up and down Clint's swollen form, and he said nothing for a moment as he reigned in the sudden desire to jump the human right then and there. He closed his eyes and the corner of his mouth quirked upwards in a pleased smirk, letting the image sink into his mind of how the archer looked, leaning there against the wall with that pleased expression and quite the expanded middle. It sort of reminded him of Asgard, and the way people would look in the aftermath of big celebrations as they swept away the various barely-dressed women who would be hanging over them to finish the night. He'd never really been one to take part in that sort of thing, but he certainly might make an exception now, celebrating the success of Clint's lovely idea.

"Good. I can tell you had fun, as well," Loki remarked, his eyes still closed and his tone silky smooth.

The going was a little tough, Clint admitted, and his stomach agreed with a loud gurgle. But I made sure they were all stuffed to the brim before they walked out. Man, you should see Bruce, he looks like hes about to pop.

He rather liked the image of Loki sitting there, lost in his own thoughts, leaned back and legs spread open and head tipped up to show off his expansive neck. Clint cleared his throat.

Ah, so, about that spell? he asked, slipping his hands over his aching belly.

"Oh, did I say spell?" Loki's eyes finally opened again, and there was something distinctly cat-like about his expression as his smirk widened slightly.

He sat up and leaned over one arm of his chair to pick up something from beside it, rising again with a glass bottle in his hand containing a translucent teal liquid that almost seemed to give off the faintest glow. "I meant potion. I'm sure it won't be too much of a problem to get down."

The look on Clint's face was priceless, and it only made the trickster's smirk grow into a full, twisted grin as he gently shook the bottle by its neck.

Oh you bastard, Clint groaned, and suddenly the pain in his belly was back full force. He slid a little farther down the wall, his shirt riding just a little bit higher over his chest and he clutched his stomach. Bring it over here then, I dont think I can walk that far, he groaned.

Loki laughed, raising an eyebrow at the crippled archer. "Really? You made it here easily enough though, didn't you?" His tone was taunting, but he got to his feet anyway and strolled across the room to where Clint was barely managing to stand, leaning his own shoulder against the wall and holding the bottle out in front of the frustrated human. "Here then, it won't bite."

Clint took the potion with a sharp glare towards the satisfied trickster. He looked down at the liquid with disdain, swishing it around the bottle. I dont have to drink all of it, do I? he asked with a groan, wagering there was at least half a liter in the bottle.

"Well of course you do, why would I give you more than you need?" Loki pointed out, still very obviously tickled by the archer's frustration as that vaguely predatory grin remained in place on his lips. "Though, you don't have to gulp it down all at once. You can take your time, as long as you aren't too slow with it," he admitted, relenting a little.

Clint groaned again. This shit had better be fast acting, he grunted before pulling the cap off and tilting back the bottle. It was very cool, and tasted faintly of mint, and it tingled Clints throat as he swallowed it. Despite Lokis words, he really wanted to get it over with, so he swallowed and swallowed, his stomach gurgling and protesting as still more was stuffed down into it. He could feel Lokis eyes burning as they stared at him, and he clutched his stomach with his free hand as finally the last drop slipped down his throat into his bursting belly.

A shiver raced down the trickster's spine as he watched Clint gulp the liquid down in one go, biting his lip and restraining the urge to reach out and touch the human's straining, noisy stomach. He hadn't expected the archer to drink it all that fast, though it sent a rush through his system to watch, and it left him scrambling for a moment to remember what he had been about to say.

"Oh don't worry, it is." Loki's smile reappeared and his eyes flickered brighter as he regained his composure. "...Once it's been triggered, of course."

Clint stared at Loki incredulously, his chest heaving and his stomach groaning. Triggered? he repeated venomously. How the fuck is it triggered?!

"Temper, temper," Loki laughed, watching the anger build in the archer's eyes. He pushed away from the wall and slowly circled until he was standing in front of Clint, surveying the human hungrily, and he brushed his fingers across the archer's stomach as he moved closer. "Don't worry," he purred, pressing both hands against the bulk as he leaned in to kiss the human's throat. "I'll handle that."

Clint groaned openly, tilting his head back as a spike of pain shot through his gut from where Loki touched him, but warmth spread out from the point of contact as well.

Oh, shit, he groaned, his eyes closing and his hands lifting to tangle in Lokis thick black hair as his lips sucked a hickey into his throat. You had this planned all along, you divine bastard.

The trickster chuckled when he momentarily broke away from Hawkeye's skin, letting his hands slowly slide across the archer's engorged middle. "Mmh, maybe," he admitted teasingly before getting back to work trailing his tongue, teeth, and lips up the human's throat, moving deliberately slow to the shell of Clint's ear.

The throbbing in Clints groin was very evident now, pulsing against Lokis thigh as he imposed himself over the bloated form of his lover. Clint rocked his hips against the tricksters leg, aching for some friction and moaning when he received it.

Loki, he hissed, tipping his head back farther, reaching full hardness so quickly he was dizzy. The touch of Lokis hands on his stomach was exquisite. The contents of his insides were packed so tightly that with his skin stretched wide, his nerves were on fire even before Loki began to finger and prod at every inch of expanded flesh.

The trickster shuddered and growled in approval against Hawkeye's throat, his hands roaming over the expanse of tight skin in thrilled curiosity. He gave one last teasing bite and pulled back, looking the human up and down and biting his lip as dark thoughts danced almost visibly in his eyes, then he finally made eye contact and smirked. "You know, I doubt your legs are going to hold out, given your...additional weight. Is there anywhere in particular you'd like to take this?" He was being more accommodating than usual; given Clint's helpless state he felt he could afford to be, just as he could afford to take the little bit of additional time before making his move against Midgard.

Clint wrapped his arms around Lokis neck and pressed his face into his shoulder before nodding with a little moan. Bed, please, he breathed, his whole body pulsing in three points. His throat, his gut, and his groin. Loki easily summoned a bed into existence in the middle of the throneroom, which Clint graciously spread out on. His stomach seemed so much larger now that he was on his back looking down on it.

He hesitantly pulled off his tight tank top and kicked off his boots, but the thought of trying to wriggle out of his jeans made him groan with nausea, and he decided it would be best to leave that to Loki.

So you really do get off on this, huh? Clint smirked as his jeans were worked down off his legs.

Loki paused and looked up, staring blankly at Clint for a split-second before a twisted smile spread slowly across his face, his expression acting as enough of an answer to make words unnecessary. He wouldn't bother to explain, as he didn't want to ruin the moment by stopping to tell the human about Asgardian values and what different traits were considered attractive there, so he simply let his molten gaze linger for a few seconds before returning to getting rid of the archer's remaining clothes.

Tossing the human's jeans away as though offended by their very existence, the trickster turned back to Clint and surveyed him with approval for a moment before leaning down and kissing the archer's inner thigh, continuing to tease and occasionally let his teeth graze the flesh just to hear the man whine.

Oh, shit, Clint groaned, and his stomach was much too overpacked to even attempt grinding down on those tricky lips. He licked his own lips in approval, his thighs quivering in anticipation of what was to come. His toes curled and his head tipped back and he was already getting ahead of himself, imagining what it will be like when Loki finally penetrates him and rides him hard while hes feeling so raw and full.

He grabbed at the sheets of the magicked bed, his knuckles turning white as he gasped, vision swimming and mouth open to utter endless streams of useless babbling encouragements.

Loki laughed softly at the dazed words stringing out of Clint's mouth, loving how completely incoherent the archer already was under his treatment and how powerless the human was to do anything about it. The archer could barely move at all, let alone do anything to the trickster still assaulting his thigh, and it appealed to his manipulative nature to see that.

Finally pulling back, Loki looked the human up and down for a moment, his head tilted slightly to one side as he considered his next move, then he reached out and ran one slender finger up Clint's aching cock from the base to the tip, only the tiniest of smirks showing through his pensive expression as he swirled his finger around the tip.

No, you, oh shit oh god, Loki, Clint babbled, trying and failing to arch into the touch. His hands reached weakly forward, trying to grab onto Loki before he floated away on the sensations. He was feeling phenomenally overwhelmed, and needed to root himself to reality before he passed out. Loki, please, please, babe, please, he sobbed, breathing heavy beneath his weighted middle. Please, need you, I need you.

"Do you now?" the trickster murmured teasingly, reaching out with one hand and absently running it across Clint's tight stomach. He had to admit, he didn't think he could carry on teasing for too much longer, especially since it didn't seem like the archer would be able to hold himself together if things kept going at their current pace. That, and he did technically have things to go destroy.

Leaning out over the swollen body beneath him, Loki balanced to try to keep from pressing too much weight on the human's midsection and placed the first two fingers of one hand against the archer's lips, his smirk widening a little as his eyes flashed. "Can you manage this much for me, hm? Or do I need to handle it?"

Clint didnt hesitate for one second to draw Lokis long, thin fingers into his mouth. He sucked with abandon, clutching Lokis wrist with both hands so he could draw the fingers deeper between his lips and then slide back, fucking his own throat with those long digits. He swallowed anxiously around them, laving his tongue over knuckles and into the webbing between the fingers. He finally manages a shallow, weak roll of his hips downwards against Lokis knee, stifling his moan with another hard suck to Lokis fingers.

He was already pulsing with such need, his inner muscles clenching and loosening involuntarily as they begged to be stretched and filled.

The trickster was speechless for a moment, startled by just how eager Clint was and pausing as a sharp thrill rushed through his system. He purred in appreciation and closed his eyes for a moment, just feeling the archer's mouth on his fingers, then he finally smiled and chuckled, shaking his head as he gently tugged his hand free. "Easy, easy. That's enough," he murmured, leaning in to place a kiss on the human's lips in approval before he leaned back to push one of the man's knees slightly more to the side.

Loki's smirk grew at the desperate whine that accompanied him pushing his fingers inside the archer, and it wasn't long before he was pumping the digits in and out with ease, quite pleased with how quickly Clint was stretching for him.

Clint was sobbing with need, and wondered if the potion Loki filled him with had any kind of aphrodisiac qualities to it, or if he was just oversensitive in general because of his stretched skin. He wanted so badly to rock down on those fingers, but any movements made his body feel itchy and heavy and tired, and he needed to keep himself together if he wanted to get through the next few minutes of passion.

Loki, he whined, tilting his head back and clenching his teeth. The tendons on his neck stood out and his body shook. Lokis fingers werent particularly thick, so it was very easy for him to take three, sometimes even four of his digits in not a very long amount of time. He was already feeling so loose and overused, his body lethargic and hazy, so he opened up in no time, clenching rhythmically over Lokis fingers.

Please, Clint breathed, head still tipped back. Please, please.

The constant, desperate begging was starting to get to Loki, his breathing growing more shallow as he bit his lip and let his eyes slide up and down Clint's body almost feverishly. He gave a wordless snarl of frustration and pulled his fingers out of the archer's ass, his patience finally wearing through as the human moaned at being empty, and he grabbed Clint's knee in a death-grip as the sharp pangs of arousal hurried him along.

He hung his head for a moment and growled as he freed his aching erection, unable to wait any longer and pushing inside the archer with no further preparation. He was too damn needy for this right now, and if it hurt Clint too badly he'd just have to make it up to him later.

Clint screamed. He was never one for screaming, but the sensations were too much. He was suddenly and achingly aware of his own bursting length. He could feel tears run down the sides of his face, sticky and hot. He could feel Lokis hand on his stomach, wide and cool against his burning skin. He felt Lokis shaft planted inside him to the hilt, thick and heavy and pulsing. Everything from the tips of his ears to the bottoms of his feet felt itchy and tight, but despite that he buzzed with a desperate need.

Go, go, please, babe, go, Clint begged, hiccupping and tremoring. He would lift his legs around Lokis waist like he usually did, but he was far too stretched in the middle to accommodate anything but lying there and taking and taking and taking.

The trickster shuddered and stared wide-eyed at the expression of perfect, agonized ecstasy twisting the human's face, too stunned for a moment to move as that glorious scream echoed around in his head. To say he was startled would be an extreme understatement, and it took a few seconds before Loki remembered what he was actually doing and flinched back to life, blinking. He pressed the hand on Clint's stomach a tiny bit harder against the firm bulk as he started moving, setting into a fast, hard pace as his eyes remained locked on the archer's face hungrily.

Clints mouth was wide open in a silent scream as sensation rolled through him harder than anything hed ever experienced. Torture sessions in the past had him feeling less used and turned around and inside out than this. He might have just had an orgasm or he might not have, hes pretty sure that if he did he wouldnt have even been able to tell because the onslaught on every nerve ending in his body was above and beyond the realm of human possibility. Thats what he gets for falling into bed with a demigod.

Finding his voice, Clint begins to moan and wail, throat hoarse and open. He feels nauseous and rubbed and chafed, and the discomfort is nothing but bliss. He feels too heavy on the blankets and too tight around Lokis cock, like hes been stuffed into someone elses body while they were still in it.

Loki, please, please, touch me, he begs, raising his arms over his head to try and stretch his body out and relieve some of the pressure congregating in his bulging midsection.

Slowing his pace slightly as the archer's words sank in, the trickster's eyes flashed and the corner of his mouth was tugged upwards in a smirk. He released his hold on Clint's knee rather than move his other hand off the human's swollen stomach, groaning approvingly as his fingers wrapped around the archer's length as if it was his own. Moving his hand in rhythm with his hips, the trickster hissed at a particularly strong pulse of pleasure that added to the tension he could start to feel building inside, his nails scraping across Clint's middle as his breathing grew ragged.

Oh, oh, oh, Clint chanted just above a whisper, his eyes closed tight and his head stretched back as far as it could go. The tightness of his body was starting to loosen with his extended arms, and he was beginning to feel languid as the pressure dropped lower and lower south, building up in his groin. Lokis hand was cool and quick over his heavy stomach and full cock, and when he opened his eyes to see if Loki was enjoying it as much as he was, the vision above him took his breath away.

Lokis pale skin was sheened with sweat, his hair falling in his face. A bead of sweat rolled down his brow, down the slender slope of his nose, and dripped from the tip into the archers shallow bellybutton. His lips were just barely parted as he panted, his eyes narrow but unfocused as he tried to look at every part of Clints body at once. He could see that Loki was just as overloaded as he was.

He turned his head to the side, tucking his nose into his bicep, and he grew shameless with his moans. He knew above all else, Loki loved to listen to the fruits of his labors, and Clints moans at his ministrations were the sweetest music Loki had ever known.

Oh, Loki, yes, yes, baby, oh yes, Im so close, Clint choked, his hands fisting in the blankets over his head. So good, its so good, your cock is so good oh yes, Loki, yes.

The trickster tensed and snapped his head up to stare at Clint's expression, clenching the hand on the human's stomach to keep it from trembling as shocks rippled down his spine with every syllable wrenched from the archer's throat. He sped up at little, though his motions became more erratic, and he growled wordlessly in pleasure. He could tell he wouldn't last much longer at this rate, but so help him he would throw Clint off the edge first if it killed him; his ego would make sure of it.

Clints babbling grew louder and shorter in syllables the more Loki thrust into him. He felt like he was being steadily torn in half up the middle, like he was furling open wider and wider, and then it all came crashing back into him, the tightness returned, and with it his release.

Overfull stomach be damned, Clint arched into what was probably the most intense orgasm of his life. He opened his mouth to scream but he was so hoarse he could only barely whine. His knuckles and toes curled so tight they turned the color of the white sheets beneath him, and his semen jetted out of him with such force it decorated his bloated form as far up as his collarbone. Feet flat on the covers, he choked down his nausea with gritted teeth and began to lift and rock his oversensitive body downwards to meet Lokis thrusts, trying to urge him into climax before Clint either passed out or just dropped dead.

Loki gasped and released his grip on the human's cock to lean both hands on the archer's stomach, the sheer force of Clint's orgasm coming as a complete shock that cranked up his own tension almost to the breaking point in a matter of seconds. He continued to move mostly on autopilot for a few more thrusts, but he came undone within seconds and groaned desperately as stars exploded in front of his eyes, hanging his head and gritting his teeth against the louder exclamations that threatened to escape.

Panting and clamping his eyes shut, it was only by feel that Loki could begin to feel the potion start to take effect, and he growled a little in disappointment despite knowing full well that this had been necessary from the start. He just didn't quite want to relinquish that tight, unyielding stomach yet; he couldn't really help it.

Clint felt the discomfort start to fade, and he looked down to see his belly shrinking. It was a bizarre thing to watch, but within less than a minute, his stomach was back to the tight, flat abs he usually sported.

That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen, he said, voice completely fucked raw. He looked up to see Lokis expression of annoyance and need, and he laughed weakly. Come on, dont be so sour, frostbite, he said, lifting his hand to stroke Lokis jaw as the trickster pulled out of him. Now that I know youre into this, Ill let you do this to me again. And you can be the one to feed me, he licked his lips with intrigue. No potion.

Loki raised an eyebrow, leaning his head on one of Clint's knees as a small smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. "I will hold you to that, you know," he remarked, his eyes flicking briefly down to the archer's once again-flat stomach. He sighed and leaned out over the human, nosing his neck and chuckling softly. "Definitely will hold you to that," he affirmed, just as much to make a mental note for himself as to remind Clint.

You have a planet to rule, and I have a nap to take, Clint groans, trying to roll the over-eager trickster off of him. Come on, baby, dont get started again. Youve taken all Ive got to give for today, Im dead.

"I know, I know," Loki sighed, leaning back and glancing over the archer's naked body one more time before getting up from the bed. He ran one hand through his hair and let his mind start clicking away at the next step of his to-do list for the day, transferring his thoughts over to the lovely opportunity for action before him, pausing as he started to leave and glancing back over his shoulder. "Should I expect you to still be here by the time I get back? I don't think it would be wise to risk letting the others see that you've returned to normal so quickly, do you know what you're going to do when they call you?"

Mh, I just wont answer, Clint says, taking the blankets and rolling like a burrito so he doesnt have to get up and get under the covers. Let them panic. Ill say you kidnapped me or something. Might need you to deck me in the eye before I make my grand escape, he yawned.

"Or simply say that you fell asleep so deeply as a result of all the food that you didn't hear the call," the trickster suggested, waving one hand absently as he turned to continue towards the door. "Either way, it doesn't especially matter to me."

Ill be here, Clint says as he rolls his blanket burrito closer to the pillows so he can wiggle between them and make a nest shape. But then he seems more alert and pushes out of the blankets and leans on the headboard to catch Lokis eyes right before he can leave the room. Hey wait, he calls.

Loki pauses and looks over, and Clints face is serious as it ever is when Loki is about to launch an attack.

Be safe, frostbite, Clint says, giving a little smile.

Taken by surprise for a moment, Loki paused and simply held eye contact with the human, reading the archer's sincerity before breaking his eyes away and laughing softly. "Mh, I know. But they never manage to catch me even at their best, so I doubt they'll be able to do so in their current state," he pointed out, but his smirk died when he looked up again and saw the same seriousness in Clint's eyes.

The trickster sighed and looked away, hesitating for a moment as though about to say something, only to shake his head and change his mind as he turned to leave again.

"I know. I will be."

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A Flawless Plan 3

Clint paced himself, while Tony urged Bruce on with gentle belly rubs and filthy whispers in his ear of just what he would do to Bruce as soon as he was too big to move properly.

The scientist blushed and glanced sidelong at Tony, the billionaire's words making it progressively harder to swallow as his thoughts were dragged farther away from what he was doing. "Ah, Tony, this..." he tried his best to protest, but he was having difficulty in focusing on anything but listening to the man's whispering.

Mercifully, Natasha noticed the struggle and frowned, snapping her fingers at Tony as though he was a misbehaving dog. "Hey, Stark. Quit making a scene, you can get all filthy after we've all left."

Steve nodded, though he continued looking down at his cake, his face bright red at Tony's behavior. The publicness of sexual relationships nowadays was one of the things he was still having the most trouble coping with, and Stark never made it easy for him with how he was always all over poor Bruce, especially when he knew it made the Captain uncomfortable.

Tony stuck his tongue out at her, and made no move away from Bruce. Im just being a cheerleader, go suck a lemon, he told her bitterly, his hand still rubbing in small circles around the scientists belly. His hand slipped down to give his heated crotch a quick, secret squeeze, before his fingers were right back to rubbing his stomach.

Clint looked over, feeling a certain heat settle in his own lap at the sight. He imagined if Loki would react the same way. Rub his stomach and toy with him before finally administering the spell that would make it shrink.

Come on, Bruce, keep at it, keep eating, Tony urged, lifting the fork now for Bruce with heaping piles of thick cake and frosting, and occasionally lifting a glass of milk that Natasha had mercifully handed out to everyone.

Bruce was completely hard by the end of his cake, but his stomach had grown considerably and it was impossible to tell. Clint was feeling like he was about to pop and ready to cave, his own waistline had an extra six inches he didnt usually account for. Two whole pizzas, two gallons of ice cream and a cake had given him quite the bellyache, and every single pain that shot through him went directly to his cock.

He pulled his shirt up over his stomach shamelessly, and surveyed the others. Steve finally looked like he had a little bump, and even Thor seemed to be slowing down a small amount as he finally swallowed the last bit of his cake, and chugged his glass of milk to clear his throat.

"So, what now?" Steve asked, his voice strained as he continued to stare determinedly at the table in front of him.

Natasha sighed and glanced at the Captain sympathetically, though she doubted she could help him, or even really wanted to. While Stark's behavior bugged her, she had to admit that exposing Steve to this might help him build up a tolerance for it, or at least get him to the point where he didn't have to splutter and look away in embarrassment every time he saw a Victoria's Secret ad. Still, it was annoying.

"I don't know, maybe you should take a break from food and hit the soda?" she suggested, and Bruce nodded sharply. His mouth had become quite dry under Tony's treatment, even with the glass of milk, and having to only drink something for a bit would definitely be a blessing.

Yeah, alright, lets drink one of the 2-liter bottles each, Clint said, looking over towards the Dr. Pepper and ready to pounce on it to claim it.

The next several minutes were filled with nothing but chatter and burping as they each drank and drank. Tony had one leg up over Bruces lap at this point or rather, what was left of it, considering and he was sitting totally sideways as he lifted and held the bottle with one hand, and used the other to rub and pinch and massage Bruces belly, which was pressing even more tightly against his clothing now.

Clint, who in his youth had been the champion of several chugging contests, challenged Thor to see who could drink theirs faster, but Steve and Natasha were the only ones paying attention, as Tony took the opportunity with their attention held to grind against Bruces hip and seize his package with a few surreptitious squeezes.

Natasha was rooting for Clint, but Steve was sure Thor would win out. In the end, Clint was the one who won Thor was not used to the carbonation and it burned his throat in ways he wasnt used to. When he finally tossed down the empty plastic container, both he and Thor shared in obscene burps that rattled the silverware.

You are a grand adversary! Thor beamed.

Clint was really starting to feel the strain now, and he was about 80% sure he would give up before the start of the next challenge, but had to keep going for the sake of Lokis plan. At least, he had to get the other men round and full as well. Hed succeeded with Tony, and Bruce was quickly getting there, but Steve had barely crossed the starting line, and Thors stomach was still flat. He had to get them full and round as the rest of them.

Okay, a whole ham, Clint challenged, wary at the sight of the massive hunk of meat, but hed keep going until he couldnt anymore. They were nearly the size of a basketball each, and they steamed beautifully. Hed gotten one for each of them, but with Tony out of the running and Natasha not participating... And if Thor and Steve can get down the two extra, I will give up.

Natasha's eyebrows rose as she stared at Clint, not sure whether to be impressed or concerned for his mental health. Those hams were a massive amount of food to take on top of what they'd already eaten, but she had to admit he'd given himself a good way out here, and she too was morbidly curious about just how far Steve and Thor would be able to push themselves.

Bruce looked up almost despairingly, but any complaint he was going to make was quickly silenced by another grope from Tony, and he swallowed. "Ah, okay, I guess," he mumbled, struggling to ignore the pain radiating from his stomach to keep going as he glanced at the hams.

Steve blinked, confused by the additional challenge until he took a closer look at the others. They were clearly struggling to keep up, with only himself and Thor remaining anywhere near comfortable, which he supposed only made it fair for them to eat extra.

A grand challenge! Thor seemed very excited at the thought of eating two, and pulled the two nearest closer to him. Tony drew one closer to Bruce, and Steve took hold of his own, and bid a fond farewell to his mostly flat stomach, as that would be the end of that by the time he finished this challenge.

Clint was despondent as he stared down the size of his own challenge, but he would keep going at least until the other two stopped and he was forced to retire from the competition.

Tony was feeding Bruce tidbits from his fingers, massaging his belly and whispering encouragingly, completely disregarding everyone else in the room as he kissed Bruces neck and hummed wicked things in his ears. Bruce was powerless to do anything but close his eyes, listen, and eat from Tonys fingers.

Clint was surprised by the softness of the meat, and he continued to look over at Thor, to see any signs of a belly yet was that the beginnings of a bump? It was hard to tell, as Thor was eating so quickly, his breathing was quicker, and his entire torso moved too much. His fingers were greasy, but he at least had the decency to keep his face clear as he swallowed obscenely large amounts of ham at a time.

Bruce, baby, so wonderful, Tony praised quietly as he continued to feed Bruce, and he was grinding brazenly against his hip now.

"I didn't realize you were into this," Bruce muttered in between mouthfuls, thoroughly embarrassed but still intrigued by Tony's behavior as the billionaire continued to grow more and more brazen in his actions. He'd be lying if he said Stark's enthusiasm wasn't contagious, but he couldn't help but be curious at how fast the man had abandoned all modesty short of tackling him right then and there with the others still in the room.

Steve kept up a good pace, just shy of Thor's insane speed as the two of them worked their way through their extra hams, feeling his stomach starting to protest the amount of food being forced into it but ignoring it fairly easily. He'd have to work hard if he wanted to have even a chance against the Asgardian, but he was prepared to do just that, and he willed himself on with an occasional glance up to see how Thor was faring with his food.

Clints pace had slowed considerably, and he would take shallow sips of milk between bites of ham. The others were so focused on their own food that they didnt notice hed nearly come to a halt altogether. His gut was packed so tightly he was on the verge of bursting, and he continued to explore the tight surface with one hand, while he fed himself little bits with the other. He could hardly believe the limits of his own body, his stomach stretched almost eight inches out in front of him, like hed just swallowed a watermelon whole, and his body was pumping with adrenaline due to the strain.

A sense of fullness was finally washing over Thor, but he knew well that he could eat far past the point of fullness, and he had in the past. His stomach was still flat, but he knew it would not be that way for long as he finally swallowed the last bit of the first ham, leaving the bone on an empty plate. The contents of his nearly unfathomable stomach were finally packed comfortably end to end to end, and now any extra food forced inside would finally begin the stretch that the rest of the team had already experienced.

Bruce finished his meat with a sigh and leaned back in his chair, grimacing at the stupidity of this whole thing as his stomach heartily agreed. If it wasn't for Tony sitting there giving him each bite, he would've been happy to bow out and leave ages ago, and there was a vague sense of resentment that the man had made him stay long enough to become this uncomfortable. But then, the pulsing a bit below his stomach reminded him that he'd get something out of it in the end, and that he only had to be patient and hold out until Tony either got bored or ran out of patience and would inevitably drag him off.

Glancing over at her partner, Natasha noticed how slow Clint was going and couldn't help but smirk. He had set things up so that he'd be able to back down without admitting he couldn't go any further, even though it was clear from looking at him that he was hitting a wall, and she respected that. It was the sort of smart playing that she expected from him, and he didn't disappoint.

Thor was in tunnel-vision mode, his eyes focused on nothing but the meat, his ears closed off to Bruces quiet moans and Steves own plight. All that he knew, his entire world, was finishing this challenge, and winning the competition. It was truly in his favor that the meat was so delicious even if it wasnt quite as good as Asgardian boar because it distracted him from the progressively heavier and tighter feeling settling in his belly.

Clint was about halfway through his ham, and he would have stopped altogether if he wasnt sure someone would notice and say something. He knew there was no way he could continue, he could only ensure that the other two keep eating.

Im impressed by you, Cap, he said, a hiccup following his statement, accompanied by his stomach giving a loud gurgle. I didnt think you had this in you.

Steve looked up, focusing his gaze on Clint to avoid looking at Tony all over the struggling Bruce, and he chuckled somewhat shakily. "Well, I didn't really expect to be doing this, but ever since the serum, I've had to eat a lot to keep myself in this shape. So it's not really so bad." He shrugged and looked down at his own swelling stomach, pausing as he took a bite of his second ham. "Besides, in a way, this is sort of...fun."

Fun probably wasn't the right word for it, but he didn't know how else to word the good feelings that came with doing something together as a group that had them all or mostly all, anyway involved and getting closer to each other. It was important if they were going to continue to work together well as a team, even if some of the others didn't necessarily agree, and he was glad for the opportunity.

When Thor finally sat back from his second ham, more or less at the same time Steve did, there was finally a noticeable bulge in his middle. It wasnt much, more like hed just eaten a heavy lunch, but it was visible beneath his tight, navy-blue tank top.

Alright, you win, Clint raised his hands in defeat, his sentence punctuated by a loud, grateful gurgle from his belly. Im out.

He sat back in his seat, pulled his jeans down to give his stomach more room, and set in to watch. He could already tell that Bruce would be the next to give up, but he was curious to see just how far he could go.

Go on, then, Bruce. He grinned, looking at the hot-and-bothered scientist. Why dont you pick the next challenge?

Yeah, Bruce, Tony murmured into his ear. What are you gonna stuff yourself with next?

Bruce shivered, but pushed Tony's head back gently so he could look at what was left and think without quite so much distraction. He honestly didn't want to even think about more food, let alone eat it, but he still wasn't at the point where Tony was going to let him quit, so he had to just pick something and get it over with. He didn't even really want to bother choosing something strategically, so with a frustrated sigh he pointed at random and frowned. "I don't know, uh...more ice cream?" he suggested, clearly getting tired of the whole thing.

Steve smiled and snagged yet another gallon of Neapolitan, still refusing to look anywhere near Tony and keeping his gaze mostly on his food. Even without looking though, he could tell that Bruce was getting close to throwing in the towel, which meant it would just be him and Thor in the end, a thought which made him both excited and nervous.

Tonys own stomach was nothing in comparison to Bruces now, which swelled tightly against his clothes, cutting into the girth uncomfortably. As much as Tony would love to see Bruce eat until his buttons popped, he knew that this shirt was a favorite of both of them, so he gently untucked the tight cloth, and began to pop the buttons open from the bottom up, revealing Bruces swollen, furred belly inch by inch. He threaded his hand through the soft hair, leaving the few buttons at the top clasped for modestys sake, and he pulled apart the fastenings of the scientists trousers. His stomach rounded out, no longer held in tightly by his clothes, gravity seizing hold of it and not letting go. It was heavier now, hung lower, and felt much less tight. Tony watched most of the discomfort wash away from Bruces face.

There you go, baby, thats much better isnt it? Tony purred in his ear, grabbing one of the gallons of vanilla nice and mild, for Bruces aching belly.

Bruce sighed shallowly and winced at the ice cream. Though the pain in his stomach had lessened, he still wanted no part of continuing to eat, even if ice cream was something easy to swallow and Tony continued to hang over him. But maybe if he finished this one last round, he could be done, since he could see that Tony wasn't feeling especially patient at the moment; so he'd just have to grin and bear it.

He looked up and immediately felt a wave of guilty embarrassment at the way Steve was practically staring down at his own lap in his attempts not to see Stark's actions unfold. He wanted to do something to help Steve feel less uncomfortable, but he knew full well that he could barely do anything in his current condition, so he simply tried to ignore the Captain's distress and start in on the ice cream so this could be over with.

Clint was definitely feeling stirrings in his groin as he shamelessly watched the two lovers, watched how Bruces blush would deepen when Tony would whisper something downright vile in his ear, how the bloated scientists Adams apple would bob when he swallowed thickly. Tony would lift glasses of milk to his lover to help him wash down the thick sweet cream occasionally, and other times he would pause to give Bruce a belly rub, but he was methodical in getting Bruce through the gallon.

Thor seemed to like ice cream almost more than he liked poptarts, because he didnt slow or even falter once on his way through the gallon. He chatted with Steve, encouraged him on in much more polite ways than what Tony was doing to Bruce, insisting that Steve would be the one to give him his best challenge yet, and he should definitely keep going because Thor wasnt even close to his limit.

Eventually the three all finished their ice cream, pausing for a moment to catch their breath before glancing around to think of what they could possibly choose next. They weren't exactly gunning for anything big, and finally Steve spoke up with a suggestion that he figured would help them all power on a little bit longer. "Maybe we could go for more soda?"

The other two nodded, and they each grabbed the brand of their choice and started drinking at their own pace, not in nearly as much of a hurry without Clint pushing Thor to chug. Bruce was still feeling that he wouldn't last long, but he was grateful for the drink as a semi-reprieve from the heavier dishes they'd been going through, so he could maybe manage a little bit longer, until Tony would let him go and he could start making a brave and probably very stupid attempt to walk anywhere feeling like he did. Hell, he'd probably end up just staying in that room and having everybody else leave, if he felt like scaring them with a little annoyance from him.

Tony continued to sing Bruces praises all the way through the two liters, kissing his ears and lapping at his throat, sucking bruises into his shoulders and rutting more fiercely against his hip. Clint saw that Natasha was watching them now too, and the way her tongue wetted her lips did not escape his notice.

Thor finally seemed to really catch on that they were nearly going at it hot and heavy over there, and simultaneously noticed how uncomfortable Steve was, so he took the Captains attention with a joke and a laugh, and he could see the gratefulness in the way his eyes crinkled.

Pay them no mind! Thor beamed, sitting back in his chair so that he could display his growing stomach more proudly. These acts are also common among Asgardians during competitions like these. However, it is usually women wearing nothing but silk who will be assigned to every competitor. We have no silk-clad women. Unless you wish for the Black Widow to

Forget it, Natasha spat. I am not rubbing myself all over the Captain. Besides Im pretty sure if I did, his cock would get so hard so fast it would explode, and hed die of bloodloss in a matter of seconds.

Steve choked.

Tony grinned.

Steve's eyes suddenly became glued to the remainder of his ginger ale, trying in vain to hide the embarrassed shade of red that his face had turned as he fidgeted in his seat. He was starting to feel very alienated now, almost wanting to surrender so he could get the heck out of there, but he knew that would be rude.

And cowardly.

And he still kind of wanted to see if he could beat Thor.


Still vaguely aware of the Captain's discomfort through the thick Tony-induced fog swarming his brain, Bruce looked up and studied Steve's posture for a moment before sighing shallowly and glancing sidelong at Tony. "Mh, I really don't think I can go for much more here," he muttered to Stark, making it clear that half of his problem was the growing need to find someplace to be alone with the billionaire and make him fulfill all the promises he'd been making over the past few minutes.

Oh, come on babe, one more challenge, he urged, flattening the hairs on Bruces stomach with his palm as he slipped it over the tight surface. Just one more. One more and then Ill help you out of here.

He honestly doubted how well he would be able to fuck Bruce with his own stomach so swollen, but damn he would try. It honestly paled in comparison to Bruce, who was bordering on a fully pregnant look without any of the glow, replaced instead with arousal and nausea.

Hey Tasha, why dont you go order a few more pizzas? Clint looked over his shoulder at the still totally mobile woman. Because I doubt Thor and Steve will be done even if they clear the rest of the table.

Natasha rolled her eyes, but she nodded and turned to leave the room, pulling a cell phone from her pocket as she went. "Or more like a few dozen," she remarked, slipping out the door to make the call.

"Speaking of the next challenge," Steve spoke up, still staring determinedly at the table, "What should it be?"

Bruce tore his expectant gaze away from Tony to survey the table with a frown, wincing at another protest from his stomach. If this was the last damn thing he had to eat, he figured he might as well decide what it would be, then he could get the hell out of there. Even though the idea of Tony helping him walk considering the billionaire's similar state was laughable, he was still going to hold the man to the offer. "I don't know, how about more pie?" he suggested after a moment's thought.

Everyone settled in with their pies, and even Clint had started to nibble at the half-ham still left in front of him, his stomach had started to settle, and he wanted more of that heavy feeling back.

Tony selected a drippy, decadent caramel pie for Bruce, heaping spoonfuls into the scientists mouth and helping him wash it down with sips of milk. The going was rough, but Tony didnt give Bruce a chance to slow. He listened to the heavy way he was swallowing, his throat sore and raw from overeating, his stomach gurgling and churning away as more and more pie was shoved down into it.

So beautiful, Tony commented once half the pie was gone, helping the other man gulp down half a glass of milk. Youre halfway there.

Thor, on the other hand, had already finished his pie and he was feeling quite impatient. He knew once Bruce had dropped out, he and Steve could pick up the pace, especially considering the shameful distraction would be gone from the corner of the Captains eye.

Not long after Thor, Steve finished his pie as well, leaving him to twiddle his thumbs awkwardly while they all waited for Tony to finally let Bruce be done. He had to admit, he also wanted to pick up the pace and see just how far he and Thor could take this, but he was also aching for Stark to go off and do whatever horrible things he would do to Bruce somewhere he couldn't see it. Even in his own time, he had been a bit of a shy person, and all this was just fraying his nerves relentlessly as he waited.

It took several minutes on auto-pilot for the last bite of caramel to disappear, and Bruce shook his head wearily once it had vanished. "That's it, I'm out." He took as deep a breath as he could manage and winced, struggling to get his voice to keep working. "I'm just...I'm done. Tony you bastard."

Tony was grinning as he kissed the remnants of caramel from Bruces lips. Alright, babe, youre done, he said, rubbing his palm across the expanse of his belly. You gave an amazing run though, I didnt think you were capable. Lets get you to the bedroom down the hall, hm? I think you need to lie down.

Suddenly his own stomach seemed like so much less of a burden as he helped Bruce to his feet and stagger out of the room, leaning most of his weight on Tony.

Well, Im still gonna watch, Clint said with a smirk, moving his chair a little bit closer to the other two. Now that theyre gone, I think Steve can finally manage to look up, huh?

Steve gave an uncomfortable chuckle.

God, you guys suck, Clint laughed, looking between his own bursting stomach and Steve and Thors barely-there bumps.

Steve laughed, this time with more actual amusement as he followed Clint's gaze. "Well, it's not that great, really. I always have to eat an absurd amount of food to fill me up, and that can get to be a little much." He shrugged, one hand coming to rest on his stomach as he smiled thoughtfully. "It was actually kind of a shock after spending my entire life as a skinny kid."

Natasha came back into the room, leaning against the doorframe as she shook her head at how much food had already been demolished. "Okay, so the pizzas are gonna be here pretty soon, but in the meantime, how about you keep going with the sweets and try more cake," she suggested, nodding at the remaining desserts. She was sort of ashamed at how fascinating this whole stupid thing was, but now that it was just Thor and Steve, she couldn't contain her curiosity at how much those two would go through before there was a winner.

Come on, Nat, who do you thinks gonna win? Lets make a bet. They were constantly slipping money back and forth over the years as they made bet after bet over this, that or the other thing.

She looked over the two men with a discerning eye as they dug into their cakes. As much as I would like Steve to win, she murmured, eyeing his growing belly. Twenty on Thor to win.

Aw, come on Tasha thats just mean, Clint chuckled. Alright, Ill match you, and Ill root for Steve. Dont let me down buddy, beat Tough Guy at his own game.

You will not, Thor said smugly, But I will be interested to see you try.

By the time Natasha was going down to fetch the pizzas, the cakes were gone, as well as a box of poptarts each. Both of their stomachs were much rounder now, although Steves was noticeably larger than Thors.

Licking his lips as he surveyed the stack of pizzas Natasha carried, Clint took inventory of the table.

Two pies left, two cakes, he murmured. Six pizzas, two fruit trays, and twelve boxes of poptarts. Nice how everything settled into even numbers. He ran his hand over his stomach thoughtfully. Nat, split everything even between them, would you? Now that its just the two of them, challenges arent necessary. Well just see who holds out to finish it all.

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A Flawless Plan 2


Loki paused, frowning as though baffled by the question. "Well, obviously. If you issue the challenge, you can't very well not participate. Besides, I'm sure Thor will be pushing all of you to absolutely stuff yourselves, as he'll find meaning in it that I'm sure doesn't apply on Midgard for 'middle school stuff'." When Clint gave him a baffled look, the trickster sighed. "On Asgard, eating is...more important than it seems to be here. It's a matter of honor and respect, especially when at someone else's table." He did his best to explain it simply, frowning as he tried to work out how to word things.

Huh. I didnt know that, Clint stood up and began to pace. Okay, so I issue the challenge get them all to accept get them stuffed until it hurts to do anything but breathe, and then wait, Im supposed to come back to you? Thats going to be difficult if Im filled to the gills as well, you know.

"I have a spell," the trickster waved one hand dismissively, "It can quickly return you to your normal, fit state and make you useful again. Just...find the closest place to use your dear little arrow and it'll be fine."

His eyes were flickering as the wheels in his head turned round, staring at nothing in particular as he played through scenarios in his head. It was clear that he had just about stopped paying attention to his surroundings, but after a moment he shook himself out of it and remembered that Clint was still in the room, looking up at the archer again with a small smile.

Alright, Ill hop right to it then, he said, standing up with a smile.

It wasnt hard for him to swipe one of Tonys credit cards. He practically left them lying out on every surface. With that in tow, Clint picked up a dozen pizzas, the same number in various cakes and pies, a fuckton of hotdogs (since they were an eating contest staple) enough soda to drown a horse, about 12 gallons of ice cream, fruit platters, whole sides of ham, and in the spirit of things every single flavor of poptarts. If there was any chance Thor was going to back down before, he wouldnt now. And it was his enthusiasm that would draw in the rest of the team.

Clint used a dolly to get the food up to the penthouse of the tower, and he was setting it out with Jarvis help when suddenly Tony and Thor stepped out of the elevator, talking away. They froze, looking out over the scene.

Sorry, did I say you could have a party in my penthouse? Tony raised an eyebrow and lowered the tablet he was fiddling with.

Its not a party, Clint grinned. Summon everyone else, Ive decided its high time I get to pick our team bonding exercise since everyone else has gotten a chance but me.

Well, to be fair, youd pick archery and youre the only one who can do that. The expression on Thors face was not unnoticed as he surveyed the food the poptarts in particular. So what, instead were just going to sit around and have dinner together?

Not dinner, Clint clapped his hands together, quite happy with his work. An eating contest!

Thor's eyes lit up in excitement, but Tony just stared.

"A what?" He raised an eyebrow and a frown crossed his face, but Thor quickly knocked it off his face with a good-natured slap to the shoulder that nearly sent the billionaire sprawling.

"I think it is a splendid idea!" the Thunderer smiled, turning between Clint and the gasping Tony. "A little friendly contest would do wonders for our camaraderie."

Tony remained unconvinced as he glanced sidelong at Thor. "Yeah, okay, but this is a little, I dunno, juvenile? I mean we're all adults here, and you want us to eat ourselves into a coma for no good reason."

"It is for a good reason." Thor's expression lost some of its joviality as he frowned. "It is far from juvenile. On Asgard, such competitions occur regularly, and the victors are treated with much honor and respect for their success."

Clint swallowed his snort at Tonys expression. Ah! See, Stark? Come on, you arent backing down, are you?

Hey, whoa, I never said that, Tony said with an accusing stare. Im just not sure, thats all.

If you do not join, you lose out of forfeit, Thor said, turning his gaze to Tony, who groaned.

Fine. Only if the others agree, though. He grunted, setting the tablet on the bar. Jarvis, get Capsicle, Secret Agent Barbie and Jade Jaws up here pronto, alright?

Of course, sir, the AI responded pleasantly.

Clint was grinning now, and he couldnt help but feel a little excited. This plan, ridiculous as it was, might end up working perfectly. And whats more, it didnt directly attack the team Clint more or less liked, it just prevented them from springing into action against Loki. This was brilliant.

The others arrived all at once in the elevator, and when it opened on the scene, Natasha was the first to look skeptical.

Whats going on here? Steve asked petulantly, hed just walked out of a workout session, and he was still wearing one of his trademark work-out tees, the kind that was so tight it was practically painted on.

"A grand contest!" Thor beamed at the others as they entered, motioning to the food piled in front of them.

"Basically another bonding thing." Tony interjected, shrugging as though he couldn't care less. "Legolas here suggested we have an eat-off, and since he already got all the food, we might as well give it a shot."

Suddenly Natasha was next to Clint, having moved without the others noticing as her training allowed. She studied her partner as though he had suddenly become clinically insane. "You suggested this? Why?"

Why not, Nat? he smirked at her. Are you in?

I think not, Natashas eyes narrowed.

A feast is the perfect way to grow closer to one another, it is also custom on Asgard! Thor beamed.

Would you quit that? Were not on Asgard, Tony muttered bitterly.

Stark has agreed to perform, but I assure you none of you will beat me, I am undefeated! Thor bragged. Clint flared up with anger, remembering Lokis words of he would jump at the chance to win one for once but he couldnt say anything for risk of suspicion.

Hes issuing a challenge, he said, gesturing towards the others. Steve looked skeptical, and Bruce looked downright wary.

Come on, Bruce baby, Tony wrapped his arm around his fellow scientists waist and drew him closer to the table. Youre not gonna back down, are you? Be a man.

"I guess I don't really have a choice." Bruce sighed, giving Tony a weary glance.

Steve glanced between the two scientists and Thor, and he finally gave a shrug. "Well...I guess it couldn't hurt to try the Asgardian way. We're a strange enough bunch that it might turn out to be perfect bonding." He didn't sound completely convinced, but all that mattered was that he wasn't saying no.

On that note I have performed the metaphorical leaps and bounds to learn your customs, Thor added.

Hes right you know, its about time we try doing things Thors way, Clint encouraged. After hes spent so much time doing it our way.

Itll be fun, Tony sneers, looking over at Thor like he wanted nothing more than to beat him at his own game.

Are you in, Nat? Clint asked, looking over at her.

The redhead simply gave him a pointed look that served as more than enough of an answer, then she turned and moved to lean her back against the wall, putting as much distance between herself and the childish display she was watching as possible.

"Okay," Steve interrupted any possible argument and stepped forward, clapping his hands together. "So how should we do this? Thor, are there some, uh, Asgardian rules or something about this sort of thing?"

We simply issue challenges to one another! Thor said as the five remaining Avengers assembled around the table. Clint kept looking nervously over to Natasha, but decided even if she didnt participate, she couldnt possibly stop whatever Loki was planning alone.

And how the heck do you determine who goes first? Tony asked, eyeing the pizza that Clint had brought, which was heaped with cheese and every kind of topping thought possible.

There is no first! Thor laughed. Issue your challenges around the table to whomever you deem deserves one, and you continue until the food is gone, or you are unable to keep eating! he was looking very self-important as he sat at the head of the table. Clint wanted to punch his teeth in.

Last chance to join in, Nat, Clint called to the woman.

Boys are gross, she said, with an exaggerated tone. He laughed.

What about a table-wide first challenge, to break the ice? Tony suggested.

Think we could all handle a whole pizza? Clint said, and he was very happy he hadnt eaten all day.

Agreed! Thor seemed to agree for everyone, as they all reached for a pan (Clint had set them all out on pans instead of leaving them in their boxes) that held their favorite toppings.

Broccoli and olives for Bruce, who was still looking apprehensive. Pepperoni and sausage for Thor, who looked ecstatic. Pineapple and ham for Tony, who was eyeing the pizza warily, and it looked like he was thinking. Bacon and pepperoni for Steve, who had an unreadable expression, and Clint took a plain cheese pizza, his personal favorite.

The first round went by fairly easily, or as easily as eating an entire pizza each could be expected to go. Tony and Clint were both put slightly off their game by the time the last slices went down, but neither of them were at the point of being willing to back down; and forget about the others. Steve, Thor, and Bruce were all perfectly fine and looking around the table to decide what to go for next.

Tony felt a little bit queasy, and he looked over at Bruce with a quizzical eye he didnt even seem phased. It made sense to him that Steve or Thor would be fine, seeing as they were so big, but Bruce was a skinny little guy, and Tony couldnt even really see a dent in his waistline which he couldnt quite say for himself. It was only noticeable if you really spent a lot of time looking at him, then you would be able to notice the extra inch or two, but Bruce still looked like he hadnt eaten a thing. He couldnt survey Clint, either, because he was on the other side of the table, and his stomach was hidden.

"I'll make a suggestion, if no one else wants to." Steve piped up after a minute of thoughtful silence, smiling as he started to get into the spirit of things. "Why not go for the hot dogs next; they're a bit of a classic."

Clint was definitely feeling a bit tight, and he wondered how he was ever going to get back to Loki if he put his all into this challenge. There were still plenty pizzas left technically two extra if they had a second round of just pizza, because Natasha was simply observing but they could be saved for later.

He was glad hed also had the foresight to prepare the hot dogs and put them out, evenly on six platters. Hed purchased enough for each of them to have twenty which didnt seem like a lot until he was staring at them now.

They talked their way through eating since this wasnt a competition of speed, but rather quantity, and even laughed some when one or the other Avenger would burp or their stomach would give a loud gurgle. By no ones surprise, Thor was the one to finish first, cleaning ketchup from his beard with a napkin, but what did startle people was that Bruce finished just one hotdog later.

Do you have a hollow leg I dont know about? Tony asked, peeking over to see there had been barely any change to the other mans midsection, whereas his own waist had boasted an extra three or four inches, which he did his best to hide by slouching.

Do not be ashamed of it, friend, Thor beamed as he began to shuck his armor in foresight of what was to come. It is an honor a trophy for your efforts thus far, you should be proud of it!

Tony smirked at this and sat up straighter.

Bruce chuckled a little at Tony's exchange with Thor, then shook his head. "No hollow leg, but, ah, I'm sort of eating for two."

Understanding moved in a wave around the table, and Steve offered the scientist a smile. "I think I can understand that feeling, at least a little bit. My metabolism was kicked into high gear by the serum, so I've basically been having to eat at least two or three times what I used to when I was, well, normal." He then turned to Thor with a slightly more cheeky smirk. "So I'm hoping we can give you a run for your money, here."

I would not have agreed if I did not think I would have a challenge, Thor beamed once his armor finally came loose and fell to the floor with a loud clatter. You will all be honorably defeated by me, but only after you have proven yourselves worthy adversaries!

Tony looked across the table at Clint with an anxious smile. So I think its fair to say you and I, normal guys, are toast, he said.

I think its between you and me. Forget the other guys, theyre all obnoxiously super-human. Lets see if you can beat me, Clint challenged with a raised eyebrow.

You are so on, Tony sneered playfully. Ill issue the next challenge two pies each.

Though the others listened to the formation of the two-man duel within the bigger contest, they paid little attention once the challenge had been made. Everyone started reaching and discerning what pie was what flavor, until everyone had their preferred tastes in front of them. After that it was simply a matter of Natasha half-heartedly waving and giving the 'ready, set, go'--as the others had managed to coerce her into doing at least that much--and they started in on the pastries, a speedier pace slowing down as they continued to chat with and tease one another.

With Tony as his personal adversary, Clints fire was lit a little brighter, and he used a single for to pick his way through two pies cherry cheesecake pie and a chocolate cream. The flavors were decadent, and he washed it down with a little soda water, the added carbonation soothing the steadily tightening feeling in his midsection every time he released the tension with a burp.

Tonys eyes however continued to divert over to Bruce to see if his stomach was starting to show yet, but his shirt was still tucked into his fastened trousers, and if there was a big difference Tony was failing to see it.

And Thor was the least affected of all, with not a single muscle out of place as he talked and laughed his way through the second pie with ease. Childsplay! he announced jovially as Tony came up in last place, packing the two pies away into his straining midsection, which was definitely the most noticeable out of everyone at the table.

Yeah, well, you try losing about a hundred pounds and then eating the same amount, Tony said, throwing one arm over the back of his chair and staring down at his no longer flat stomach.

"Well Stark, you're free to quit whenever you want," Steve reminded him, a smirk on his face. "We'd rather not have you kill yourself by eating too much."

At that, Bruce looked up and raised a disapproving eyebrow at the Captain, but he said nothing.

Natasha sighed and snapped her fingers a few times to call everyone's attention. "Okay, okay, so what's the next challenge then, tough guys?" she questioned, voice dripping with sarcasm and lack of interest, even though she continued to watch the ridiculousness.

You can still join in you know, Clint grinned over at her, and she looked entirely unamused.

Another flat savory pastry! Thor demanded gleefully.

Its called pizza, Tony said disdainfully as another pan was slid towards him, and he seriously considered calling forfeit, his stomach was already starting to protest.

Pizza! Thor repeated, and took the first slice of his own with rapt attention.

Clint was glad for the heaps of extra sauce piled on, as it helped the whole thing slide down easier. His mind was occupied with thoughts of Loki, and how he would look with his head tipped back, swallowing a bite of runny cheese offered to him by Clint. How his eyes would close, he would moan at the rich flavor, his Adams apple would bob. He must have had a pretty dazed expression, because Tony called out to him.

Hey, you getting a hard on for your pizza over there Katniss?

No, Im just thinking about what challenge Ill beat you at next, Stark, Clint snapped back without missing a beat, while a certain heat had started to settle in the bottom of his gut.

The discomfort was definitely starting to set in by that point, leaving Tony and Clint reeling by the time they'd finished their pizzas. Even the more super-human members of the group were starting to feel the strain, though to them it was little more than the beginnings of a stomachache, and they all paused for a break when the last slice of pizza was gone.

A few teases and quips were thrown around, but mostly the team was trying to sit more comfortably in their chairs, waiting for their filling stomachs to settle before they even thought about moving on to the next challenge. The wait wouldn't be too long though, if the impatient look in Thor's eyes had anything to say about it.

Let us continue! Thor suddenly announced not ten minutes later, and Clint and Tony both groaned.

Tony looked over at Bruce again, and to his surprise, he felt a little jump between his legs when he saw that his still-tucked-in button up was pulled a little tighter across his rounder middle. He smirked and wished the other scientist was within reaching distance, so he could lean over and give the usually skinny mans thicker middle an experimental poke.

Youre looking a little paunchy there, Bruce, Tony said, completely ignoring the way his own stomach pressed out uncomfortably against his jeans.

Banner looked up and raised an eyebrow at Tony, glancing down at the man's much larger stomach and then back up to his face as though to say 'are you seriously telling me that?' without speaking a word.

"Okay," All eyes turned to Natasha in surprise as she spoke, as she had remained mostly silent for the last fifteen minutes or so. And that little smirk on her face wasn't calming anyone's nerves. "Now I'm gonna give you all a challenge."

Steve frowned a little, though his voice was hesitant. "Wait, are you allowed to do that if you're not participating?"

Natasha shrugged. "I don't know, and I don't care. I wanna see you idiots each take down a gallon of ice cream, that should be interesting to watch." She paused, then shook her head. "No, scratch that, you each have to eat two."

Tony went pale, and Clints mouth dropped open, but Thor looked ecstatic.

At last! A true challenge! he cried, and he looked out over the flavors Clint had grabbed before seizing one gallon of chocolate, and one of vanilla. Very basic, but he hadnt been on Midgard long enough to really experiment with flavors.

Once everyone had their ice cream settled in front of them Bruce with Rocky Road and Maple Walnut, Tony with Cookies n Cream and Peppermint, Steve with Neapolitan and more Neapolitan, and Clint with Crème Brule and Coffee they set in.

I hate you, Tasha, Tony grunted, also hating his own sense of pride that demanded he at least try to get through this round, even though he was very sure that there was no way he could live long enough to eat two gallons of ice cream even on an empty stomach. And, looking down at the way his shirt hugged his rounding middle snugly, he knew he was far from an empty stomach.

The first few minutes went easily enough. They continued to chatter their way through the ice cream Thor was given a whole ladle because he was complaining about how small the spoons were and everyone reached the halfway point of the first gallon around the same time, before Tony and Clint showed significant signs of slowing.

Tony could feel it, with every single swallow, he could feel his stomach creak and protest. He could feel every nanosecond of the creamy confectionary sliding down his throat, and landing in his overpacked gut, and it was starting to make him queasy. He paused to look down at the damage, how his belly stuck out into his lap an extra five inches than normal. He groaned, and paused to pop the button on his jeans. The weight of his middle instantly surged outwards and unzipped the zipper for him, and in that moment Tony was sure he had more room, just because of the pressure released. With that feeling he was able to get the rest of the gallon down before he realized, no, he really didnt have room.

He sat back in his chair, rubbing his over-swollen middle as he stared down the second gallon. Just the thought of it was making him dizzy with sickness, and he had to close his eyes and tilt his head back for the wave of nausea to pass.

His cheeks were flushed bright with shame, but he figured that bowing out gracefully was better than throwing up all over the table.

I give, he moaned weakly, his eyes still closed and his head tipped back. Im gonna heave.

A valiant effort! Thor assured him with a proud fist to the table. And you have a grand trophy!

Im gonna throw up my trophy, Tony groaned.

Bruce turned to the display of overstuffed misery that was Tony Stark and shook his head, smiling a little. He had to admit he was sort of glad Tony had bowed out, as he had been starting to worry that the man's pride would drive him to keep going until he seriously hurt himself, but it looked like whatever shred of common sense the billionaire had had won out in the end.

And if Tony was out, maybe that would mean he could give up soon too. It wasn't that he couldn't handle more hell knew the Hulk's appetite would let him keep going even while the big guy was dormant but the novelty of the bonding had kind of worn off and his usual reclusive nature was starting to make him yearn to retreat back to the lab, which he couldn't have done while Tony was coherent.

"Well, congratulations," Steve smiled at Clint, motioning with a spoon full of ice cream, "You've beaten Stark. I think if you wanna back out now you can, since we're probably gonna get through most of this food before we're done."

"No, no, he doesn't get to cave just because Stark did." Natasha argued, a pleased smirk on her lips. While she was satisfied that her absurd challenge had at least toppled Tony, she wanted to see how far her partner could take this as the last of the 'normal' Avengers in the running. "C'mon Barton, let's see you finish that thing."

Yeah, Cap, come on, Im not about to give up, Clint grinned, giving his own rounding stomach a gentle pat. He would have given it a harder smack, but as it was, things were still settling funny and he didnt want to risk throwing up he was feeling the same queasiness Tony was, even if his stomach wasnt quite so large to show it. His muscles were a lot tighter than Tonys, so it was harder for his gut to stretch out. Everything was packed in tighter because of it, and Clint longed to eat enough to wear through some of the elasticity. Besides, with a personal challenge from Natasha, he couldnt possibly back down. Hed never hear the end of it as long as he lived.

He surveyed the rest of the table. Bruce was looking just a little bit rounder, like hed had a filling Thanksgiving, and he thought he could see just the very start of what was no longer a flat stomach on Steve. But Thor well, Thor didnt show any signs of showing or slowing, and he was nearly through his second gallon already.

The ice cream had started to melt a little, at which point Thor lifted the container and began to drink directly out of it, making the rest of the team reel in horror as they imagined taking the ice cream into their own filling stomachs at such a speed.

Bruce, Tony whined, looking over at the other scientist with a pitiful expression. I may have stopped, but dont you dare. I want you to keep going, you hear? I swear I will not be the only one the size of a house at this table.

Bruce hesitated for a moment, looking as though he was going to argue, but then he sighed resignedly and grimaced. "Yeah, okay. I'll keep going." The scientist didn't seem especially thrilled at the idea, but he turned back to the remainder of his ice cream nonetheless, dispatching it at a bit of a slower pace than Thor and not giving a shit about speeding up. He should have known Tony wouldn't let him quite and escape so easily, so he'd just have to deal with it for now.

Natasha seemed genuinely impressed by how easily Thor was powering through all the food, as well as a little disturbed. It had to be an Asgardian thing, if eating was as big a part of their culture as he claimed, but still... "Geez, I'd hate to see what one of these contests looks like back on Asgard." she commented vaguely, shaking her head.

"I bet there's a lot more food involved, for one." Steve chuckled, downing the last of his ice cream and surveying the table with a critical eye. "So, since we're onto sweets, why not take some cake next?"

Seriously, Steve, what the hell, Tony moaned, still rubbing his stomach and trying to get the packed contents to settle. You act like you do this every day.

He looked over at Bruce again, and felt another pull in his groin at the sight of him, sitting leisurely back in his chair with his belly sticking out, his trousers and button up tight around him. With a little heaving, Tony managed to get his chair much closer to Bruces, and he reached out to press his hand to the swell of his stomach. It was warm to the touch, and so very firm, and Tony smirked and spread his fingers to cover more area.

Oh, yeah, youre definitely gonna keep going. I wanna see how much you can take, he licked his lips and kissed the scientists ear, earning a full-bodied shiver.

No molesting at the table, Steve said firmly as Natasha helped her bloated friend by bringing Clint a rather large chocolate cake.

I love cake! Thor announced, using a fork that was usually used to serve salad to dig right into the cake.

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A Flawless Plan


Category: M/M
Fandom: The Avengers - Ambiguous Fandom
Relationships: Clint Barton/LokiTony Stark/Bruce Banner
Additional Tags: Belly KinkBelly worshipeating contestDirty TalkStuffing

A Flawless Plan
Stuffy (AlexKingOfTheDamned)

With Clint's help, Loki comes up with a scheme that will eliminate the Avengers threat on his next plan to take over the world.



Belly stuffing kink ahoy! If you didn't see it in the tags, hopefully you will see it here!

Other warning, it's pretty super freaking long! There's no real natural break in the story line though, so if you have to come back two or three times to finish it, that's totally fine. Otherwise just make sure you have a good long chunk of time to read it!

Also, this is unbeta'd, so I apologize for any oopsies.

I wrote this with a darling partner because I don't see enough of this kink out there in the fandoms, apart from Homestuck, and I'm not in that fandom.

Work Text:

Loki had a very powerful urge to break something.

He would prefer the bones of some mortal, or the weapon of an enemy, but at that point he was furious enough to settle for any breakable object. His mind was busy rattling around his head, thinking angry thoughts at a million miles an hour while he fumed and paced, every once in a while pausing to look around with a half-formed plan to destroy something, only to be distracted by another enraged train of thought.

He was sick of this, absolutely sick of it. At first he had been naive enough to hope that the incident in New York had been a fluke, a one-time lucky break that the humans would not get again, and that he could still wreak havoc on Midgard without being stopped again by any mortal defenses. After all, these "Avengers" couldn't possibly stand up to him time and time again, even with stupid Thor's help.

As it turned out, however, he had been sadly, horribly mistaken.

It seemed that every time he turned around, with every scheme he hatched and with every plan he made, the group of mortal defenders was there with a clever one-liner and an annoying amount of strength, defeating him again and again until he was about ready to tear his hair out. He hadn't originally been bothering to attack the Avengers directly only wanting to do anything wretched to Thor's beloved world that he could but after a while he got so fed up with the heroes getting in his way that he began to focus his efforts exclusively on trying to kill each and every one of them, but they proved to be as infuriatingly competent at defending themselves as they were at protecting pitiful civilians.

With a final, wordless growl of frustration, Loki threw himself into a chair and folded his arms across his chest, breathing heavily and glaring so hard at the ground that it was a wonder it didn't simply burst into flames. He didn't know what to try anymore; nothing he did was working and it was driving him up a wall. He was at the point where he almost felt powerless to stop the heroes who persistently stood in his way, and through his anger he was starting to feel disheartened, a wave of simple misery settling in, in the aftermath of his frenzied frustration.

However, all of the Avengers werent that bad.

In fact one of them was almost all good to Loki.

After being mind-fucked by Lokis magic pixie stick, Loki had gotten a glimpse into Clint Barton, Agent Hawkeyes past, and he saw a troubled youth full of brotherly pain and neglect, just as Loki had experienced in his own past. That was how Loki was able to slip his influence so nicely into the archers head their minds were practically one in the same. The only difference being that Clint had been shaped into a more or less good man even if he was a killer by SHIELD, while Loki had simply been left to rot in his own emotional prison.

But as it turns out, their minds were so compatible, that when Loki opened the doors into Clints mind, Clint was able to walk through that same door in the other direction. He saw Lokis mind, felt his torment, shared his grief and his anger, and even after the influence was eradicated, he still felt pity for the Asgardian. And then that pity turned into rage, as he hesitantly helped his team beat down Loki again and again, and he listened to them taunt him mercilessly. Even his own brother was malevolent in insisting that Loki was wrong, so wrong.

Clint didnt see anything wrong about what Loki was doing, he was only trying to get his fair share of affection, and nobody was willing to give it to him. The Avengers were so cruel to him, cruel in ways that they werent even to other villains who stood up against the city.

It had taken a while for Clint to gain Lokis trust, but his requests for forgiveness were not unheeded. Loki knew his words were sincere, even if the blue was gone from his eyes.

It did not take long for a relationship to start.

Clint visited him every now and then, with a special arrow Loki had given him, that when fired at a flat surface big enough to pass through, it would open a portal to the alternate realm which Loki used as a clandestine lair. Today was a day of relaxation for the Avengers, so he wasted no time in going to visit his lover.

However, he was greeted with the sounds of rage. Dashing through the halls of the abandoned castle Loki had apprehended, afraid he was under attack, he rounded the corner into the desolate throne room just in time to see Loki collapse bonelessly into the derelict throne, with an expression of rage and pain and disappointment on his angular features.

Babe, he cooed and scurried forward and dropped down to his knees in front of Loki, both of his hands resting affectionately on the tricksters thighs. Hey, frostbite, whats wrong?

There was silence for a minute while Loki continued to glare at nothing, his gaze turned purposefully away from Hawkeye in an attempt to avoid eye contact. Everything from despair to childish petulance to simple rage danced through his eyes as Clint patiently waited for him to answer in his own time, which he finally did with an exasperated sigh.

"Have a guess," the trickster snarled sarcastically, still refusing to look at the human crouched in front of him. "Your accursed friends are what's wrong; they're always what's wrong."

Clint sighed and rubbed his hands along Lokis thighs, comfortingly rather than seductively. Come on, its not that bad, he urged. You might not be winning, persay, but look on the bright side, they arent winning either! They havent got you yet, you always get away.

"That hardly matters," Loki grumbled, some of the anger draining from his face to be replaced by tired unhappiness. "They don't need to, because I can't stop them and they know it. It doesn't matter if I'm free if nothing I do works!" Some residual rage flared up for a moment and Loki slammed his hand down on the arm of his chair in frustration.

It matters to me, Clint turned Lokis head with a firm hand to his jaw. Youre just not trying the right things, I guess. Look, I mean, I know them, I can help you.

Clint had been refraining from really doing any direct damage to the team. They were sort of alright people, even if they were all assholes. Tony was a righteous dick, Thor was so full of himself Clint was surprised he hadnt burst yet, Steve was so self-sacrificing it made him sick, and Bruce well, Bruce was mostly alright. Even if he was a cautious little self-loathing sod. Natasha was his only real friend, and he used that term lightly. She was the only one he was really nervous about double-crossing.

I know their weaknesses. I live with them. If you hit Tony in his ego, theres no way hell back down or if you use, I dont know, a classroom full of children as bait and tell him to come alone, the Captain will come running full tilt. Youve just youve got to hit them where its raw.

Loki studied Clints face for a moment, a more pensive expression crossing his own as he did so. Clint had never made a flat-out offer to help him combat the Avengers before, and he had never asked, as he knew that would cause moral complications for the man that he didn't want either of them to have to deal with. The fact that they were technically on opposite sides of the whole good vs. evil thing had been something they had sort of managed to ignore since they'd been together, and during fights he had done his best to put on the appearance of trying to attack Clint just as much as the others without actually hurting him, but they never really talked about it beyond the Asgardian's usual complaining. The fact that Hawkeye was actually offering to completely betray his team made the trickster a bit apprehensive.

"Well...the problem then is crippling them all before any of them work out something's wrong and put the others on their guard. Mainly I have trouble when they get together to fight in a group. I'd need a way to make them all vulnerable at once, ideally." His tone was hesitant, and he continued to eye Clint with a hint of concern, wondering if he should be trying to discourage this behavior or not.

Clint frowned. You could poison them, or something. Set off some kind of gas?

The Doctor, Thor and the Captain are not human. It would be impossible to use a poison gas that would affect both the humans and the super-humans, Loki waved his hand dismissively.

You could attack something underwater? I mean, none of them can breathe underwater, except maybe Stark with his suit. Theyd be hard pressed to get at you down there.

Attack the fishes? Loki raised an eyebrow. What could I possibly gain by attacking the fishes?

It was just a suggestion, Clint muttered. Cant you magic up some kind of death ray? Its like standard issue equipment for a supervillain,

Do you even know how death rays work? Loki massaged his temples.

What about going somewhere really cold? Draw them out into the arctic? Theyll all have a harder time of everything if theyre fighting you in six feet of snow, and youre not affected by the cold. Clint suggested.

Stark has anti-freezing metals in his suit, do you recall? Loki sighed. And Thor is not offput by the cold either.

Why dont you use me as a hostage? Clint shrugged. You got me, youre gonna kill me if they dont do exactly as you say? Nat would definitely listen at least.

I dont want to harm you. What if they do not find you worth it? My conviction will be questioned if I have to let you go at that point, Loki shook his head.

Can you use your transformation abilities somehow? I mean, even if you turn into a beautiful woman and get them all falling for you, eventually theyll find out theyre all sweet on the same girl, and the tension will tear them a new one.

The idea could have merit, except that the Captain has that waitress, and I would rather not flirt with my own brother, Loki groaned, rubbing his temples again.

You could get on their nerves by going grade-school about it. Fill Starks suits with itching powder, switch all the Captains undies with pink frilled thongs, affix a magical shock-collar to Bruce, I dont know. He was sounding a little exasperated now.

I may be the Trickster, but I am not immature, Loki spat.

Well I dont know then! Im trying here! Clint said defensively, sitting back on his heels. Use your dark magic to pinch them to death! Magic their asses and faces to switch places! Challenge them to an eating contest until theyre rolling on the floor! Air drop a hundred angry cats, I dont know! Im giving you everything I got here, Clint ran his hands over his face, still feeling at odds about the whole idea of directly assisting an attack on his more-or-less friends.

Loki suddenly held up a hand before Clint could speak again, a malicious sort of thoughtfulness flashing in his eyes. "Wait...Now that might actually have promise."

"Angry cats?" Hawkeye frowned dubiously, raising an eyebrow as the trickster shook his head exasperatedly.

"No, not cats," he gave the human a look like a teacher would give to a student who had told him two plus two equals five. "An eating contest. That might actually do the trick."

Youre joking, Cling said incredulously. And when Lokis expression didnt change, he scoffed. Come on, I was joking. An eating contest? What the heck happened to Im not immature?

The trickster gave him a withering look. "On Asgard, such a thing is hardly considered immature, and Thor for one would leap at the chance to actually win one for once." A small smile crossed his face as he spoke, recalling the thunder god's many failed attempts to out-eat him in their youth. "Besides," he continued, leaning back in his seat a little, "It would also have the advantage of challenging Stark's ego, and it isn't something they would expect from me."

Come on, you cant actually be serious, Clint shook his head. I mean, sure, Stark and Thor might, but well, Tony can talk Bruce into just about anything and Steve is always jumping at the chance to bond with the team but I mean, come on. It might not be immature on Asgard, but on Midgard thats like, middle-school stuff.

Lokis expression did not falter.

Okay, look, if youre really hell-bent on this idea, Ill do it, alright? I dont want any of them thinking any less of you because you challenge them to a freaking eating contest. He sighed, and replaced his hands on Lokis knees.

"Well I couldn't very well do it myself anyway." Loki frowned as though Clint should have figured out what he was thinking by now. "You do it, report back when it's done, and I make my move while they're all weakened from taking in too much food. It's simple." He reached forward and patted the archer on the head, smirking.

That actually that does make sense, Clint chuckled. If theyre all too full to move, they cant very well get all the way across the city to stop you from whatever youre doing. Im going to have to participate though, arent I? he grimaced.

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Fandoms:The Avengers (Marvel Movies)Tom Hiddleston - FandomThor (Movies)
Relationship:Tom Hiddleston/Loki
Characters:FA!TomTom HiddlestonLoki (Marvel)Chubby!Loki - CharacterGaining!Loki - Character
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Comfort and Joy

A follow-up to Christmas is Coming and Loki's Getting Fat.
Loki's feeling insecure about his recent weight gain and Tom's doing nothing to alleviate his partner's feelings of inadequacy. That causes Loki to wrest control of their relationship the only way he knows how: eating.


This is a stuffing fic. If that's not your thing, keep it moving. If it is, enjoy and leave me a comment since I'm a new author to this kink.

Chapter 1
Chapter Text

"Alright, darling, I'll be home tonight no later than 5:30. Then we can set up for the party since everyone's going to be here by 7," Tom reminded Loki, kissing him as he left for the day. "Love you!"
Loki smiled contentedly despite the fact that it was four in the morning, feeling that he'd finally regained the confidence he'd lost as a result of his sudden, rapid weight gain. He rolled over onto his back and jiggled his belly which wasn't stuffed for a change. A small victory, he thought. He was an emotional eater and the unhappier he was, the more he'd overeat. While he wasn't thrilled with the extra thirty pounds he'd packed onto his once slender frame over the last ten weeks Tom loved it, making Loki feel more comfortable in his own skin. The god sat up and absently stroked his soft gut as it lay heavily in his lap. He was startled from his reverie by the phone. "Hello?"
"Darling, it's me. Listen, change of plans for tonight. I'm going to be later than I thought, filming's hit a snag. They didn't get the shots they needed yesterday, so I won't be home until about 7:30, so I've moved the party back to 9, OK?"
Loki realized it wasn't a question and felt his heart sink. He was being pushed aside by Thomas' work. Again. "Sure. See you then," he said quietly handing up the phone, tears pricking his eyes. Suddenly, he felt famished-and a little vindictive. And very neglected. He padded to the kitchen in his bare feet wearing nothing but black boxer briefs. He went straight to the refrigerator and relieved it of the food meant for the party: the 24 beef wellingtons he had helped Thomas so lovingly prepare; the sweet carrots with onions and fennel drenched in butter; the rich chocolate mint cheesecake; homemade French onion dip with fresh veggies, cheese straws, homemade crackers, cookies, candies, brownies, spiced nuts, beef jerky, and a myriad of other items. He began to eat, absently shoveling food into his mouth. By the time the first pink light of dawn crept in through the kitchen window, Loki had been eating for three hours. He sighed and surveyed the damage. He'd eaten everything but the snacks, his bloated belly pushing painfully against the elastic of his boxers. He leaned back in his chair and burped, pulling the waistband underneath the swell of his engorged stomach. He rubbed his abdomen trying to relieve some of his discomfort to no avail. He moaned softly and wished Thomas had been home. He knew just how to rub Loki's tummy when he was this painfully full to make him feel better. He went to the fridge and pulled out the soda and beer for the party, drinking a six-pack of Coke followed by a six-pack of Guinness. He belched loudly and began hiccuping. He squealed in pain and hugged his gorge, hoping if he remained still the hiccuping would subside. When that didn't work, he worked his fist into the soft flesh at the top of his swollen belly, feeling a bit of give. He ground his fist deeper and burped again, long and loud. He sighed in relief and waited to see if his hiccups would return. They didn't, so he continued eating, finishing off the snacks right around 7 p.m. He'd been eating for about fifteen hours, give or take, and his belly was full to bursting. He'd have spelled his binge away, but didn't have the strength. He slumped over in his chair and laid his head on the table, a sweating, hiccuping, burping mess, desperately rubbing at his belly to get some relief. He'd never felt his stomach this hot, this tight. He could actually feel the outline of the engorged organ through the fat on his gut. "You *hic* fuck-*burp*ing *hic* pig," he hissed hatefully, slapping the crest of his swollen stomach. He squealed in pain, then began rubbing his tender belly in earnest. "Owwww!" he howled to no one, sobbing. "*burp* I'm such a *hic* fucking *burp* worthless cow," he whispered miserably as he heard the key turn in the lock. Thomas was home. He'd rub his belly. He'd make everything better.
"What the fuck, Loki?!" Tom yelled when he saw the aftermath of Loki's binge littered all over the kitchen. "Did you...?" he began. He stalked over to the table and tried to pull the chair out from under the table, but Loki's swollen belly had him effectively pinned.
"I feel so bloated!" he wailed, cradling his tender middle.
"Get dressed," Tom commanded.
"What?" Loki whimpered feebly.
"Get. Dressed," Tom hissed in a dangerously low whisper. "I'm calling everyone and we're going out to eat,"
"But I'm stuffed!" Loki protested, a note of panic in his voice.
"Then wear something comfortable. You think it's cute to eat all the party food? It's not and I'm dragging you out, bloated belly or not," he said callously.
Loki heaved himself out of the chair and waddled off to the bedroom to get changed as Tom called the party guests. "Oof!" Loki grunted, trying to button his dress shirt over his distended middle. The buttons were dangerously close to popping and his flesh was clearly visible between the gaps in the shirt, bright pink stretched over his tummy and creamy white elsewhere. He was humiliated, but he knew that was the point Thomas was trying to make. Loki had humiliated him by eating the food he was going to serve his guests and now he was going to humiliate him by parading him around in public like a prized pig. He deserved it, he thought glumly, his insecurities bringing him to a new all-time low. He put a suit jacket on but knew that didn't have a chance in hell of buttoning around his belly either, so he didn't even try. He pulled on his new black jeans, his "fat pants," and was horrified when the fabric had a six inch gap. He sunk to the bed and began to cry. He was trying, he really was, to be a better person for Thomas but no matter hard he tried, he failed. Always. "Tom!" he called. "I can't go, nothing fits," he moaned.
"Then cast a spell!"
"I can't, I'm too full!"
"Well, whose fault is that? Tough shit, Loki, you're going, now get out here before I make you eat a six foot long sub sandwich!"
Loki slowly got up, dried his eyes , and waddled to join Thomas, hands in the small of his back like a pregnant woman. "My back hurts," he said quietly.
"Given the size of your gut, I'm surprised it's not broken, now let's go," Tom said sternly.
Loki slowly followed and painfully lowered himself into the passenger seat. Tom reclined the seat to give the god a bit more comfort, but the safety belt still dug into the soft flesh of his swollen belly. Tom drove to the restaurant, each bump they went over eliciting a burp from Loki, who was clutching his stomach and groaning in agony. "Are we here?" Loki gasped, struggling to sit up once they'd stopped.
"Yes. And you're going to behave,"
Loki grunted and waddled in after Tom, taking the first seat he could find and placing both hands on either side of his swollen middle. He began massaging his belly, moaning softly.
The dinner was catered and everyone served the same thing: cream of potato soup, steak, and cheesecake. "Do I-?" Loki asked Tom quietly.
"Yes," the mortal hissed, cutting him off.
Loki nodded dully and numbly began shoving the food into his mouth. He had no idea how it'd make it into his already packed stomach. He didn't care. He felt two of the buttons of his shirt pop off at the crest of his swollen belly and he had to fight back the tears of humiliation and betrayal. He risked a sideways glance at Thomas and felt a gentle hand splay out over his bloated gut. Tom kneaded Loki's stomach expertly, knowing just where to apply pressure to make the god burp.
"Aren't you afraid I'll embarrass you?" he hissed bitterly.
"I'm sorry, Lo," Tom whispered, his nose tickling the shell of Loki's ear. "Let's get you home,"
"Really?" Loki whimpered, relieved.
"Really," Tom said, standing up and making his goodbyes, giving an excuse that he didn't feel well. He helped Loki up and draped his jacket across his shoulders, wrapping his arm around Loki's expansive waist in an effort to shield his bulging midsection from curious stares. He guided his waddling god back to the car, buckling him in, and driving home as fast as he could, rubbing Loki's belly the entire way.
"Tom..." Loki began as he was being put to bed.
"I know," Tom said, unable to look him in the eye as he helped Loki undress. " I'm so sorry, Lo. It was cruel. I knew you felt insecure and I made you go, anyway. I knew how bloated and uncomfortable you were, and I ignored you. I'm a shitty boyfriend,"
"You can make it up to me," Loki replied, rolling onto his side with a groan, his back to Tom.
"Rub my belly,"
"Always. I love you, Loki," he said, softly caressing the steep curve of Loki's still swollen belly as the god began to snore softly.

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Tom's Big Role


Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies)Tom Hiddleston - FandomThor (Movies)
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Additional Tags:FeedingFeeding KinkStuffingBelly RubsBelly KinkWeight GainGay SexFat fetishVerbal HumiliationHumiliationSituational HumiliationBlow JobsHiccupsBurps

Tom's Big Role

This is a standalone stuffing fic.
Tom gets a new sript and is expected to put on a significant amount of weight for the role. Loki's only too happy to help.


This is strictly a standalone fic.

Chapter 1
Chapter Text

Tom came home from his agent's office with his new sript and ran his hands through his hair, obviously worried.
"Everything alright?" Loki asked.
"Not really. They made some changes to the character and...well, he's quite a bit heavier than I am. They want me to put on 50 pounds,"
"They what?!" Loki shrieked.
"I know," Tom sighed. "Fifty pounds in three months,"
"That's absurd, Thomas," Loki scoffed.
"I know!" Tom repeated. "But I can't back out now, I've already signed on. Ugh. I had to put on weight when I auditioned for Thor, too. I just can't manage to gorge myself on chicken breast again,"
"Is the character meant to be muscular or fat?" Loki inquired.
"Ummmm, fat," Tom replied, scanning the sript.
"Thomas," Loki smiled, eyes glinting mischievously. "Do you not recognize that this is the perfect excuse to indulge your sweet tooth?"
"I do now," Tom laughed.
"Change into your sweats, and meet me back here,"

When Tom reemerged in the kitchen, Loki had used his magic to fill the table with every rich, indulgent treat Tom could imagine. He sat down and grinned in anticipation, picking up an eclair, savoring the thick cream as it slid down his throat. He opted for a slice of apple tart next, then a chocolate chip cookie. He followed that with cheesecake, tiramisu, and chocolate cream pie. He could practically feel himself getting fatter with each swallow.
He'd worked his way through about a quarter of the food before leaning back and rubbing at his distended abdomen, panting. He could feel the walls of his gut churning and stretching, struggling to keep up the digestive process of the enormous quantity of food he was shoving into it.
"Do you need a break?" Loki asked cooly.
"Yes," the human gasped, rubbing his belly and burping.
"Very well," Loki's hands glowed green and before Tom knew it, he was upstairs, feeling warm, full, and heavy as sleep washed over him.

He awoke a short time later, Loki having cast a spell that warped time, making Tom feel as though he'd slept for hours, not minutes, which had allowed the food to settle, thus allowing him to continue to eat. Now that the food had settled and he wasn't so bloated, Tom ate his way through two-thirds of the remaining feast so that only a quarter of the original quantity remained. This time, though, his belly was well and truly engorged, his t-shirt riding up to expose his huge, rounded tummy, sweatpants straining across the crest of the swell of his middle, seams threatening to give out. Once again, Loki bewitched him, allowing him an hour-long nap so that when he awoke, his stomach was sore, but no longer ached.
He sat down again at the table and was shocked to discover that his belly seemed to have grown even larger as he slept, because the rounded dome would no longer fit under the table.
Tom chose a pie and plopped the tin on the top of his belly, finding it quite useful as a table, and continued to eat. He finished the remaining sweets quite quickly and leaned back with a great belch as he began hiccuping. This time he was full to bursting. He looked at Loki, vision blurred by pain and pleaded, "Please! Make it better,"
"Thomas, I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid you're stuffed beyond the reach of my magic. There's no spell I can cast to ease your discomfort," he said, face full of regret and worry.
"Then rub my belly. Anything. Please. Just make it better!" the mortal wailed, cradling his bulging middle as it sat heavily on his thighs, skin stretched, pink and hot.
"Very well," Loki used his magic to get the Midgardian to their bed, propping Tom up against the pillows, putting a pillow under his knees to minimize stretching his abused organ any further. The god straddled Tom's thighs and placed his delicate hands on either side of the human's distended midsection, massaging evenly over the expanse of his gut. The heat felt good and Tom sighed in relief, little burps occasionally passing his lips. "Good. That's good, Thomas," Loki soothed, rubbing the pad of his thumb delicately over Tom's belly button. "You used to be an innie," he commented in amusement.
"What?" Tom asked, barely conscious.
"An innie. Your belly button. You've popped," he explained, angling a mirror so Tom could get a glimpse of his swollen stomach, belly button rising up off of the mound of flesh like a woman in the late stages of pregnancy.
Tom groaned, burping again, and dropped his head back to the pillows, allowing Loki to rub his gorged tummy, lulling him to sleep.

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The Telltale Bulge


Fandoms:The Avengers (Marvel Movies)Tom Hiddleston - FandomThor (Movies)
Relationship:Tom Hiddleston/Loki
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The Telltale Bulge

Getting in the spirit for his first Halloween on Midgard, Loki has a horror movie marathon and, in the process, stuffs himself with all of the Halloween candy Tom intended for the trick or treaters. Tom teaches Loki a lesson by forcing the uncomfortably bloated god to attend a costume party they'd already committed to.


This is a standalone stuffing story but if I had to place it in sequence with my other Tomki fics, it'd take place between Practice Thanksgiving & Christmas is Coming and Loki's Getting Fat.
I appreciate all of your wonderful comments, thank you! :)

Chapter 1
Chapter Text

Loki sat on the floor Indian-style, back against the couch, watching Halloween 3. He'd been watching horror films for days when Tom was out of the house on business. After Michael Meyers had claimed his first victim, Loki felt the first pangs of hunger jab through his abdomen. He paused the movie and padded barefoot to the kitchen in search of something to eat. He searched the cabinets, not wanting to do any actual cooking when he hit pay dirt: five of the biggest bags of chocolate he'd ever seen. Strange that Tom hadn't mentioned he'd gotten snacks, he knew Loki had an insatiable sweet tooth. He gathered the bags in his arms and settled back in to continue his "Horrorfest," as his human had called it.
He opened the first candy bag and absently began snacking as he watched the movie. Before he knew it, he'd finished the movie, along with the bag of candy. He started the next movie and, with it, the next bag of candy. The next thing Loki knew, he'd finished all of the movies. And all of the candy, vaguely aware of an ache in his gut. He looked down and was surprised to find his once flat stomach perfectly round and painfully distended resting heavily on his thighs. He squirmed and burped, placing his hands on either side of his tummy and slowly rubbed, trying to rid himself of the pain. When that wasn't effective, he curled himself around his engorged middle and cradled it, eyes closed, willing the pain to pass. Vaguely, he heard the key in the door signaling Tom's return.
"Hey, Lo!" he said brightly. "Have a good day? I'm gonna get changed, put the candy out for the trick or treaters, then we can go, OK?"
Shit, Loki thought weakly. Candy for the trick or treaters? He'd thrown the empty bags away but if Tom caught a glimpse of his swollen tummy, he'd be caught. He moved to the couch as quickly as he could and clutched a pillow over his protruding belly to shield it. He'd just say he was sick, Tom wouldn't push it it further.
"Hey, Lo? Have you seen that chocolate I got for the kids?" Tom called from the kitchen.
"N-*hic* no," the god lied.
"I could've sworn..." Tom grumbled. "Are you sure?"
"I'm *buuuuurp* sure,"
"I'm gonna get changed; you mind looking for me, I might've missed it," he said, heading to the bedroom. He emerged in a suit and tie and looked Loki over. He hadn't moved since Tom got home and looked like the cat who'd gotten the cream. "Come on, Loki, we're gonna be late,"
"Go without me, I don't feel well," he panted.
"I can't, it's a couples costume, remember? What're you hiding under the pillow?"
"Nothing," Loki lied, less convincing than normal. The pain in his stomach was making it hard for him to concentrate.
Tom pulled the pillow away and gaped at Loki's rounded tummy. "What the-?! Loki, I'm only going to ask you once. Did you eat all the candy?"
"Yes," he wailed miserably, rubbing his belly furiously now that he was no longer trying to hide it.
"Dammit, Loki! If we get egged or toilet papered, you're cleaning it up. Now get dressed,"
"But my belly hurts!" he protested.
Tom sighed and rubbed the rounded expanse of flesh, stretched tight and hot over Loki's middle. The god sighed in relief and another long burp escaped his lips. "I know it does, baby. But a party may take your mind off it,"
Loki looked at him suspiciously, pouting. "Doubt it," he said, resigned, holding his arms out. "Help me up," Tom obliged and Loki put both hands to the small of his back to stretch, sticking his belly out. "My costume's gonna be stupid now,"
Tom grinned wickedly and replied, "Not necessarily,"

Fifteen minutes later, Loki waddled back into the living room, struggling to walk under the weight of his heavy stomach. "I look ridiculous," he moaned.
Tom looked over his naughty schoolgirl uniform: with the white cotton shirt knotted above the swell of his belly, the low riding, pleated plaid skirt sitting beneath the heavy overhang, Tom had to admit that Loki looked heavily pregnant. The high heels only made Loki's back hurt more, causing him to arch it so his belly stuck out even more than his binge caused it to already. "You look gorgeous," he smiled, kissing Loki's belly button.
"I'm humongous!" he wailed.
"Yes. But you look perfect. The best student from a school for unwed teenage mothers I've ever seen. And since I'm your principal, I must warn you that I use corporal punishment,"
"You think I look pregnant?!" Loki whined.
"Sure do," Tom cooed, slowly running his hand up over the swell of Loki's full belly. "And after I get you back home, I intend to spank you until you learn to keep your legs closed, you little slut,"
Loki's cock twitched at Tom's words and he let out a soft moan. "Thomas," he breathed.
Tom dropped to his knees and sucked Loki off, rubbing his swollen gut the entire time. When he finished, he wiped a stray drop of cum from the corner of his mouth with his thumb and sucked it off seductively. "Come on," he breathed. "We're really going to be late now,"

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Steve watched the clock, the numbers on the display changing slowly. It was exactly twenty-four minutes since Tony had left their shared bed in the middle of the night. Steve pulled his pillow closer, not sleepy and waiting for Tonys return. Three, max five minutes more and Tony would be back. Steve already knew the routine, that repeated every few nights.

He was not mistaken and after four minutes, he heard soft footsteps of bare feet. The mattress dipping and the cover being slightly pulled away from him, when Tony climbed into the bed. Steve turned around, eyes closed and pretending to be asleep. He cuddled to his boyfriends bare chest, putting his cheek near the arc reactor, and put a soothing hand on Tonys stomach, which from some time now, started to round more. Tony sighed contently, his stomach rising with the movement. He wrapped one arm around his solider, ready to drift to sleep.

Steve didnt ask, glad with Tony being close. They would fall back to sleep, if Steve didnt hear a faint whine of discomfort coming from his boyfriend.

You okay? Steve whispered into the darkness, eyes slowly opening.

Um.. yeah, Im fine, Tony whispered back, slightly shifting as if trying to find a more comfortable position, breath smelling of chocolate and strawberries.

Steve watched Tonys body curl, his softer stomach creasing, showing adorable, little fat rolls. With a soft movement, Steve slid his hand down, sneaking his finger between the skin and waistband of Tonys boxers, feeling the painful mark the waistband left from pinning into the skin.

If it bothers you, you should take it off, he whispered, grazing the hurt skin.

Tony fidgeted, uncomfortable with what Steve said and because of the slight tickle. I dont know what youre talking about.. he meeped out and Steve could feel the embarrassed heat radiating from his boyfriends cheeks.

Steve smiled lightly at Tony being all stubborn. He moved his head up to look at his lover, keeping his fingers halfway the underwear, preventing it from pinning into the tender skin. You dont? he asked, lips curling into a soft, teasing smile. So, if I kiss you now, I wont taste the neapolitan ice cream you just ate?

Tony whimpered embarrassedly, bringing his hands up to cover his face. He was hoping that Steve didnt know about this, even though the proof of his guilty pleasure was more and more visible in the bigger curve of his stomach. For how long you know? he asked in a whisper, having in mind that it wasnt the first night he had sneaked out from their bed to lonely indulge in eating a tub of ice cream.

For a while, Steve replied calmly.

This is embarrassing.

Its okay. I know that youre a stress eater.

I promise I will work out in the morning.

You dont have to.

Tony lowered his hands, looking in disbelief at his boyfriend. What? he grimaced.

You dont have to. Its fine, Steve was looking back at Tony, eyes gentle and honest. I like you this way, he soothed, kissing Tonys warm cheek, which was soft and round and a bit hamster like.

Tony pouted. You want me fat, so I cant run away from you fast enough, he whined playfully.

Steve laughed, slowly beginning to wiggle the fingers on Tonys round belly, making him curl and jump in squeaky laughter. Thats right, Steve confirmed with a bright smile, watching Tonys face scrunch from giggling.

Noohahaa!! Tony tossed, taking Steves hand in his, trying to keep it away from his belly which he semi succeeded. Ate too much, dont tickle, he pouted again.

Steve cooed softly. Your tummy hurts? he asked, sliding down his boyfriends body and pressing his cheek to the curve.

Tony bit his lower lip, soldiers early morning stubble tickling his sensitive spot. A- a bit..

Want me to kiss it better? Steve asked and not waiting for an answer, he started to press kisses into the skin. The kisses were gentle and placed with tender care, lips gliding at the round belly and gently sucking the small, soft rolls into an open mouth.

Tony arched and started to giggle almost immediately. Stihihihill tihihihihckliiing!"

"Not true, Im only kissing, Steve argued playfully, slowing in his task, keeping Tony giggling, but also sweetly purring.

This.. feels nihihice.. Tony murmured, eyes closed and a twitchy smile playing in the corners of his lips. Dont stop..

Steve smiled into the skin, enjoying the warm, spicy taste and the soft, plaint tummy belonging to his beautiful boyfriend.

Honestly, he never wanted to stop. Eventually he did, when after a few minutes of such touch, Tony drifted to sleep, smile still visible on his lips. Steve cuddled close to Tony, knowing that his lover needed sleep.

What he also needed, was being woken up with many, many raspberries and a lot of tickling, but Tony didnt find out about it till morning.

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A loud, low groan escaped Tonys chocolate covered lips and he waved Steves hovering hand away. N-No more.

Steve continued to smile encouragingly, holding a piece of chocolate in front of Tonys face. He had been feeding him what was left of their enormous stash of Easter candy while the two of them lounged on the couch. Tony had eaten through it like a champ and had only begun to complain after they had unbuttoned his jeans to give his belly room to breathe. The flesh dome rounded out above the genius, gurgling unpleasantly and pleading for Steve to stop stuffing it, but the soldier wasnt listening. Just this last little bit, then youre done.

Tony gave another groan before complying, opening his mouth to allow Steve to place a large piece of the base of the chocolate bunny inside. He closed his eyes and chewed, the milky chocolate washing over his tongue and making his taste buds dance in delight. It really was delicious stuff, but even Tony had his limits. His stomach felt stretched beyond reason, packed full and weighed down to a point where it was nearly painful.

I love seeing you like this. Steve whispered as he fed Tony another piece of chocolate. It still baffled him, this kink of his. He didnt know what he found so appealing about it. Tony had started gaining weight shortly after he had quit drinking, a few months after the two of them had discovered their feelings for one another. Steve had always thought that Tony was far too skinny and once the weight started slowly piling on he saw a change in Tony that he was sure had at least something to do with the fact that the genius was filling out. Tonys face was rounder, he had a bounce in his step, he whistled and sang when he was in a particularly good mood, and he snacked often.

Steve was used to fuller people. This obsession with being thin didnt exist back in his time and he couldnt get used to the way the models and stars looked. All of these advertisements for weight loss made him feel sick. He couldnt understand what was wrong with people who were a few pounds heavier than what was said to be normal. That was why he had no objection to Tony packing on a few pounds.

Tony, on the other hand, was on the opposite side of the spectrum. He was happy enough when he didnt realize how much he was gaining, but as soon as a pair of pants ceased to fit him or once he caught a good glimpse of himself in the mirror he shrank away and became self conscious. Those were the moments when Steve would embrace him, hands on Tonys new round belly, and he would tell Tony just how much he loved him no matter what weight he was at.

Once he realized that Steve was in fact telling the truth, Tony began to relax, which Steve silently took as an okay to go ahead and try out some little fantasies that had been playing in his mind and creeping into his dreams at night. He left snacks around for Tony to munch on, knowing of the oral fixation that Tony suffered from (if it wasnt food in his mouth it was something else and some things Steve didnt think belonged there such as screwdrivers). He made sure to bring meals down to the workshop three times a day and Tony always polished them off while steadily working on whatever project was keeping him busy at the time.

Steve honestly couldnt recall when he had started hand-feeding Tony like this. He remembered that he had caught Tony stuffing himself several times, his cock hard between his legs, fat and heavy like his belly, and there was no way in hell that Steve could resist that sight. He wouldnt ever feed Tony unless he had the geniuss consent and he knew Tony would stop him if he ever went to far.

Tony hadnt put on too much weight thus far. He wasnt fat but he certainly couldnt be considered skinny anymore either. If he had to pick a label for him, Steve would have to go with chubby.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he felt Tonys tongue running over his fingers, sucking the chocolate from them. Steve smiled as he realized that the chocolate was completely gone and he now had a very stuffed Tony lying on the couch beside him.

Full? he asked, taking his hand back from his lover.

Tonys eyes were half lidded and he almost looked drunk. He nodded and groaned some more (always the dramatic), pushing his belly out and silently begging Steve to rub it. Very.

Steve chuckled and placed his warm hands on the globe of Tonys stomach, running the over the bursting sphere. Need a belly rub?

God, yes. Tony moaned, eyes sliding shut as Steve set to work. His hands rubbed in soothing circles over Tonys tanned aching skin, little jolts of pleasure running through them both. MmmHave I told you how much I love you? Because I really do. Youre the best. You have magical hands. I often wonder if its because youre an artist or if it has something to do with the serum. Did

Steve leaned over, being sure not to put any of his weight on Tonys aching tummy, and pressed their lips together in a gentle kiss. I love you too.

Tony sighed happily, opening his eyes and watching as Steve rubbed him. It was a bit hard to see since his stomach was sticking up so high (much higher than it normally did since it was filled to the brim) but he did his best to get a good view. Steves hands were the perfect size, the perfect texture, the perfect amount of warmth. Tony could easily fall asleep while getting a belly rub like this, but he preferred to look into Steves eyes while it was happening because Steves eyes always looked so affectionate and loving when he was giving tummy rubs.

The pain slowly began to ebb away and Tony could breathe properly again, feeling so very relaxed, and still Steves hands continued their massage. He sucked in a breath when Steves fingers circled his protruding belly button, and gasped when he was pinched at the hips where his love handles resided. When they were being rougher, Steve would slap and bite his belly, taking it by the handful to shake it, and it never failed to make Tony hard. But right now wasnt about thatright now was for relaxing.

Steve leaned down between Tonys legs and slowly began to pepper the fleshy mound with kisses, hands still moving in lazy circles. Tonys own hands came up to comb through Steves hair, encouraging him to give more kisses, which he did. His tongue lightly dipped into Tonys belly button, loving the heat that his lovers full belly was giving off.

The room fell silent but for the sounds of Steves kisses against Tonys heated skin, and then the soldier was lying his head down against Tonys stuffed stomach and closing his eyes, hands still working their magic against the sides of Tonys belly where the faintest of stretchmarks could be found.

Youre my favorite pillow. Steve replied, eyes closing and a soft yawn escaping him.

Tony yawned in reply, and how long had his eyes been closed? He couldnt remember when he had reached the verge of sleep, but now he was about ready to tumble over the edge. Mmm

Tired? He heard Steve ask.

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Comfort and Joy


Category: M/M
Fandoms:The Avengers (Marvel Movies)Tom Hiddleston - FandomThor (Movies)
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Comfort and Joy

A follow-up to Christmas is Coming and Loki's Getting Fat.
Loki's feeling insecure about his recent weight gain and Tom's doing nothing to alleviate his partner's feelings of inadequacy. That causes Loki to wrest control of their relationship the only way he knows how: eating.


This is a stuffing fic. If that's not your thing, keep it moving. If it is, enjoy and leave me a comment since I'm a new author to this kink.

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"Alright, darling, I'll be home tonight no later than 5:30. Then we can set up for the party since everyone's going to be here by 7," Tom reminded Loki, kissing him as he left for the day. "Love you!"
Loki smiled contentedly despite the fact that it was four in the morning, feeling that he'd finally regained the confidence he'd lost as a result of his sudden, rapid weight gain. He rolled over onto his back and jiggled his belly which wasn't stuffed for a change. A small victory, he thought. He was an emotional eater and the unhappier he was, the more he'd overeat. While he wasn't thrilled with the extra thirty pounds he'd packed onto his once slender frame over the last ten weeks Tom loved it, making Loki feel more comfortable in his own skin. The god sat up and absently stroked his soft gut as it lay heavily in his lap. He was startled from his reverie by the phone. "Hello?"
"Darling, it's me. Listen, change of plans for tonight. I'm going to be later than I thought, filming's hit a snag. They didn't get the shots they needed yesterday, so I won't be home until about 7:30, so I've moved the party back to 9, OK?"
Loki realized it wasn't a question and felt his heart sink. He was being pushed aside by Thomas' work. Again. "Sure. See you then," he said quietly handing up the phone, tears pricking his eyes. Suddenly, he felt famished-and a little vindictive. And very neglected. He padded to the kitchen in his bare feet wearing nothing but black boxer briefs. He went straight to the refrigerator and relieved it of the food meant for the party: the 24 beef wellingtons he had helped Thomas so lovingly prepare; the sweet carrots with onions and fennel drenched in butter; the rich chocolate mint cheesecake; homemade French onion dip with fresh veggies, cheese straws, homemade crackers, cookies, candies, brownies, spiced nuts, beef jerky, and a myriad of other items. He began to eat, absently shoveling food into his mouth. By the time the first pink light of dawn crept in through the kitchen window, Loki had been eating for three hours. He sighed and surveyed the damage. He'd eaten everything but the snacks, his bloated belly pushing painfully against the elastic of his boxers. He leaned back in his chair and burped, pulling the waistband underneath the swell of his engorged stomach. He rubbed his abdomen trying to relieve some of his discomfort to no avail. He moaned softly and wished Thomas had been home. He knew just how to rub Loki's tummy when he was this painfully full to make him feel better. He went to the fridge and pulled out the soda and beer for the party, drinking a six-pack of Coke followed by a six-pack of Guinness. He belched loudly and began hiccuping. He squealed in pain and hugged his gorge, hoping if he remained still the hiccuping would subside. When that didn't work, he worked his fist into the soft flesh at the top of his swollen belly, feeling a bit of give. He ground his fist deeper and burped again, long and loud. He sighed in relief and waited to see if his hiccups would return. They didn't, so he continued eating, finishing off the snacks right around 7 p.m. He'd been eating for about fifteen hours, give or take, and his belly was full to bursting. He'd have spelled his binge away, but didn't have the strength. He slumped over in his chair and laid his head on the table, a sweating, hiccuping, burping mess, desperately rubbing at his belly to get some relief. He'd never felt his stomach this hot, this tight. He could actually feel the outline of the engorged organ through the fat on his gut. "You *hic* fuck-*burp*ing *hic* pig," he hissed hatefully, slapping the crest of his swollen stomach. He squealed in pain, then began rubbing his tender belly in earnest. "Owwww!" he howled to no one, sobbing. "*burp* I'm such a *hic* fucking *burp* worthless cow," he whispered miserably as he heard the key turn in the lock. Thomas was home. He'd rub his belly. He'd make everything better.
"What the fuck, Loki?!" Tom yelled when he saw the aftermath of Loki's binge littered all over the kitchen. "Did you...?" he began. He stalked over to the table and tried to pull the chair out from under the table, but Loki's swollen belly had him effectively pinned.
"I feel so bloated!" he wailed, cradling his tender middle.
"Get dressed," Tom commanded.
"What?" Loki whimpered feebly.
"Get. Dressed," Tom hissed in a dangerously low whisper. "I'm calling everyone and we're going out to eat,"
"But I'm stuffed!" Loki protested, a note of panic in his voice.
"Then wear something comfortable. You think it's cute to eat all the party food? It's not and I'm dragging you out, bloated belly or not," he said callously.
Loki heaved himself out of the chair and waddled off to the bedroom to get changed as Tom called the party guests. "Oof!" Loki grunted, trying to button his dress shirt over his distended middle. The buttons were dangerously close to popping and his flesh was clearly visible between the gaps in the shirt, bright pink stretched over his tummy and creamy white elsewhere. He was humiliated, but he knew that was the point Thomas was trying to make. Loki had humiliated him by eating the food he was going to serve his guests and now he was going to humiliate him by parading him around in public like a prized pig. He deserved it, he thought glumly, his insecurities bringing him to a new all-time low. He put a suit jacket on but knew that didn't have a chance in hell of buttoning around his belly either, so he didn't even try. He pulled on his new black jeans, his "fat pants," and was horrified when the fabric had a six inch gap. He sunk to the bed and began to cry. He was trying, he really was, to be a better person for Thomas but no matter hard he tried, he failed. Always. "Tom!" he called. "I can't go, nothing fits," he moaned.
"Then cast a spell!"
"I can't, I'm too full!"
"Well, whose fault is that? Tough shit, Loki, you're going, now get out here before I make you eat a six foot long sub sandwich!"
Loki slowly got up, dried his eyes , and waddled to join Thomas, hands in the small of his back like a pregnant woman. "My back hurts," he said quietly.
"Given the size of your gut, I'm surprised it's not broken, now let's go," Tom said sternly.
Loki slowly followed and painfully lowered himself into the passenger seat. Tom reclined the seat to give the god a bit more comfort, but the safety belt still dug into the soft flesh of his swollen belly. Tom drove to the restaurant, each bump they went over eliciting a burp from Loki, who was clutching his stomach and groaning in agony. "Are we here?" Loki gasped, struggling to sit up once they'd stopped.
"Yes. And you're going to behave,"
Loki grunted and waddled in after Tom, taking the first seat he could find and placing both hands on either side of his swollen middle. He began massaging his belly, moaning softly.
The dinner was catered and everyone served the same thing: cream of potato soup, steak, and cheesecake. "Do I-?" Loki asked Tom quietly.
"Yes," the mortal hissed, cutting him off.
Loki nodded dully and numbly began shoving the food into his mouth. He had no idea how it'd make it into his already packed stomach. He didn't care. He felt two of the buttons of his shirt pop off at the crest of his swollen belly and he had to fight back the tears of humiliation and betrayal. He risked a sideways glance at Thomas and felt a gentle hand splay out over his bloated gut. Tom kneaded Loki's stomach expertly, knowing just where to apply pressure to make the god burp.
"Aren't you afraid I'll embarrass you?" he hissed bitterly.
"I'm sorry, Lo," Tom whispered, his nose tickling the shell of Loki's ear. "Let's get you home,"
"Really?" Loki whimpered, relieved.
"Really," Tom said, standing up and making his goodbyes, giving an excuse that he didn't feel well. He helped Loki up and draped his jacket across his shoulders, wrapping his arm around Loki's expansive waist in an effort to shield his bulging midsection from curious stares. He guided his waddling god back to the car, buckling him in, and driving home as fast as he could, rubbing Loki's belly the entire way.
"Tom..." Loki began as he was being put to bed.
"I know," Tom said, unable to look him in the eye as he helped Loki undress. " I'm so sorry, Lo. It was cruel. I knew you felt insecure and I made you go, anyway. I knew how bloated and uncomfortable you were, and I ignored you. I'm a shitty boyfriend,"
"You can make it up to me," Loki replied, rolling onto his side with a groan, his back to Tom.
"Rub my belly,"
"Always. I love you, Loki," he said, softly caressing the steep curve of Loki's still swollen belly as the god began to snore softly.

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Christmas is Coming and Loki's Getting Fat


Fandoms:The Avengers (Marvel Movies)Tom Hiddleston - FandomThor (Movies)
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Christmas is Coming and Loki's Getting Fat

A follow-up of sorts to Practice Thanksgiving. Loki's feeling neglected while Tom shoots and turns to food for comfort.


This story contains belly stuffing. If that's not your thing, keep it moving. Otherwise, I welcome comments, as I'm a new author to this kink.

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Tom returned after a long day of shooting to find the living room floor littered with empty containers and wrappers, Loki reclining on the couch eating macaroni and cheese from a large bowl balanced on his now perpetually rounded belly. One long leg dangled off the couch, his stomach being far too distended to allow anything but resting heavily between the god's thick thighs. "Darling, what did you do now?" he asked, exasperated.
"Whath? I'm hubgry," Loki replied through a mouthful of pasta.
Tom kneeled next to the stuffed god, removing the bowl, and gently rubbed his swollen belly. "This..." he chided, "begs to differ,"
Loki hiccuped and burped, clutching his aching gut. "I'm sorry!" he wailed, bursting into tears.
"Oh, Loki," Tom murmured soothingly, applying gentle pressure with the heel of his hand to Loki's bloated tummy. "Why are you doing this? Ever since Halloween...even before then...every time I see you, you're stuffing your face. You always look terribly bloated and uncomfortable and beg me to rub your belly after your binges. Why?"
Loki hiccuped again and said pitifully, "I'm not always stuffing my face. Maybe you need to look at me more often,"
"Is that what's bothering you? You're feeling neglected?" he asked, gently stroking Loki's rounded cheek. If he was being objective, Tom had to admit he'd not been paying as much attention to his boyfriend as he used to. Filming had intensified and he was gone more and more. In fact, he hadn't even noticed the large amount of weight Loki had truly put on over the last nine or so weeks until just now. His face was much rounder, cheekbones now camouflaged under a layer of fat. His once angular jaw had also softened considerably, and Tom could easily detect a double chin. He allowed his hand to explore Loki's belly and found, though it was hard with all of the food he'd eaten, there was a soft layer of fat covering his gut, as well. He slipped his hands to Loki's sides and gently pinched the god's love handles.
Loki squealed and wrapped his arms protectively around his stretched middle. "It's not enough to ignore me, is it, Thomas? When you finally do pay attention to me, you have to point out that not only am I constantly gorging myself, but I'm fat, as well. I wasn't even this fat when I was pregnant! And I was pregnant with a horse! My belly was smaller when I was pregnant with a horse!" he huffed indignantly, struggling to get up off the couch to no avail. He starting crying fresh tears, lamenting, "No one loves me! I'm too fat to love!"
Tom let him cry, making soothing noises when he thought Loki would be able to hear them. As Loki's sobs quieted, Tom asked, "Do you really think I don't love you?" Tom knew well enough that Loki was very sensitive and, for all his bravado, very insecure. Especially now that he'd gotten so heavy. Tom knew his lover needed reassurance.
"You only pay attention to me after I've eaten too much; then you rub my belly to shut me up," he pouted.
"I don't," Tom protested. "I rub your belly because you're uncomfortable and I hate seeing you in pain! But is that why you've been overeating recently? So I'll pay attention to you?"
Loki sniffed loudly and wiped his nose on Tom's shoulder. "Partly," he admitted feebly.
"Why else?" Tom asked curiously.
"Stupid Thor,"
That elicited a chuckle from Tom. "What about stupid Thor?"
"When we were growing up, Thor always got preferential treatment including access to all the food. I got whatever was left. Odin felt that Thor needed his strength for battle but me, being the weakling, didn't need as much. I was hungry most of the time. I hated that feeling. The feeling of weakness, of subjugation. I swore once I'd rid myself of Odin's tyranny, I'd never feel that way again,"
"So you're making up for lost time?" Tom concluded.
Loki shrugged, absently rubbing his rounded tummy. "I guess,"
"And you've always had control issues that centered around food," Tom reasoned.
Loki thought for a moment, stifling a burp, and nodded. "I guess you could say that. To me, a full belly is control, independence, defiance...a victory over the horrors of my childhood,"
"Oh, Lo," Tom sighed, kissing Loki's belly button, which was now protruding painfully from the mass of food he'd consumed.
Loki burped again, rubbing at his sore organ. "I'm a *hic* hot *hic* mess *hic*,"
"Yea, kinda," Tom admitted with a grin. "But you're my hot mess. I'd actually brought home some barbecue from that place downtown. You feeling up to it?"
Loki wiggled uncomfortably and let out another burp before patting his belly. "Ooooh, I love barbecue," he said, suddenly excited.
"Want me to feed it to you?" Tom asked, wagging his eyebrows.
Loki rested his hands on either side of his belly, now too engorged for him to wrap his arms around it, and smirked, "You'd better. You made me cry, Thomas. Twice,"
Tom fed Loki for what felt, to the god, like hours. Ribs, brisket, rotisserie chicken, pulled pork, cornbread, cole slaw...everything good barbecue should be. As Loki chewed the last piece of meat, sauce smeared all over his face and belly, Tom came in from the kitchen carrying a pile of boxes. "Dessert?" he grinned wickedly.
Loki groaned. He was already stuffed full, uncomfortably stretched to the point of bursting. "*hic* Why, *burp* Thomas?"
"I'm just trying to dote on you," he laughed.
"*burp* Does *hic* dote have a new Midgardian meaning *burp* roughly translating to 'fattening your boyfriend up to the size of a beached whale'? *hic**burp*"
"My gluttonous little god, you surpassed beached whale status before I even walked in the door,"
"*hic* I know *burp*,"
Tom kneeled on the side of the couch again, massaging Loki's belly as hard as he dared without causing him too much pain, encouraging him to burp to make room for the rich desserts he knew were Loki's favorite. "You don't have to if you don't want to, but I got you cheesecake," he purred, still rubbing the hot, pink flesh of Loki's dome-like abdomen, delicately tracing the stretch marks that appeared on his newly formed love handles. "You're so sexy. You know that?"
"Really?" Loki whimpered. He'd never felt so incredibly full, but also never so loved. Almost revered.
"Really," Tom solemnly nodded.
Loki cradled his aching belly for a minute before sighing as deeply as he could. "I want dessert, Thomas,"

Tom slowly fed Loki the half dozen cheesecakes he bought over the next several hours, allowing the god to nap in between in a desperate attempt to allow the food to settle. Even when Loki was sleeping, Tom continued to rub his full belly. "Last bite," he encouraged his trickster, whose breathing was now shallow and labored, his lungs compressed in his body by his engorged stomach. Tom wiped his forehead with a cool rag, as he was also sweating profusely.
Loki took the last bite and swallowed the creamy, rich dessert before falling back to the couch with a mighty belch. "I lived up to my end of the bargain, Thomas. Now you *hic* live up to yours. Rub my belly," Loki demanded.
Tom began kneading Loki's sore tummy gingerly, whispering soothing words to him before being unable to resist asking, "Would you mind playing Santa if we host a holiday party? You've got the figure for it. And then after that, we can host a New Years party. You can help me test recipes again,"
Loki just groaned and drifted off to sleep, relishing the relief his human's hands were affording his swollen belly.

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Just One More Bite

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Just One More Bite

Steve loves seeing Tony stuffed full, but this time, Tony really outdoes himself.


I'm Canadian, and this is how we spell doughnuts.

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Tony's safe word was moonshine.

When he'd hit two-hundred on the scale, Steve had sat him down and asked him to choose one, in case he ever got carried away. He never wanted to push Tony past what he considered his limits, given how loose he already considered them to be, but it'd become clear once Tony had put on thirty pounds that this thing they'd started had become a thing.

It was no secret between the two of them anymore that Steve loved to see Tony stuffed. Not just full, but brimming. He loved the healthy looking flush of his cheeks when he'd overeatenso different from the dark circles and tired eyes he saw when his lover spent days on end buried in his lab forgetting to eat at all. He loved the swell of his belly, the little groans he made when hiccups jostled his stomach around, the soft gurgles, and burps he could never seem to help. But most of all? Steve loved that Tony never seemed to want to stop.

Once he got him going, Tony seemed to be able to put away more food than should be possible. It was like he challenged himself to see how big he could get and how much he could eat, breath laboured and still pressing to take one more bite. At first, it'd worried him, but Steve wasn't exactly innocent of getting carried away at times himself, and now Tony's favourite pair of jeans wouldn't button anymore.

The weight had become visible, Tony's cheeks slight rounder, his thighs slightly thicker--and his ass. His belly had a soft swell to it that hung over his too-tight waistbands and he knew the other man wasn't pleased with being unable to fit into his clothes anymore but, the way his shirts had started to cling did things to Steve and he made sure that the other man knew that he loved him like this. He was perfect like this. Just enough lovehandle to grab onto, just enough belly to jiggle plumply when shook and all Steve wanted to do was nibble up sides that had gone soft. There was still muscle beneath the fat, but Tony wore the extra weight almost too well and Steve could admit that he was a frequent bad influence. Anyone who'd ever thought otherwise had never really known him.

There were days where he had to offer more reassurance than he did on others, days where Tony felt visibly insecure and embarrassed when old suit jackets didn't seem to want to button anymore but every time Steve offered him indulgence in his favourite foods, he never held back. Steve understood the pressure that society exerted on someone like Tony, he'd seen it time and time again, but when it was just the two of them he knew Tony enjoyed the way he touched over him like he was the most gorgeous man he'd ever seen. And he was. Tony was perfect, and when he'd left him sullen this morning over having to spend his day at the office, he vowed to make up for it once Tony returned home that night.

When Tony had finally made it home, he hadn't been in the mood to do much of anything. All of his shirts were too tight, and not in the good way. Not like how Steve's shirts were too tight, seams straining due to massive amounts of perfect rippling muscle. No, his were tight because his gut was getting too big for them and he'd finally plugged in a reminder to get a size up in a couple of things so that he could go to the office without attracting too much attention. He heard the rumorsthat the PTSD had finally caught up with him, that he'd become depressed after New York, or that he was stress eating. Tabloids were having a field day, but the joke was on them because the reason behind his weight gain was worth it in his opinion, and that was all that mattered.

He loved the way Steve's eyes lit up when he let the other man feed him, and the way those strong hands grabbed at him like he was putty that needed to be gently coaxed into shape. Steve had started all of thishe was to blame for itbut Tony had grown to enjoy the feeling of being stuffed to his limit after giving it a couple of tries and he wasn't ready to give it up. Not because he got a few more judgmental looks nowadays. Like he hadn't been used to those already.

There were days where it bothered him, and then there were days where he came home to Steve lounging on the couch reading a book, a generous slice of cheesecake and what looked to be a fifty pack of doughnut holes sitting out on the table. He almost groaned on the spot, the thoughts of what was to come more than enough to lift his mood, and he looked at Steve with knowing eyes when his lover noticed him there and broke out into one of those warm smiles.

Long day? Before he'd even had time to shrug his jacket off, Steve was up and coming to greet him, a peck to the cheek and a hand smoothing down over his shoulder.

Too long. He answered, giving in and wrapping his arms loosely around Steve's waist. It wasn't always that Steve was sitting up waiting for him and he was going to take advantage of that kind of affection, already feeling warm before Steve's arms were around his waist in return.

Pepper dropped off that licensing agreement you've been waiting for. Steve murmured before stealing a more proper kiss, and Tony couldn't help but smile against his lips.

About time. Good news and cake. Who said days couldn't ever get good in the second half?

You know it wasn't her stalling. Steve's hands smoothed over Tony's lower back and then pulled back to palm over the very slight muffin-top he was sporting, coaxing his waistband down ever so slightly so he could get better handfuls of the chub that clung to his sides.

Because you know her so well. Tony retorted, half-assed because he was paying more attention to the way Steve was slowly kneading into his sides with his fingers.

I don't. But you can thank her for that piece of cake over there as well. If there was one thing Steve had to say about Pepper, it was that she paid attention. Maybe he did know her, maybe he didn't, but she seemed to know him well enough. Or maybe it'd just been a lucky guess; a fluke. Maybe cake had always made Tony's days better. What did he know.

...And here I was ready to give you the credit. Tony's hands wandered down to grab handfuls of Steve's ass in return, squeezing with soft intent that they both knew was just a bluff. Steve wouldn't end up being the one panting and struggling for breath tonight and they both knew it.

You can thank me later. Steve teased, keeping a straight face save for the glint in his eyes. That cake isn't going to stay chilled for much longer sitting out like this and it'd be a shame to let it go to waste. Not because the cake would go bad, but because it wouldn't make it into Tony if it spoiled before he got a chance to eat it.

Huge shame. You got a fork? He couldn't say he was starving, but he could eat. Especially for Steve.

Get comfy. I'll grab one. Steve stole one more kiss before he was breaking away and disappearing into the small kitchen that attached to their main living area in the penthouse of the tower. It was spacious, but with Steve around, it did look lived in. The couch they often shared had been broken in long ago, and he didn't waste time sprawling out on it, shucking his jacket before sitting in against one of the arm rests and tucking one leg up onto the cushions while the other foot stayed planted on the floor. He undid his tie and Steve was back just in time to stop him from undoing the first button on his shirt, his free hand gently grabbing Tony's wrist.

Leave them. It wasn't demanding, but he knew how Steve liked to see him big and the shirt really just amplified that, so he dropped his hands and settled for just rolling his sleeves up to the elbows.

Bossy. And Steve just smiled, settling in beside Tony with the large slice of cake on a plate held in front of him. It almost looked like Pepper had intended for them to split the piece in two and have enough to satisfy the both of them, but Steve was going to have to make something up if she ever decided to ask him how it was. Steve broke a generous bit off of the end and held the fork-full up to Tony.

Open. His voice was gentle, but Tony had heard that word said with more conviction enough for it alone to turn him on, and he did as he was asked. The cake was rich and creamy, a chocolate truffle cheesecake with a crunchy top, creamy middle and perfectly crumbly crust. It was rich and he moaned softly at the taste of it, opening immediately for another bite as soon as he'd swallowed the first.

That good? Steve was amused, he could see that much, but it didn't look like he'd tried the damn thing at all.

Try it. He licked his lips after the second bite, but didn't open for a third. Not until Steve had taken a bite of his own and had given Tony a look of agreement. It was beyond good, and he wanted the whole thing. Lucky for him, Steve wanted him to have it.

Wow. That's incredible. Don't forget a thank you, Tony, she didn't have to bring it over. Even if he'd only had one bite, Steve was at least going to thank Pepper when he next saw her. Whenever that ended up being.

Give me a bigger piece. Thank yous were the last thing on his mind right now, and Steve didn't protest the subject change, granting Tony his wish and breaking off a larger piece for him to eat next. It almost filled the engineer's entire mouth, chocolate smeared on his lip as he closed his eyes and just enjoyed it. Steve fed him bite after bite like that until they were down to the last piece of crust without bothering to wipe that smear for Tony. Only once he'd swallowed the last bite and took a deep breath did Steve lean in to kiss him, sucking the chocolate off in an indulgent gesture of his own and then he settled his hand on the curve of Tony's belly.

Mmn... He certainly hadn't taken it slow, and that cake had been rich, chocolate still coating the back of his tongue as he swallowed thickly and then let out a soft burp when Steve gave him a quick rub.

Need a breather? Steve pressed a kiss to his temple, setting the plate aside on the ground and then resumed the gentle rub, coaxing the cake to settle a little more easily in Tony's belly.

...No. What else did you get for me? The dunkin donuts box was familiar, but there could be anything in there and he wanted to find out, even if a bit of a breather might do him some good, but he was going to get that anyway as Steve stalled to press a few lazy kisses to the side of his neck.

Munchkins. Fifty of them. Cocoa glazed, cinnamon cake, glazed chocolate, and those kreme filled ones. Steve knew Tony was a sucker for doughnuts. He'd gotten them as a special treat before they'd been brought the cake but Steve wanted to see just how many Tony could get through after that huge slice and he wasn't going to have him save them. They were no good stale.

You're really trying to fatten me up, Rogers... Tony teased, lifting a hand to card through Steve's hair while he tilted his head to give Steve some more room to nibble up his jaw.

Let me get the box. Steve replied with a smile, and not without a hint of excitement in his tone. Tony could only roll his eyes in fond exasperation at the way Steve evaded his statement, but if he had a problem with it, he could very easily decide not to eat them. Problem was, he wanted to eat them all.

Back with the box in hand, Steve had also grabbed Tony a glass of milk which he set out of the way on the floor before nestling the box in between them for easy access.

If you want to stop, you know what to say. Steve reminded him, holding the first doughnut bite up to Tony's lips.

I know. But he wasn't going to want to. Even with the slightly weighted feeling he was getting in his belly from the cake, he leaned forward to take the doughnut from Steve's fingers, enveloping the tips between his lips before he pulled back and bit down. A thick custard poured from the bite, and he just made a pleased sound and swallowed easily.

As soon as he'd finished the first, Steve was already holding a second doughnut up for him to take, his other hand back on Tony's stomach, rubbing slow circles against the top curve.

It wasn't like he was being fed something hard to enjoy, and Tony ate the second bite happily, the third, and the fourth all different flavours that kept him guessing and wanting more. Before he knew it he was at ten, and then fifteen, and he swallowed the chocolate morsel more thickly than the last, starting to feel a heavy pressure in his gut. Steve noticed the deep breath he took, the way he shifted beneath the touch and made a soft sound in the back of his throat. He was certainly full, but nowhere near ready to stop. Still, Steve paused and put the next bite back into the box, instead pressing his fingers to Tony's lips as he reached down to grab that milk.

It took Tony a second, but he took another breath and then drew the tips of Steve's fingers into his mouth, licking the sticky residue off with lazy suckles and swirls of his tongue. It was enough to get Steve's eyes starting to haze over, arousal evident on his face as he offered Tony the glass once he'd withdrawn his fingers.

Need to slow down? Steve asked, patting Tony's swelling belly gently as he took a good drink.

No. I'm not even feeling it. Tony followed the comment up with a deep belch, and then a groan as some of the pressure eased. He was feeling it, absolutely, but he didn't want Steve stopping or slowing down. He was being fed at a good pace, he was enjoying it, and he licked the milk from his moustache in preparation to keep going.

Good. I want you to get through this whole box. Steve's hand smoothed down the curve of his belly, fingers skimming over the straining buttons of his shirt as he went and Tony felt a spike of arousal go straight to his groin. Steve would never do anything to hurt him, or to push him too far, but he loved it when he got demanding.

Then let's get going. A soft hiccup preceded another burp and then he hiccuped again, but opened his mouth and waited expectantly for the next doughnut. Steve didn't hesitate, placing the next one right onto his tongue and watched Tony chew and swallow with a soft noise of content. Seventeen followed, then eighteen, nineteen, twenty, and then he was hiccuping again. He wasn't eating fast, but they weren't exactly taking this slow. Twenty one, twenty two, and the next hiccup popped the middle button on his shirt.

Tony flushed, and Steve moaned softly at the sight of Tony bulging out of his shirt, bloated and stuffed but barely even halfway there. His cock had already been swollen just from watching Tony, but he felt himself jump as that button flew across the room and he turned to Tony with cloudy blue eyes and pushed two doughnuts against his lips at once until Tony opened for them. He chewed obediently, swallowed, hiccuped, and burped. He wasn't surprised that his button had popped with how tight his stomach was starting to feel, but eating two at once had been lewdly indulgent enough that his own cock was straining hard against his pants.

After twenty six he paused again, own hand coming up to sit on the curve of his belly while Steve massaged at the overhang, and he took another deep breath.

Steve. I need to undo my pants. They were straining tight and he was sure his gut was feeling worse because of them. He was starting to really feel heavy as the sweet treats continued to settle in him, and he wanted the relief to keep going, but Steve just handed him that glass of milk.

Not yet. Steve grabbed his stomach and shook it, appreciating the softness that still spilled out over the waistband of his pants even when Tony was this stuffed, and he wasn't ready to give that up yet. Not when Tony could still take it, and not when there was still a chance that he'd pop that button too. Tony just groaned at the answer and the shake but he drank some more milk and shifted on the couch again, burping a few times and moaning at the relief it brought him. He knew when Steve said not yet that he meant not yet, so he opened his mouth and Steve delivered without pause.

Twenty seven, custard filled. Twenty eight, cinnamon cake. Twenty nine, custard. Thirty, chocolate. Thirty one, cinnamon cake. Thirty two, cocoa glazed. Thirty three, another shirt button popped and set off the bottom two allowing his gut to really spill free. He flushed red as Steve's fingers were the next things to be pushed to his mouth again while his lover pressed an appreciative palm against the plush skin he'd just freed up for him. His lips were sticky, his whole mouth was sticky, but he sucked at Steve's fingers just the same and moaned softly around them.

He felt big and still had seventeen left to go. For the first time tonight, he thought he might not make it. His gut felt like lead, thick and heavy and distended, his waistband still digging into his hips. Breathing was starting to become more difficult, working to keep it all down even as he continued to eat and to burp to clear more space. Seventeen shouldn't be such a daunting number, but the thought of putting another into his mouth had him swallowing more thickly as he became more aware of how sticky his saliva had become and this time his groan was more pained than anything.

How're you feeling? Steve looked up at him, but Tony's cheeks weren't glowing yet--though his lips were glistening and he had to admit that was a good look. Before he got an answer, he was undoing the top two buttons on Tony's shirt and opening it up for him. Steve gave him a good rub then, palm moving over every expanse of his stomach and Tony just made a weak sound.

Need a minute. To which Steve nodded, and leaned down to kiss the swell of Tony's belly. His skin was taut, his stomach hard beneath the soft layer of fat he'd accumulated there and Steve abandoned the doughnuts for a moment to pay Tony's belly some better attention. He kissed as far down the curve as he could still sitting on the couch and then he slipped down onto the floor to kneel between Tony's legs. He took his belly in both hands, shaking gently and massaging his fingers in as he kissed the underside, and when Tony groaned again, he took mercy and went for the button on his pants. With a pop it came undone, and Tony's belly just spilled out, the zipper shoved down on its own to make way for him.

At this rate, Steve was going to have to deal with a sizable wet spot on his briefs, but how could he be blamed? Tony made the most obscene sound when he was finally given more room, belching again as he just tried to breathe. Steve gave in and reached down to palm himself through his pants as he continued to kiss Tony's belly, and when his lips finally circled up to his belly button, he decided to part his mouth and tongue at him.

Tony gasped and Steve just kept going, unable to resist the way his belly button popped out for him when he was full like this. He suckled at it, probing the skin around it with his tongue just to feel how tight it was and he nipped at the soft skin around the edges.

Steve-- There was always something about hearing Tony moan his name that made him want to do twice as much for him, but it was only now that Tony had decided to speak through the sound that Steve realized he'd stuffed another doughnut into his mouth while he hadn't been watching. It was Steve's turn to moan then, the sound vibrating against Tony, and he got more aggressive with his affections due to the sheer force of just how turned on he was. He bit him harder, listening to Tony gasp out again through his mouthful and then he started to suck a mark into that taut skin right next to his belly button, hands reaching up to grab handfuls of Tony's love handles and he shook them with a fervent passion.

Tony groaned as soon as he'd swallowed, hands holding the curve of his belly as Steve shook him and caused him to belch softly. There'd been nothing innocent behind eating another doughnut bite when he had, he'd known exactly what it did to Steve, but having his lover react so strongly was enough to have him attempting to squirm to get some kind of friction going on his cock.

Keep eating. Steve finally murmured once he'd finished sucking a deep hickey into him, looking up to watch Tony and make sure he did as he was asked. He had sixteen left to go, and he strategically grabbed another cream filled one at Steve's request, popping it in his mouth. Should be safe to assume that the cream ones were only going to get harder to eat the fuller he got, so better to get them out of the way now. The gush of it when he bit down was still almost too much, but he licked his lips and chewed as Steve turned his attention back to his belly and lifted it before letting it fall, watching the soft jiggle with nothing but appreciation.

Tony was so hot like this, gut sitting on his thighs all plump and round. Steve lifted the overhang again, held it up with one hand and then he reached up to grab another doughnut himself and pressed it to Tony's lips before his lover had finished the one still in his mouth.

Open. Come on. A command at which Tony gave a strained groan, but did as he was asked after a moment of hesitation, still wanting to push himself. Then Steve did it again, and he had to swallow once before he could open again, taking a third doughnut into his mouth. His cheeks bulged, breaths laboured as he sucked them in inbetween chews just trying to keep up and Steve was back to rubbing his belly firmly, this time with both hands.

It took him another minute to get it all swallowed, throat straining over how dry they were but he managed, trying to push through the way that the bulge of his belly was forcing his breathing to stay shallow.

Thirteen left and he really felt like he was going to burst. He looked down at Steve with hooded eyes, and then sucked in a quick breath when his belly gurgled, the gas moving around causing a pain that he pinpointed with his palmthe need to hold his gut almost a knee-jerk reaction.

Oh, Tony... Steve murmured with appreciative wonder, palms massaging slow circles. He knew he'd just pushed him with having him eat three at once, but when he reached for the glass of milk and offered it up to him, he was delighted to see that flush on his lovers cheeks. That was enough to let him know just how stuffed he was, and once Tony took the glass, he went back to rubbing him deliberately, but slowly, a firm massage that he hoped was going to help.

It took Tony a few moments to work up the motivation to take a drink of milk, and when he did, he drank slowly. There hadn't been much left in the glass, and he polished it off, almost cutting off a low belch with a grunt when he felt a pressure in his throat. He definitely needed to take another minute if he was going to continue, the thought of eating another bite making his stomach churn but he knew he could do it. In a few minutes. Just thirteen more.

You did so well. Steve praised him as he reached up to take the empty glass, setting it back on the floor and then he resumed rubbing again.

...'m not done yet. Stubborn really wasn't the word for it, and he knew Steve was just as bad. It was why they butted heads, why it'd taken so long for them to warm up to one another, and Steve would be a hypocrite to deny him. He hadn't said his safe word yet. He still wanted to keep going.

Tony...You don't have to finish. I bought this box before Pepper brought that cake over, I never thought you could finish both. Even if he'd said he'd wanted the box empty, he didn't want Tony to get sick over it.

I'm gonna finish it. Just give me a minute. He didn't sound all that convincing, words slow as he minded the contents of his stomach and just kept on breathing.

Steve stopped rubbing for a moment so he could get back up on the couch beside him, and he leaned in to wrap Tony up in a slow kiss, hands back to his belly as soon as he'd gotten the chance. Tony's lips were stickier than ever and Steve groaned at the sugary taste, sucking his bottom lip clean, licking the top, and only pulling back when Tony pushed him off. For a moment he was concerned, but then Tony just stifled a burp against his fist and Steve chuckled softly.

Do you want something fizzy? And Tony thought about it for a moment, but in the end he didn't think it would help. The carbonation would be too much right now.

More milk.

Sure. Be right back. A quick kiss to one of those beautifully flushed cheeks and Steve was going for a refill, Tony still in the exact same position he'd left him in when he returned and handed him the glass. Tony took a small sip, like he was testing the room he had left. Then he took a bigger gulp, and almost winced when he hiccuped.

He groaned, the noise almost sounding sick this time and Steve was right there with a hand back on his belly and one on the back of his neck, encouraging him to sit forward a little. Tony hiccuped again and the pained sound was no different.

Take another sip. And Tony did, almost without thought. He trusted Steve to take care of him, but when another hiccup was all that came out, he did wince. Steve slid his hand down and started massaging circles into Tony's back, the hand on his belly rubbing at the overhang while Tony started to massage himself with both hands. It took another aching hiccup and another minute of rubbing, but Tony took one more sip of milk and then let out a loud belch, feeling instantly relieved. Steve made a soft sound of approval, continuing to rub until Tony had burped a few more times and then sagged back against the couch with a sigh of relief.

Love you. He murmured, glazed eyes on Steve and Steve just smiled, giving his belly a playful pinch and shaking it.

You know I love you too. So much. So, so much. Especially when he was like this. Feel better?

I feel huge. Steve took the half-full glass of milk and set it down on the floor again.

You look huge. Hand withdrawing from behind him, he smoothed both palms over Tony's stomach and almost moaned those words, arousal piquing again now that Tony felt better.

I'm still going to finish. The thought still wasn't all that pleasant, but he had his resolve and that was hard to crack.

Give yourself a minute. We have all night, and I want you to feel good about this. He didn't want Tony in a food coma once they were done, nauseous and full of regret. He wanted him to enjoy feeling this full, to stretch it out and get off on it. He might feel like he was asking too much if it hadn't happened in the past, but he was reassured that Tony was enjoying himself when he reached down to palm him through his pants and found his cock still half-hard.

Make me. And Steve was sure Tony was feeling a little better if he was ready to be cheeky.

Steve grinned slowly, mischievous look in his eyes as he reached for another doughnut with his free hand and Tony opened right up for him, moaning through the bite as Steve kept rubbing his neglected cock. Once he was chewing, Steve slipped back down between his legs and then started to tug at the legs of his pants, encouraging them down until he needed Tony to lift his ass to keep going. Of course Tony got the hint, but that was easier said than done when that sort of movement required abdominal strength, but he just ended up belching from the strain and sighing, Steve taking the opportunity to yank the pants out from underneath of him and then Tony was left in his briefs.

Eat one more and scoot forward. A task which Tony performed in reverse order, getting his ass poised on the edge of the couch and opening his legs wider before grabbing another doughnut. It still felt like work as he put it in his mouth, but then Steve was leaning in and mouthing up his cock through the confines of his underwear, the curve of his belly sitting heavy on Steve's cheek and he moaned through the bite. He chewed slowly, belly unwilling and mind distracted but he managed to swallow it down just as Steve started to bite at his inner thighs. The first sharp nip pulled a surprise noise from him, and he reached down to card his fingers through Steve's hair.

Tony knew Steve liked his thighs now that he'd packed on some pounds. This wasn't the first time they'd been given special attention and it made him feel better about the extra pudge he'd put on around them. The way Steve moaned against him as he worked, leaving small teeth marks and broken blood vessels made him squirm, panting and breathing Steve's name. The skin there was sensitive, and Steve never held back with his abuse when it came to this. He went for the plumpest parts, drawing them in between his teeth with coaxing sucks that grew stronger as Steve worked his blood up to the surface. By the time he was done, Tony was littered with small hickeys, face flushed, and his cock straining against his briefs. The biting and sucking hurt, but in a way he'd come to enjoy especially when he knew it was Steve down there between his legs.

Pressing a kiss to his belly, Steve wrapped both hands around one of Tony's thighs and then shook it appreciatively.

You're getting so thick, Tony. Steve's voice was laden with lust at this point, and he kissed his thigh one more time before reaching up to finally tug the waistband of Tony's briefs down. Ass up so Steve could pull them off completely, Tony's cock was eager to spring out and Steve didn't waste time taking the tip in between his lips.

It'd taken some practice, but Steve knew exactly what he was doing now, and he had Tony moaning with his head tipped back and eyes closed within minutes. Steve's hands were on his hips, grabbing at his sides and holding him still as he bobbed his head, letting Tony bump the back of his throat. He loved the taste of him, and how heavy he felt against his tongue, but Steve wasn't eager to rush this. When Tony let out a particularly wanton moan, Steve pulled back off with a pop and gently suckled the head for a moment before pulling off completely.

Eat, Tony. And Tony knew that if he wanted Steve to keep going, he was going to have to. He pressed another doughnut past his own lips with a groan, chewing slowly and looking down at Steve expectantly as he did so. The super soldier just gave him another slow lick, not breaking eye contact and not giving him anything more either.

One more. For the second time this evening, Tony stopped and thought that he couldn't do it. He was so full it was starting to hurt, and he closed his eyes and just focused on chewing in order to get through the one already in his mouth first.


One more. Steve said with a dark confidence, his faith in Tony backed by his own desire to see him do it and he gave him another teasing lick for motivation. When Tony just looked at him still, almost begging with his eyes for Steve to just keep going, he didn't falter.

You can do it. I know you can do it. Just one more, Tony. He reached up with one hand to pat the swell of his belly, and Tony gave in and reached for one more doughnut. He closed his eyes again as he put it in his mouth, concentrating on every chew, putting effort behind swallowing and he didn't think he was going to make it until Steve was wrapping his mouth around his cock again and everything felt amazing. He was so swollen that he'd curved his back to stick his stomach out in hopes that it would grant him more room, and he stifled a belch as his cock jerked with need against Steve's tongue. Steve had gone back to kneading into his sides, and Tony tried to lift his hips to try and get more from him but found it too difficult to move like that again. He was pinned beneath his own weight, at the mercy of Steve's mouth, slouched and stuffed and moaning shamelessly with one hand fisted into Steve's hair and the other resting on his gut like he was trying to hold it all in.

It was a completely salacious display, Steve not holding back in making wet sounds and moaning around him at the feel of Tony's belly brushing and bumping against his nose as he worked.

As a heat started to coil in his gut, Tony focused on staying relaxed to keep any additional pressure off of his belly. He squirmed, scratched his fingers absently against Steve's skull, and when orgasm finally hit him he moaned deep and long, shamelessly indulgent as he spilled himself into Steve's mouth.

Steve swallowed easily, continuing to suck because he knew how much Tony loved the overstimulation. Only once Tony's fingers started to twitch against his head and he heard his lover groan weaklysounding almost out of his headdid he finally pull back gently and then placed one last kiss to his thigh.

Tony looked completely wrecked, cheeks flushed more than before, and his belly rising and falling quickly as he struggled to catch his breath. His head was still tipped back, eyes closed, hickeys on his neck, his belly, and his thighs. He'd never looked more gorgeous, and Steve just hoped that he'd burned a few calories off with that orgasm.

Not about to push him like this though, Steve just slipped back up onto the couch and pressed a soft kiss to Tony's jaw, then started to gently nibble along his earlobe.

You should see yourself. Steve murmured, very aware of how close his mouth was to Tony's ear. Tony, you look so good. I can't keep my hands off of you. Which was something he didn't need to admit when his palms had already wandered back to Tony's belly, grabbing soft handfuls and palming over his sides.

You must be so full... Given that there were only nine doughnuts left in the box, Steve noted as he took a look. He was so turned on his own cheeks were starting to flush, but he didn't want to stop touching Tony to touch himself. ...you've already eaten forty-one doughnuts. Tony grunted softly in confirmation, opening his eyes and tilting his head just enough so that he could look at Steve.

Feed me. Tony mumbled, still looking so gone with the pleasure and the effort of it all that he almost looked drunk off of it, and Steve hesitated.

There's nine left. Feed me. I'm gonna finish them. He didn't think he could do it if he had to feed himself, but if Steve was sitting here putting them in his mouth, he might just be able to do it. There was no doubt that Steve wanted to see him polish them off, but he was doubting Tony's ability to do it without hurting himself.

You remember what to say, right? If you want me to stop, just--

Moonshine, Steve. I know. I'll say it if I have to. He adjusted himself on the couch, fairly certain at this point that his palm was going to stay glued to his own gut until they were done here, but he'd settled in and he was ready. He could do this.

Now feed me. Steve's cock twitched and he stifled a groan in his throat, sitting up a little better and then reaching for a doughnut. Once Tony knew that Steve wasn't going to keep protesting, he opened his mouth and waited, chewing and swallowing as soon as the bite was in his mouth. His stomach made a soft gurgling noise, but he just swallowed again and then opened for more.

Steve knew Tony was pushing himself to his hard limits, but he gave him another bite and marvelled at just how much he'd eaten. This box alone was 3500 calories, and he'd had that cake too. Steve wasn't sure he'd be able to do it if their positions were reversed, but Tony just opened for more again and then there were six left.

This time, he opened his mouth more slowly, eyes squeezing shut once more when another gurgle had him closing his lips to swallow again and then he re-opened. He was struggling and Steve could see that. Was he a bad person for getting off on it? It was possible, but he couldn't care about that right now. Not when he put another bite on Tony's tongue and he chewed and swallowed obediently. Tony sighed then, grunted and took a few obviously shallow breaths before he belched and groaned. It was too much, he was going to end up feeling sick, but there were only five left. Five tiny doughnuts. The more he thought about it, the sicker he started to feel, but then Steve was bumping the forty-fifth doughnut against his lips.

One more, Tony. Open up. If Tony really needed to stop, he had his safe word. Knowing that had Steve feeling more confident in pushing him with this, and he was back to slowly but firmly rubbing soothing circles into Tony's gut. After a moments hesitation, Tony opened. He chewed slowly, the glazed chocolate dough tasting bland, and he held it in his mouth for a moment before he worked up the effort it took to swallow.

Good...that's so good. Steve spoke encouragingly, like they were working through this together because they were, and he gave Tony another two minutes before he was pressing the next doughnut to his lips.

Open. And he did, realizing he hadn't managed to pick off all of the cream ones ten doughnuts ago when custard squished out into his mouth. He paused in his chewing, his gut protesting but he ignored the pain and kept on going. He swallowed it down, fingers pressing into his belly with the effort but he did it, and then relaxed with a deep breath.

At this point, Steve wasn't stopping until he was told to. Tony was clearly pressing on out of his own desire and Steve just gave him the next one.

When more cream poured out into his mouth, Tony let out a queasy groan. He stopped chewing for a moment, just let the doughnut sit as he took a few deeper breaths and Steve grew concerned again that Tony wasn't going to use his safeword even when he should, but then Tony started chewing again and still managed to swallow.

Milk. He groaned, but didn't try to sit up better even if it would have made it easier to drink. Steve passed the glass over and Tony just tipped it slowly, a few drops splashing onto his chest but he didn't concern himself with it. He paused a moment, then took another sip and his hand slid up to rest on the curve as he felt a belch coming up. It didn't end up as large as he'd hoped though, which just went to show how packed full his gut really was and his next sigh was more laboured than the last one had been.

Just three more. Think you can do it? Steve asked as he grabbed the next, and Tony just nodded regardless of what he actually thought. It didn't matter if he could or not, he was going to, and he opened his mouth again this time instead of waiting for Steve to push him.

He was thankful this time when sugary cinnamon filled his mouth instead of thick custard, but it was still work. His belly felt tender, so swollen that it was sore, and Steve's rubbing was the only thing keeping him going.

Chewed and swallowed, he only had two left. Two measly doughnut holes to eat. It was nothing, yet it felt like everything. Steve didn't stop to poke at or shake his belly, knowing how truly full Tony was now. He was rubbing as gently as he could, and Tony got another minute reprieve before the second-last bite was poised at his lips.

Two more, Tony. Open up. And he did, and he wasn't sure why he was doing anymore, just knew that he was. It was just something he had to do now, and he chewed slowly, debated spitting it out when his first attempt to swallow went nowhere, but he managed. His moan was pained, and he looked over at Steve, looking desperate and ready to burst. Steve used his non-sticky hand to brush affectionately through Tony's hair.

You look done. Steve was smiling, but still sympathetic. He didn't need Tony to tell him that it hurt, he could see that it did, and he was ready to let him off the hook even though there was just one left if he'd just ask for it.

You... He started, swallowing and taking a breath. Why was breathing hard? He felt obese when he was far from it, and he hoped that wasn't foreshadowing from the hands of the universe because he wasn't ready for that. ...can't jump me until I can move again. Staring right into Steve's face, he could see just how badly his lover wanted him. He was already wearing evidence of it, had already come because of it, and he did envy Steve's self restraint for not even undoing his pants yet but any vigorous activity right now was not going to be good news.

Of course, Steve just chuckled and very gently pat his belly.

I promise. Though the blond did lean in to kiss the side of his face again, giving Tony time to breathe without pressing him further.

I mean it, Steve. Chuckling softly again, Steve pressed soft kisses slowly up the side of Tony's jaw, listening to him breathe and swallow and paying close attention to how it seemed to get a little easier for him with every minute passed. Steve didn't want to wait until Tony wasn't struggling anymore to give him the last bite because that would be too easy, so he waited until the laboured swallowing had stopped before reaching down for the last doughnut. This time, he held it in front of Tony's lips instead of pressing it to them, waiting.

Just one more bite. Open. And Tony did, one last time. One last chocolate glaze, and he chewed with the motivation of a man who could see the finish line. Once he managed to swallow, he let out a long groan, relieved and proud and satisfied in the way that only a glutton could be after being packed full of almost more cake and doughnuts than he could handle. Almost.

...I can't believe you ate that whole box. Steve pulled back to admire Tony's tummy, rubbing with one hand and just to be an ass, he presented Tony with his sticky fingers to suck clean one last time. As long as he didn't have to eat them, Tony happily sucked Steve's skin clean of the glaze and then licked his lips. If anyone could manage to be smug in a situation like this, Tony was managing.

I can't believe you doubted me.

You looked like you were going to hurl five minutes ago. Steve shot back, as if that mattered, and Tony rolled his eyes.

I was just taking my time. Utter bullshit, which Steve was wholly prepared to call him on.

Then I guess you have enough room to finish your glass of milk?

Tony grunted, taking a deep breath as if to stall while he came up with a good reason as to why he couldn't actually do that at the moment. Though, speaking of milk, Steve dipped down to lick the spilled drops from earlier off of Tony's chest, deliberately smoothing his tongue over a nippleand he heard the soft sound that caught in Tony's throat.

Maybe you should have it...I feel bad that you only got one bite of cake. It was Steve's turn now to roll his eyes

Maybe I will. I never knew I was signing up to live with such a glutton. Steve teased, and Tony just smiled, still proud of his grand achievement. That he was basically beached on this couch wasn't something he was concerning himself with just yet.

Baby, you love it. The worst part was that Tony was right, just because Steve didn't like when he was right. He huffed, but then he was lifting Tony's hand off of his belly to make room for both of his, slowly smoothing firm and appreciative circles against every bloated inch, and he leaned in to bite Tony's ear again.

You're right. He admitted, now that he was close and his hands were back where they belonged. I do love it. And once you can move well enough to let me carry you to bed, I'm going to fuck you so deep and so good, you're going to run home tomorrow so we can do this again.

The first time Steve had ever leaned in and talked dirty into his ear, Tony had been surprised he hadn't come on the spot. Now, it just managed to make him swallow thickly one more time, not bothering to muffle the soft sound that escaped him as Steve grabbed at his sides again and made a sound of desire of his own. He didn't know how long it would take him, but patience wasn't his virtue.

...Give me ten minutes.

How long do you guys think it'll take before Tony can move? My bet's on upwards of half an hour unless Steve wants him making a fuss.

I had a lot of fun writing this one, which is obvious because it got so long.

Debating whether or not to write the smut scene to go with it as an additional chapter. What do you think?

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Title: Comfort, Food
Autor: charlottesometimes


Category: M/M
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Relationship:Bruce Banner/Loki
Additional Tags: StuffingFeeding KinkJarvis is a match maker apparentlyBelly RubsBelly worshipBelly Kinkemotional overeating

Part 1 of the Stuffing Loki series

Comfort, Food

Loki never had anyone to comfort him growing up on Asgard, so he turned to overeating as a way to sooth himself in times of stress. Now that Loki is working as an Avenger, living in the Avengers tower, Bruce has noticed how Loki disappears to his room whenever he's stressed out. Jarvis knows Loki overeats; he also knows Bruce watches stuffing porn. The AI might take advantage of this information, for Loki's and Bruce's own good.


This story is stuffing kink porn. If you're not into it, skip it.

Note: If you commented on this story previously, your comment is not gone because I deleted it. It is gone because I accidentally deleted this story and thus all the comments were deleted. I just wanted to put that out there in case people thought I was removing their comments selectively.

Work Text:

When Loki crept past the open door to the TV room where the Avengers were watching Who's Line is it Anyway? like he hoped to go unnoticed, his head down and his arms cradling a large number of plastic and paper shopping bags, it wasn't the first time that had happened.

In fact, Bruce realized, this was what Loki had done after just about every fight the Avengers had gotten into during the four months Loki had been a tentative and still distrusted member of the team: Disappeared just after the debriefing, opting out of the post-game team-bonding activities Steve insisted upon, and then reappeared some hours later to carry a large number of shopping parcels furtively to his bedroom.

Not that the secretive or antisocial nature of his post-fight routine was unusual, for him. He was living in the Avengers mansion, Tony said, but Bruce hardly saw him except for missions. He didn't come to communal meals, didn't show up for movie nights, and generally did not come out of his room unless Thor dragged him out.

And yet, Bruce liked Loki. In the time they had managed to have to interact, Loki had struck him as a smart, wry, sensitive guy, someone Bruce might be able to relate towhereas all the other Avengers were bull-headed jocks, full of confidence and bravado even if those traits made up for deficiencies in self-esteem. Tony was Bruce's closest friend on the team, but even he was a bit macho for Bruce's tastes.

As Bruce turned away from the door, a worried look on his face in spite of himself, he caught Thor looking at him from the other side of the couch they both occupied.

My brother has always been a loner, Thor said quietly, seeing Bruce's expression. I do not think it is good for him, but my attempts to engage him have not gone well in recent years.

Bruce raised his eyebrows. Are you asking me to check on Loki? he asked. He wasn't completely averse to the idea. He had, in fact, been wishing he had an excuse to go see what the Trickster was up to.

I am only saying it would do him no harm for someone on this team other than myself to show an interest in him, Thor said. And you seem to have noticed his lonely habits. Your effort would not be misplaced, should you choose to make one.

After that, Thor returned to laughing and joking with the other Avengers about the silly TV show, and Bruce found himself once again alone with his thoughts of Loki.

It took about five minutes for him to decide and, as he stood, Thor caught his eye again. Bruce nodded, once, and Thor gave him a quiet smile.

He made his way down the corridor until he was well out of hearing distance of the TV room, and asked Jarvis where Loki's room was. However the robot had been programmed, it didn't seem to believe in preserving the privacy of secretive and isolated Gods of Lies, and it told him without much trouble.

A few minutes later, Bruce was knocking on a nondescript door in a hallway several floors above the one where most of the Avengers rooms were; evidently, Loki was serious about remaining isolated0.

Bruce knocked.


Loki sighed contentedly and set the empty container of chicken korma to the side. He had mixed the jasmine rice with the savory sauce and plump chicken right in the container, shamelessly mopping the rich concoction up with nan bread as he ate, letting the fatty sauce slide across his tongue with each bite. Now the container, meant for two, was empty, and Loki's stomach was feeling warm and pleasant. He looked down and, as he suspected, saw that nothing was showing, yet. Out of habit he rubbed the flat expanse beneath his T-shirt, but he was by no means in any pain. He wasn't even full yet.

That was dinner number one. He had nineteen more in store, and then plenty of junk food and dessert on top of that. Leaning back against the wall, he surveyed the take-out feast he had procured for himself, and smiled.

This was how Loki had always found comfort when he was under stress, since he was a child. No one had ever been willing to talk to him, to hold him, when he needed it, mostly because it seemed no one else on Asgard ever needed such a thing. Even his mother, when he was young, would laugh at his fears or his anxiety, pat him on the head, and send him on his way. He had quickly learned that, if he wanted to feel better, he would have to find a way that didn't require anyone's assistance. (In this way, Loki had acquired a massive ability to put food away, which had been lifesaving on Nornheim that time fire challenged the company to an eating contest, and Loki bested it. Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three had been impressed at the ability of Loki's stomach to stretch and stretch, and he had had to pretend it was a native, unexpected ability, and not won developed through years of comfort overeating.)

When he was younger, his lonely overeating sessions had even been one of the few things that could help Loki sleep; exhausting himself with fullness and digestion would help him shut down like few other things would. It no longer had that benefit, now that he was grown and had done and seen terrible thingsnothing had that benefit, now; nothing put him to sleepbut the benefit of temporary comfort remained.

Loki decided to go for the baked ziti nextseveral pounds of creamy, tangy pasta which was one of his favorite Midgarian dishes. Actually, he had a lot of favorite Midgardian dishes, by now. In his four months as a provisional Avenger, he had found himself under stress quite a few times, and had already become known to several foodstuffs proprietors in the greater New York City area. He particularly liked Indian, Greek and Italian foodstuffs.

He shoveled the pasta down like a starving man, focused on the taste and the creamy texture, moaning shamelessly in his empty room. This was probably one of his favorite stages: When he was full but not so full that he could really feel it yet, when that fullness to come was still something to be anticipated. As he brought the fork to his mouth again and again with one hand, the other trailed absently up and down his stomach, sending little shivers through his spine. He was, as usual during these sessions, half hard inside his pants (which he would, soon enough, remove to give his gut room to breath).

Before Loki knew it, he was mopping up the last dregs of cheese and tomato sauce from the ziti tin with the last hunk of garlic bread. He sighed happily and leaned back again, glimpsing himself in the mirror he had lowered to the floor so he could see the progress of his stomach from another angle. His stomach, when he lifted his shirt, was just barelyevery so slightlybeginning to bow outward. He rubbed at it, letting his eyelids flutter a little in pleasure.

He downed a couple of Dr. Peppers before he went on. He liked how the heavier fullness of food and the fiz combined; soda pop was a definite advantage to being stuck on Midgard atoning for his crimes.

Next came the felafel-stuffed pitas, dripping with tangy tziki sauce. Loki pushed each bite down inside himself sigh a sigh of pleasure.

When they were gone, he sat back once more, adding the Styrofoam container to the growing pile of empty wrappers beside him.

His hands played absently over his no longer quite flat stomach. This was what most people would call stuffed. It was where the general population got to maybe a few times a year, at Yule and maybe a King's feast or two. This is where Loki would stop if he were at one of those public gatherings. His stomach was in the very earliest stages of stretching, creating a nice full feeling that made him settle even more lazily against the wall. He took a deep breath, reveling in how his stomach pushed out as he did so.

He chose a sausage pizza next, then hot dogs with everything bought from a street vendor, then a steak with mashed potatoes and carrots, then a gourmet hamburgerthe stuff Midgardians called American food all seemed to be rather red-meat-based, more like Asgardian fare, and Loki found it comfortingly nostalgicwashing everything down with more Dr. Pepper.

By the time that was all inside him, Loki was beginning to really feel stretched, even though he wasn't half done yet. He knew the feeling of being uncomfortably full would long precede the point where he actually needed to stop, though, so this was not alarming.

He looked down at his stomach to see that it was definitely straining against his shirt now. His stomach didn't really feel tight yet, but it was round and visible, both from above and in the mirror. He took a few moments to simply stretch backward and rub himselfwas that the beginning of pain he felt as he took a deep breath? It seemed to be. He winced and massaged the side of his little mound.

And then, just as he let out a small moan of satiation and pleasure, there was a knock at his bedroom door.


Bruce waited a moment as the small sounds of movement inside the room ceased, as if Loki had frozen at the sound of Bruce's knocking.

Finally, a voice came from behind the door, irritated but polite.

Who is it and what can I do for you?

Bruce licked his lips. Uh, he said. It's Bruce. What on earth was he going to say, exactly? I just wanted to see if you wanted to come and watch TV with us. Or something.

There was a pause. No, thank you, Loki replied eventually. I am well as I am. Please do not worry, and do not hesitate to be on your way.

Bruce winced. Maybe he should have come in with a plan of attack. No, I mean, I'm worried about you, he blurted out. Oh, god. I just mean You always lock yourself up in here, and I just don't think that's I mean, if it were me, I'd be in danger of Hulking out, if I locked myself up alone all the time. It's not good for a person. Bruce wanted very much to kick himself.

He might have heard Loki scoff, but he wasn't sure. I am quite alright, I promise you, the Trickster replied. You need not worry another moment about me. Please do feel free to return to the televised program you and the others were enjoying.

Yeah, well, I wasn't exactly enjoying it, Bruce said, leaning up against the wall beside the door and crossing his arms. Maybe I decided to come see you because I wanted a bit more intelligent conversation.

Loki paused again before answering, Well, I'm very tired, and in no state for intelligent conversation. Perhaps tomorrow. I'm very sorry.

Bruce opened his mouth to replythough he wasn't quite sure what he was going to saybut another voice interrupted him.

Mr. Banner, it came from above, so quiet it would have been a whisper had it been intoned by a human being and not an artificial intelligence, would you be so kind as to remove down the hallway a few dozen yards or so? I have an important piece of information I would like to share with you.

Bruce shut his mouth like a confused fish, then opened it again. Uh, ok, Loki, hold on a minute, I'll be right back.

He was fairly sure he heard Loki say something like No need as he took off down the hallway.

Thank you, sir, Jarvis said when Bruce had moved himself a sufficient distance away from Loki's door. Now, would you mind terribly if I asked you a rather personal question? If my line of inquiry make you uncomfortable rather than excited, I can delete all data that led me to pose these questions, sir.

Bruce found himself once again at a loss for words--rather than excited?--but after a moment he recovered. Sure, Jarvis, he said. Ask away.

Sir, are you a homosexual?

Yes, Bruce said, blinking. It turns out that I am.

And, do you sometimes use your personal computer to seek out and consume pornographic materials related to a kink called 'stuffing'?

Bruce felt himself flush and, without really meaning to, scanned up and down the hallway to be sure it was empty.

There is no one anywhere near here, sir, or I would not have brought it up, Jarvis said. Also, do not worry that I know it. I am not capable of judgmental thoughts on these sorts of things.

Well, I really wish you would get to the point, one way or another, Bruce muttered.

Of course, sir, Jarvis continued. The point is that Loki is currently stuffing himself quite silly and seems to be deriving what one might call 'sexual gratification' form the act. I thought perhaps you two would enjoy yourselves more if you indulged together, rather than separately.

Two thoughts occurred to Bruce simultaneously.

One was, quite clearly and loudly inside Bruce's mind, Oh god yes.

The other was, not quite as loudlythough this is what he said out loud, to JarvisJarvis, that's an invasion of his privacy, to tell me that.

Well, sir, judging by the spike in your heart rate when I said it, and the change in the pattern of blood flow in your body, you don't really mind my telling you.

You can't just--

I'm springing the lock on Loki's door, sir. You should be able to let yourself in any time.

Bruce laughed dryly. You really can't do this, he said.

Jarvis did not respond.


The AI remained silent.

For the record, Jarvis, Bruce went on, starting back down the hallway to Loki's door, I think I hate you.

He paused when he reached the door again, breathing quietly, and listened for any sound of Loki inside the room.

He was immediately rewarded with a low, breathy moan, followed by a soft hiccup.

Bruce's cock jumped at the sound, and the sudden fog in his head confirmed that Jarvis' words about Bruce's changing blood flow were probably accurate.

He didn't have to go in, necessarily. He could easily flee back to his own room, look up some favorite videos on YouTube, maybe see if that one guy from Xtube was available for Skyping. Or he could stand out here and listen

Loki sighed heavily on the other side of the door, and Bruce could here how labored it was. Bruce's pants were feeling fairly tight in the groin region, now, and his breath was speeding up. Was Loki really inside this room, just on the other side of this unlocked, flimsy door, stuffing himself until he couldn't breath right?

Suddenly, Bruce was absolutely overcome with the need to know whether that was true.

He opened the door.

Loki froze in the act of bringing a fork to his mouth, one hand holding a container of Chinese take-outor, rather, balancing a container of Chinese take-out on his lush, rounded belly.

He was lying back against a stack of pillows near one wall, a pile of food wrappers lying to one side and a collection of unopened take-out, desserts and junk food to the other side. What was more, two twelve-packs of Dr. Pepper sat near to Loki's hand, with seven of them already emptied and sitting in a line beside the pile of empty food containers.

All this Bruce saw at a glance. What his eyes were drawn towhat they lingered onwas the Trickster god himself.

Loki's stomach was a heavy hemisphere in his lap as he reclined against the pillows, one hand massaging one of its creamy sides. The Trickster's T-shirt had been pushed up to reveal most of the expanse of belly, whether on purpose or because it had ridden up naturally Bruce couldn't be sure. The flesh Bruce could see was pink and smooth. Loki's pants bit into the underside in a way that made Bruce wince even as his mouth watered at the larger tableau.

Loki's expression, however, was not part of what made the scene inviting. He lookedto Bruce's horrorbetrayed, eyes wide.

Then he got angry.

Norns, Bruce Banner, I told you no, I told you I was not interested in your televised programs or your bonding activities--He tried to stand up, but was impeded by his belly, and had to sort of roll sideways in order to sit up enough to push himself to a standing position. Sadly, as he did so, he pulled his shirt down to hide the beautiful gut. Now get out of here, get out, get out!

It was not one of Loki's more eloquent moments, Bruce thought distantly, but he had been caught in something of an odd position.

But then, as Loki drew closer, he stopped. Bruce stared at him, trying to parse out the Trickster's expression: It was suddenly thoughtful, curious, uncertain, no longer a mask of rage.

Where are you coming from? Loki asked tentatively. Bruce noticed with another jolt to his cock that Loki's face was flushed, though from embarrassment or from the effort of consuming so much food he could not be sure. His imagination told him it was the latter.

Uh, down the hall, Bruce replied unhelpfully. He was breathing harder now.

Are you alright? Loki asked warily.

Oh, Bruce realized: Loki had seen Bruce's arousal. Possibly also noticed his short breath, and his own flush.

Well, Bruce thought. He had opened the door, hadn't he? This could either go really, really well, or create a really, really awkward situation that neither of them could get out of.

Jarvis told me you were stuffing yourself, Bruce said. I ... He trailed off.

Wanted to save me from myself? Loki replied wryly.

Bruce shook his head. No, he said. There was no way Loki could miss the roughness in his voice. He swallowed. I wanted to help you.

Loki's eyes went wide, then narrowed. What do you mean? he asked suspiciously. Help me how?

I could feed you. If you're too stuffed to go on yourself. And I could ... Bruce stepped forward, desire absolutely obliterating common sense. He put a hand on Loki's bulging stomach, trapped as it was inside his T-shirt and jeans. He rubbed lightly across the fabric surface, swallowing hard. I like this kind of thing, he said quietly as he rubbed, carefully not looking at Loki's face, eyes fixed on his hand as it made its way in slow, soft circles around Loki's midsection. The curve of it was as intoxicating as Bruce had known it would be, but he longed to put his fingers on the hot flesh beneath the fabric.

Loki's own breath began to speed, and Bruce finally looked up into the other man's face.

And what he saw there brought him partway back to himself. Loki's expression was open, vulnerable, and thoughtful; it was unlike anything Bruce had ever seen on Loki's face.

Do you really? Loki asked in a quiet voice. Bruce nodded. You like it how? Loki went on.

I like it uh ...--

Do you want to touch me? Loki asked, his voice even quieter now.

Bruce nodded vigorously.

And for me to touch you, too?

Bruce grinned. If you want, he said. If you're up to it, I mean. I'd prefer to stuff you until you can't really move too well, honestly.

Loki's breath caught. And then? he asked.

And then I'll put my mouth on you, Bruce said, slipping one hand up and under the shirtat last, feeling that hot, smooth roundness, marred only by the cruel constraint of Loki's jeans. Loki shivered beneath his touch and tipped his head back. I'll start with your mouth, but I'll work my way down. And when I'm through lapping the cum from your cock, I'll turn you on your side. I'll be very careful of your huge, beautiful belly. I'll be sure to keep rubbing it even while I get your ass ready and, when your begging and so turned on you don't even know where you are anymore, I'll stuff you one more timeI'll stuff my cock in your ass.

Loki seemed to have been floored by this performance, his cock now just as inconvenienced by his jeans as his gut was. His knees were trembling and his eyes were most of the way closed as they looked at Bruce. His pupils were, now, so large his eyes looked black.

Deciding that Loki's state was probably consent, Bruce guided the Trickster from where he shakily stood, taking him back down to lie against the pillows where Bruce had found him. Bruce quickly stood up again to close and lock the door, then knelt beside the panting god.

Do you want me to feed you, or can you do it yourself? Bruce asked, resuming the belly massage.

Loki shifted on the pillows to make himself more comfortable, and looked up at Bruce. His pupils were still blown wide, but he looked a bit more calculating once more.

Come here, he said, crooking a finger at Bruce. Bruce leaned in.

No sooner had he moved forward than Loki seized his shirt front and pulled him into a kiss, letting his fingers drift out to slip inside the waistband of Bruce's dress pants, sliding the shirt untucked before gliding up Bruce's torso, to his nipple, brushing the sensitive nub. Bruce moaned into Loki's mouth, his own hands still moving on Loki's protruding belly.

Loki finally pulled away and sat back again, looking pleased with himself. I would like you to feed me, he said, voice much cooler than he looked.

Bruce grinned. Perfect, he said.

He looked over the remaining food itemsnoticing that, to his glee, there were more things Loki hadn't eaten yet than things he had. Are you really going to finish all this? Bruce asked in awe.

I certainly intend to, Loki replied, his own hand on his gut again, moving absently.

They started by finishing the carton of Chinese food Loki had been munching through when Bruce interrupted himsesame chickenand then moved on to a few other Chinese dishespork fried rice, two egg rolls, wanton soup, chicken and mushroom.

Loki was a good feedee. He opened his mouth wide and obedient every time Bruce brought the fork to his lush, wet mouth, chewing and swallowing swiftly before opening up for more. As they got through the Chinese, Bruce watched as Loki's gut swelled ever so slightly more as the new food slipped down in among the mounds Loki had already consumed.

When the Chinese food was done, the cartons tossed to the side with the rest of the empties, Loki sighed happily and stretchedonly only wince in pain and discomfort as he did so, curling on himself swiftly and bringing his arms to his belly.

Oh, Loki, Bruce heard himself say, moving quickly from where he had been looking over the remaining food once more to Loki's side. He pushed the Trickster's own hands away from his stomach, taking the creamy done in both of his own hands with gusto, massaging with a bit more force now. Loki continued to wince, but his pain seemed not to get worse; he took shallow breaths and allowed Bruce to sooth him.

Let's make you more comfortable, Bruce said after a few minutes, when Loki's shoulders had relaxed some and he was reclining once more.

Loki did not protest as Bruce sat him up and pulled his now-tight T-shirt over his head, exposing his hot belly to the cool room. A small sigh escaped from Loki.

Bruce sat him back again. Then, pushing Loki's expanding gut up and away from the waistband of his jeans, he nimbly popped open the button there.

The relief was immediate, if not complete, as Loki's gut poked outward even more, no longer constrained. Bruce didn't stop there, though, pulling Loki's jeans over his hips and down his legs to leave the god in nothing but his boxer briefs, his cock so hard it was, now that it was freed, tapping the underside of his round stomach.

Bruce began to massage with renewed vigor, stroking every inch of Loki's engorged stomach. It was, by now, packed full of nine full, heavy meals and seven Dr. Peppers. The food and drink was a solid weight inside Loki, making him feel sedate and calm even through the little twinges of pain and the difficulty breathing. He closed his eyes and lounged back, enjoying the firm hands on his distended stomach, each warm stroke from Bruce's hands both soothing and arousing.

Suddenly a small sound escaped Lokithe hiccups were back. They'd gone away when Bruce scared him by barging in, but they were back now.

Oh god yeah, he heard Bruce sigh as another hiccup overcame him, and Loki cracked an eye open.

You like that, too? Loki askedthough the last word was cut off by another hiccup.

I do, Bruce said, voice rougher now even than it had been before.

Well, I don't, Loki pouted. He waited to hiccup once more before going on, to avoid being cut off. Give me Dr. Pepper. I want to make them--


go away--


Bruce smiled and handed Loki a Dr. pepper.

More soda than that, Loki said.

Bruce pushed the half-full 12-pack toward the Trickster, his face intrigued.

Loki screwed one of the bottles open and, despite the twinges of pain in his gut, chugged it all off at once. He imagined he could feel his gut swelling as he did so.

Then he popped another bottle openHic!--and did the same thing again. He brought the empty bottle down from his wet lips with a shallow sigh, breathing hard. He waited.


God damn it, Loki muttered, pulling out another soda. He chugged it down.

Bruce was rubbing more firmly now, fingers kneading in what almost seemed like a deliberate fashion as the bubbles inside Loki churned. Loki waited for a minute while Bruce's knuckles worked on him, making him groan again in pleasure.

The groan was not interrupted by a hiccup. In fact, he lay back and let Bruce massage him in this new way for several minutes, floating on his fullness and Bruce's touch, and the hiccups did not reappear.

Mmm, Loki said finally. I think we can go on now.

The next half an hour was probably one of the most mystifying of Bruce's lifeand that's saying something. Loki and he went throughwith Loki lying uncomplaining beneath Bruce's touch and forkful after forkful, even as his stomach expanded visiblya container of Pad-Thai noodles, a huge, heavy burrito wrapped in tin foil, a pizzaevidently, judging by the empty pizza box to Loki's left, the second of the eveningand a take-out box full of white rice, black beans and ropa vieja.

But as Loki swallowed the last of the rich Cuban meat, red sauce running down the corner of his mouth, it was evident he was in pain. His swallows had been slowing for several meals now.

And no wonder, Bruce thought in awe. Loki's stomach was a tight little mountain perched on his otherwise thin torso, resting heavily on his thighs. It wasn't just sticking out in the front; it bowed out to each side, too, making it look like Loki had swallowed an oversized beach ball. As Bruce continued to massage it, alternating between a light touch and more pressure, he could feel just how stuffed tight it really was.

Loki's eyes were half-lidded, his head swaying as if he were having trouble keeping it up. He blinked slowly, heavily, and let it fall backward, looking at Bruce through his eye lashes as he breathed shallowly. The pain he was feeling was evident only in his slower pace and a thin line between his eyebrows.

Let's take a break, Bruce said quietly, positioning himself between Loki's legs to better rub the huge gut. Loki nodded dully.

Bruce glided his fingers on each side of the expanse of Loki's distended flesh, then moved one hand to the underside of the hemisphere of belly and the other hand to the crest. He worked his way up with both hands, finally reaching just below Loki's solar plexus, and kneading more firmly than he had yet.

After a moment of kneading and searching for the right angle, it worked: Loki opened his mouth, face still contorted in pain, and let out a mighty belch that lasted a good three seconds.

As soon as it was over, the sated, horny Trickster god clapped a hand to his mouth and smothered a giggle. Oh my, Loki said. That wasn't good manners, was it.

I don't think anything about this situation is good manners, exactly, Bruce said warmly.

Loki shook his head, smiling now. The line between his eyes was less pronounced, but still there. No, he said. It isn't.

Do you think you can go on? Bruce asked.

I don't know, Loki said, a wicked gleam appearing in his eye. I think it's time you started to persuade me.

Bruce wasn't sure what Loki meant, but Loki made this irrelevant as he pulled Bruce in by his shirt front once more, locking their mouths together and sliding one hand into Bruce's shirt againthe other hand couldn't reach across Loki's bellybefore dipping his hand lower to unfasten Bruce's trousers. Taking the hint, Bruce slipped out of his own clothes, leaving him as nearly naked as Loki was.

But it quickly became evident that, while Loki did want Bruce stripped, it was Loki's body that Loki wanted worshiped. He pulled Bruce's head down to the crook of his neck and tipped his head to expose the flesh there. Bruce obediently began to suck and nip at Loki's skin, earning him small sighs as Loki's own hands went absently to his own bloated belly.

Loki pulled Bruce's hands and mouth to a variety of spots that seemed to please Loki, and Bruce gave each one loving attention. By this time, Loki's erection was weeping, smearing precum through his boxer briefs and onto the underside of his engorged gut.

Bruce lifted his head from Loki's nipple and brought one hand to continue his ministrations there as he picked up a cake box with the other, and located a fork.

You want me to keep touching you? Bruce asked.

Loki nodded, his eyes closed and head tipped back.

Then you're going to have to open up, Bruce said. He brought a forkful of cake to Loki's moist lips, and drew his hand away from Loki's hard nipple.

Loki let out a whine from the back of his throat. But I'm so full, he said.

You're not even half done, Bruce chided. Look at all this food you have left to eat.

Too much, Loki said. I got a lot more than I usually do. Thought I could do it. I was wrong.

Well, maybe you just need something to settle your stomach, Bruce said. He put the forkful of cake down and pulled out a Dr. Pepper.

This Loki accepted without much comment, opening his mouth for Bruce to tip the dark liquid into it. He finished three more sodas without complaint.

The world was now, for Loki, a sort of blur of painful-pleasurable overfullness and longing in his flesh. He was hardly aware of anything going on around him but for the warm weight of Bruce beside him, and he strained toward that weight.

Loki realized, distantly, that he had rarelyif ever?allowed himself to be this vulnerable in his life.

Open up, now, Bruce said. Loki did. The cake was moist and wonderful, and for a moment Loki almost forgot how painfully jam-packed he already was.

When he swallowed, of course, he remembered, and let out a moan. But then Bruce's warm hands were on his painful stomach, andah!--Bruce's mouth was on his thigh, moving up, hot and wet andgone.

Open up, came Bruce's voice again.

Bruce fed Loki the whole cake like that, alternating bites with distractions, teasing the Trickster with nibbles to his most sensitive areas, flicking his tongue lightly along the shaft of Loki's cock, fondling his tightening balls. Loki's moans were low and frequent, and it was hard to say which were in pleasure and which were in pain. Both Loki's and Bruce's hands spent a great deal of time rubbing at the god's still-expanding waistline.

Bruce, for his part, was panting and nearly desperate by now. And yet he didn't want it to end, unsure as he was if he would ever get a chance for a repeat performance.

For Loki, the cake was torturebut Bruce's hand and mouth on him made it worth it.

Mostly. By the time he swallowed the last bite, Loki could hardly even take shallow breaths, and he realized there were tears in his eyes. He tried shifting his weight to make himself more comfortable, but nothing improved the tight pressure he felt through the engorged, abused organ in his abdomen.

Bruce tossed the cake box onto the pile of empty containers and sat back down beside Loki.

That's when he really went to work. He knew from experience that Loki's pain could only be taken away in one way, at this point: Pleasure had to obliterate it.

Stroking around what he now knew to be one of Loki's most sensitive areashis belly buttonhe put his mouth, finally, on Loki's throbbing cock.

It took about ten seconds for Loki to let out a moan that was undoubtedly one of pleasure. He tried to press up into Bruce's mouth, but the weight of his engorged belly kept it from doing very much. Bruce brought his own mouth down more fully in response, taking the cock into his throat, feeling it fill him. His eyes fluttered closed at the sensationit had been too long since Bruce felt it.

Loki's form grew slick with sweat beneath Bruce's roving hands as he continued to slide his mouth up and down Loki's cock. The god was trying to move from the pleasure of it, but mostly managed to shake, moan and breath hardhis breathing seemed to be coming easier now that the pleasure had made him forget the pain.

When Bruce sensed that Loki was close, he took his mouth from Loki's cock just long enough to wet three fingers. He put his mouth back down, going a big more slowly, and began to massage Loki's ass, slowly and shallowly at first. It relaxed a little, inviting him in, and he pushed inside.

By the time Loki camehis cock exploding as he tipped his head back, whole body shaking, gut quivering with the force of ithis hole was large enough for four fingers.

Bruce came up from his position between Loki's legs and looked the Trickster over.

Loki was utterly wrecked. His eyes were hooded with pleasure and satiation, his huge stomach mounding a truly heroic distance into the air and hanging over the sides of his torso. He was absently stroking at one side of the creamy blimp he had once called a stomach, shivering slightly at his own touch and smiling in a blissed-out way through his labored breaths. His cock was spent, but if the flush creeping up his neck was any indication, he was looking forward to the last thing Bruce had promised him as much as Bruce was.

Come on, Bruce, he said throatily You did this. You made me like this. Now fuck me. Fuck me properly.

That was it, for Bruce. Moving as quickly as he could possibly move without sacrificing gentlenesshe had promised the gentleness, too, after allhe got his arms under Loki's bloated torso and, holding the belly with one hand to keep it from sloshing too much, rolled the Trickster onto his side.

Loki's hand massaged the exposed side of his huge stomach. Mmm, he said. That feels nice.

Bruce felt himself grinning as he ran a hand up and down the length of Loki's bodyand realize that he was, unexpectedly, admiring the whole of the Trickster, not just the gut. He imagined it wouldn't be difficult to be completely horny with a naked Loki who hadn't overeaten at all.

Bruce pushed four fingers into the sighing god's ass to make sure it was still looseit wasand then located the lubricated condom he kept against tall odds inside his wallet. Then he laid down beside Loki, bracing himself with one arm on the ground and the other on the firm, solid expanse of Loki's middle, grasping it to anchor himself (it held up well for this usage), and slipped himself inside Loki's warm hole.

Loki gasped a little at Bruce's first thrust. Bruce was gone by then, though. It was all he could do to keep his movements gentle as he thrust himself again and again into the Trickster, the hand on Loki's gut serving the duel purpose of keeping Bruce in place behind him and driving Bruce absolutely wild with its huge roundness.

Loki was a little better able to move with Bruce now that he wasn't literally trapped beneath his own massive stomach, and he eagerly thrust back into Bruce as Bruce moved. The eagerness nearly sent Bruce over the edge, but he managed to hang on a while longer; miraculously, he could see Loki's own cock hard again, bouncing and leaking as Bruce fucked Loki's willing ass.

In a desperate attempt to send Loki over the edge once more, Bruce began pressing firmly into Loki's overextended gut, drawing moans from the Trickster.

After a few minutes, it workedLoki's cock shot cum all over the rug, Loki's thighs, and Loki's belly.

Bruce came second after that, finally releasing himself with a groan, his body going stiff as his cock spent itself, black spots crawling into the edges of his vision with the force of it.

When Bruce knew what was going on around him again, he was lying on the floor behind Loki, one hand on the god's hip. He pushed himself up and moved around the beached Trickster to sit in front of him.

Loki's face was serene, a heavy-lidded smile replacing his usual considering frown.

Now, with the haze of desire dispelled (mostly), Bruce suddenly felt rather awkwardand not least because he feared that Loki would now feel exposed and silly with his huge stomach.

So how was that? Bruce asked, hoping those were the right words. (The right words for what? He wondered.)

That was fantastic, Bruce Banner, Loki replied quietly. And even if you decide you regret this, if you decide never to look at me in the eye again because of this, I will still remember it fondly.

Bruce frowned. Why would I regret it? he asked.

Loki looked away. It is a bit odd, he said.

Bruce snorted. I've dreamed of scenes like this since I was a teenager, he said. I'm not about to regret anything.

Me neither, Loki mumbled. I, too, have often wished someone else were here when I did this.

Bruce was seized with the sudden desire to lie down on his side, facing Loki, and did so. He almost sat right back up, feeling that the pose was a bit intimate, but something in the Trickster's expression made him stay where he was. Good, he said quietly. Then no one regrets anything.

Loki stared at him, apparently at a loss for words. Considering he was currently neither in any apparent pain nor floored with pleasure, that might've been a first.

What, then, are you still doing here, exactly? he asked after a few moments of staring. We are finished, I believe.

But something about the last few hour's intimacy allowed Bruce to see through that. He smiled, realizing that a strange warmth in his chest was blooming, and that it had something to do with his sudden desire to make Loki smile. I'm not about to leave you in this state, he said. What if your stomach gets painful again? Who will rub it?

Loki sniffed. I suppose it is your duty to tend to me, since you did insist upon that whole cake there at the end, he said.

Bruce smiled, and began to rub Loki's belly once more. I suppose it is, he said.

Loki relaxed again, closing his eyes. His expression went soft. Thank you, he said quietly.

It's my pleasure, Bruce replied, just as quietly. He hesitated, then went on. He was really going out on a limb, but something told him it was what he wanted to say. Maybe we could also try spending some time together that doesn't involve stuffing or sex, some time.

Loki's eyes snapped open, but he didn't glare, or speak harshly. He stared. Do you mean that? he asked in a small voice.

Bruce nodded. I'd always wanted to get to know you better, but I didn't know how to ask, Bruce said. Then he laughed. I guess this was as good a way as any.

And you still want to? Loki asked, eyes wide.

Bruce nodded.

If Bruce was being honest with himself, he would say Loki looked a little misty-eyed, at that.

Hey, what do you say we get you into bed, and see if we can't get some sleep? Bruce asked. You'll feel better after if you've slept.

Loki smiled and nodded.

Bruce had to help Loki into bed, it being all Loki could really do to hold his gut up to keep it from sloshing too painfully as he tottered across the room. He collapsed backward, shifting his weight to the most comfortable position he could find.

Bruce turned the light off and laid beside him, once again rubbing that huge, wonderful gut. Loki sighed happily once more, and settled back into the pillows.

Good night, Loki, Bruce said quietly after a while.

But Loki was already asleep, breath even and deep.

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30 Days of Stuffing With Tomki

Adapted for the Marvel fandom from 30 Days of Fatlock, a series of prompts proposed by fatlock & bumbumshaky on Tumblr. Tags will be updated as I go.
I swapped this idea from Aris_Silverfin. I loved their 30 Days of Fatlock series, and I'm not even in that fandom.

Over the course of 30 prompts, Tom & Loki meet, fall in love, fight, get pregnant, get married, and have sexy times all while weight gain and stuffing kinks abound.


Prompt list below:
Day 1: What's your fave Marvel pairing to fatten up?
Day 2: Who likes to fatten whom up?
Day 3: Mutual gaining?
Day 4: Measurement and weigh in.
Day 5: Tummy kisses.
Day 6: A fight (made up with sexy times and/or food)
Day 7: What about babies?
Day 8: How did the weight gain happen? (Suggested by one partner, by accident, pregnancy, etc.?)
Day 9: New set of clothes.
Day 10: A day of stuffing.
Day 11: Favourite food/s to stuff with?
Day 12: Trying on old clothes.
Day 13: Going out for the day.
Day 14: (Cute) nicknames for the gainer?
Day 15: FREE
Day 16: Keeping a picture diary.
Day 17: Meeting old friends/family.
Day 18: Popping a button.
Day 19: Unintentional gain?
Day 20: Highest amount of weight gain for a pairing?
Day 21: Waddle-comments.
Day 22: Christmas dinner.
Day 23: Honeymoon.
Day 24: Love goes through the stomach.
Day 25: AU!
Day 26: Birthday present.
Day 27: All-you-can-eat.
Day 28: Holidays.
Day 29: Tummy rubs.
Day 30: Sexy times.

Chapter 1: What is Your Favorite Marvel Pairing to Fatten Up?

Tom and Loki meet. When the god returns, things have changed.


Just a bit of fluff with a touch of romance.

Chapter Text

Not entirely surprised to find the trickster god in his bedroom that evening, Tom regards Loki coolly. "You've been watching me, haven't you?" he asked, voice casual and smooth as silk.

Loki sauntered around the mortal's bedroom and made sure to make his feelings on several things known before speaking. He stroked an elegant finger along the dresser inspecting it for dust. He tugged the corner of the bedspread to smooth out an indiscernible wrinkle. He flicked his wrist and, to Tom's horror, his prized The Mighty Thor T-shirt was in Loki's hand, holes being blazed into The God of Thunder's eyes. The God of Mischief tossed the shirt into the trash can with a soft chuckle.

"Are you done?" Tom asked, an edge of annoyance to his voice.

"Quite," Loki replied, hoisting himself up on to the dresser and gazing at Tom curiously with crystal clear blue eyes.

"Are you going to answer my first question?" he asked, almost demanding. It wasn't something Loki was used to.

"Since I learned of your casting as me in those ridiculous moving picture filmy thingies,"

Now it was Tom's turn to chuckle. "Movies," he corrected gently.

"Movies," Loki grumbled.

"Yes. So tell me...how can I improve my performance? Make myself more convincing as you?"

"Well, first off, stop apologizing. Gods apologize for nothing..." he began.

They stayed up talking well into the early morning hours, both enjoying the company of the other much more than they'd have imagined. And so it became that Tom and Loki had grown very close in the years that had followed their initial meeting.


"My god, Lo! What happened to you?" Tom asked as Loki appeared in his living room. "I don't hear from you for months, and you just show up looking like shit? Not cool,"

The god looked himself up and down, hands ghosting over his skeletal frame, eyes sunken, hair matted. "I escaped Asgard. Afraid I'm in a bit of a mess. Can I stay here, Thomas? At least until things blow over," he added hastily.

The Midgardian crossed to Loki and pulled him into a hug. "Of course,"

"Thank you," the god cooed, brushing his lips softly, tentatively, over the human's. Tom kissed back and, surer of himself, Loki deepened the kiss.

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Practice Thanksgiving

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Category: M/M

Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies)Tom Hiddleston - FandomThor (Movies)

Relationship: Tom Hiddleston/Loki

Characters: Tom HiddlestonLoki (Marvel)Stuffed!Loki - Character

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"So what exactly is this ridiculous Midgardian tradition again? 'Tanksgiving'?" Loki asked from his perch on the kitchen counter, eyes narrowed suspiciously.
"'Thanksgiving'," Tom corrected as he basted the turkey.
"So what is it?" the god questioned again, swinging his feet like a child.
"Didn't you watch that Peanuts special I gave you?" asked Tom, slightly annoyed.
"Ahhh, yes. 'It's Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown.' Ridiculous," Loki muttered, reluctantly sliding off the counter and off to the living room to watch the cartoon, grumbling the entire way.

He must've fallen asleep because the next thing he knew, he awoke to the most wonderful smells filling the house. He decided to go investigate. "You're just in time," Tom said brightly.
"Time? Time for what?" replied Loki, sniffing.
"Dinner," Tom answered, gesturing to the kitchen table, laden with all the traditional fare: stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberry sauce, apple, pecan, and pumpkin pies and, of course, the turkey. "I hope you're hungry,"
"Ravenous," Loki grinned eagerly, taking a seat while Tom just smiled, content to watch his mischievous partner.
Loki ate with gusto, tearing off great chunks of the turkey and eating it with his bare hands. "Loki, you're not meant to eat the entire feast, I don't want you to get sick," Tom said, concerned. Loki dismissed Tom's warning with a wave of his hand and finished the whole of the 12 pound bird, leaned back a bit in his chair and burped.
"Are you alright?" Tom chuckled.
"Why wouldn't I be?" came Loki's irritated response.
Tom crossed to the table and kneeled in front of him, placing a large hand on Loki's already swollen belly. "You just ate a turkey meant for at least six people in less than thirty minutes,"
"So-" *hic* "what?" Loki retorted, sticking his tongue out.
"So...if you need your big belly rubbed, let me know, you greedy thing," he replied, pressing his lips to Loki's. His concern was met with another burp from Loki into Tom's mouth. He just rolled his eyes and took a seat across the table from his lover.
"Thomas, I am perfectly capable of eating all of this...feast...and will do so if I see fit. After all, I am a god, you-"
"So help me, Loki, if you call me a dull creature, I'll punch you in your stuffed gut,"
"I was going to call you a dear creature," Loki replied cooly. "Besides," he continued through a mouthful of mashed potatoes, "I do NOT have a big belly," he pouted.
Tom simply raised an eyebrow to indicate the distended organ, stretched and poking out of Loki's t-shirt already. Loki tugged at the shirt, trying in vain to pull it down over the swell of his protruding abdomen, continuing to eat, making his way through both the sweet and mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, gravy, corn, green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce before laying his fork down and squirming uncomfortably, desperately rubbing his bloated belly in search of relief. "*burp* Ooof, Tom. *hic* Help!" he whined.
"What can I do?" Tom cooed soothingly, brushing Loki's sweat-dampened hair from his eyes. He looked at the god's distended gut, clearly visible now that his shirt had ridden up over the swell, and stroked it gently. He quickly undid the button of Loki's jeans and the engorged organ strained the zipper down on its own, Loki whimpering with relief. "Better?"
Loki opened up his mouth to answer and a huge belch escaped his lips. "Unf," he grunted weakly, eyes closed. "*hic* Rub my belly. Make it better *burp*," he pleaded, voice hazy with pain, breathing shallow and labored.
"Do you want to stop? I can take you to bed," Tom offered.
"Can't," came Loki's stubborn response. "Need to have des-*hic*sert first,"
"Loki," Tom began, feeling Loki's belly. It was solid, not a bit of give left to it, and the skin covering it was pink in comparison to the creamy flesh surrounding it. Curious, he put both hands under it to test its weight and let it fall heavily to Loki's thighs. The god hiccuped and burped again, squealing as his gorge sloshed around inside him, wrapping his arms protectively around his swollen middle.
"You're supposed to be making me feel better," he weakly accused.
"I know, I'm sorry. C'mon, Lo...please. Let me help you,"
Loki shook his head as he continued to cradle his aching belly, refusing to let Tom see the tears in his eyes. He felt betrayed at the abuse his human inflected on his tender gut, the act hurting almost as much as his swollen abdomen. Tom sighed and rubbed Loki's back, trying to soothe him. Loki hiccuped again and groaned painfully, rubbing at the side of his stomach. Tom took Loki's hand off his side and firmly dug the heel of his own hand into the spot where the god had been rubbing. Loki's eyes snapped open at the sudden pressure and he inhaled sharply. "Ow!" he yelped loudly before letting out another long burp.
"There's my boy. Better?" Tom asked affectionately.
"Yes," Loki reluctantly admitted. He surveyed what was left on the table with as heavy a sigh as he could manage: three measly pies. Damn his insatiable sweet tooth. "Feed me?"
"Loki, you've had enough," Tom protested.
"Please?" Loki begged.
Tom grumbled something about Loki being as big as a Thanksgiving turkey himself, but reluctantly agreed. He slowly fed his gluttonous god every last forkful of the three pies, stopping every few mouthfuls to rub Loki's still swelling belly. Once he finished the last bite, Loki collapsed in the chair, panting and sweating, struggling to breathe.
Tom kneeled before him again and began to rub Loki's tummy in earnest. It was hot and stretched to the point that it hurt Tom to look at. The carbs and tryptophan took over and Loki slipped into a food coma, softly hiccuping and burping in his sleep occasionally as Tom kneaded his greedy boyfriend's heavy belly, dipping his head to give a kiss to the crest of the swell. He quietly got another chair to put Loki's feet up so he wouldn't be quite so uncomfortable but Loki stirred and opened his eyes. "I'm sorry, love, I didn't mean to wake you but since you're up, you wanna go to bed?" Tom asked.
"Can't. Too full," came Loki's sleepy reply.
"At least move to the couch," he insisted.
Loki glared at Tom and heaved himself forward, using his packed belly to hurtle himself forward. Once fully standing, he stretched, pushing his belly out even further. His boxer briefs left an angry red line under his engorged stomach and Tom helped him step out of them. As much as he'd love to fuck Loki right then, he knew it wasn't the time; he was in far too much pain, his belly jiggling with each painful hiccup. He'd just have to settle for spooning him on the sleeper sofa and cradling his distended gut. He could live with that. Loki moved his hands to the small of his back like a heavily pregnant woman in her ninth month and waddled into the living room, keeping his balance remarkably considering his center of gravity had been so skewed by the huge meal he'd just had. He stood there patiently hugging his stuffed belly while Tom put fresh linens on the pullout, then allowed himself to be gently lowered to the bed. He rolled to his side, his stomach feeling fuller than ever, and Tom snuggled in behind him, cradling Loki's churning middle, gently rubbing slow circles around his belly button, once an innie, now an outie with the feast that was now digesting inside him. "So," Tom whispered.
"Was it good? Can I serve it?"
Loki burped in reply as Tom's rubbing hands continued to soothe his throbbing belly, and promptly drifted off to sleep.

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[fic] In which Loki picks a fight with the Warriors Three
Title: In which Loki picks a fight with the Warriors Three

Author: kiyala
Fandom: Thor
Pairings: Thor/Loki
Rating: R
Warning: contains bullying, humiliation, dub-con and watersports
Notes: Written for kink bingo, kink: watersports

I have never written anything like this before and it is so far out of my comfort zone, I have no idea if I even did it right.


Loki hates his brothers friends. He hates their stupidity, the way they value nothing more than fighting, drinking, eating and boasting. He hates the way they act without thought, and he hates the way they tease him.

Fandral and Volstagg have dragged Thor and Loki into one of the dens and have placed a keg of ale before them.

Today, you are both going to learn to drink like men, Fandral says with a grin. The princes of Asgard are still in their teens, and it seems that the Warriors Three have taken it upon themselves to broaden their horizons. Loki is not interested.

Ale dulls the senses, he points out, making sure he sounds as bored as he can possibly manage. I have no interest in drinking, so if you will excuse me

Oh, of course. You dont need to concern yourself with acting manly, Volstagg replies with a smirk. You are the one who hides in trickery and runs from fights. No, its probably best that you leave the men to their drinks. Off you go, little princess.

The three of them laugh and, Loki notices with irritation that Thor does too, even if he quickly makes an effort to stifle it.

My friends, leave him be. If my brother doesnt wish to drink with us, then he doesnt need to. More ale for the rest of us, dont you agree?

Oh, yes, Loki says bitterly, getting to his feet. I do hope you enjoy all of that ale.

He waves a hand towards the keg and gives all four men a cold look before turning to leave.

Hey! Fandral cries, opening it. Hes turned it to water!

Hes used his little magic tricks! Volstagg looks up at Loki with a frown. You fool, that was the best ale we could find!

I suppose youll have to search harder, next time, Loki retorts.

Ill get some more, Thor announces, standing. He looks at Loki, placing a hand on his shoulder. Please, they only meant well. Youll apologise to them, wont you?

Thor jogs out of the door before he can hear Lokis answering laugh.

You heard your brother, Volstagg says, his large form blocking the door, arms folded across his expansive chest. You arent leaving here without giving us an apology.

Loki mimics Volstaggs pose, arms folded across his own chest. Then I suppose Ill be staying here.

Wait a minute, Hogun speaks up, giving Loki a long, considering look. His lips curve into a smile that sets Loki on edge. I have an idea.

By the time Thor returns with a large barrel in one hand, Loki has decided that he really hates his brothers friends.

Come on, little sorcerer, drink it all up, Fandral laughs. Volstagg is holding Loki still and Hogun is holding Lokis nose shut, forcing him to drink.

Stop it, Loki gasps, his face and the front of his clothes wet from the water they are forcing him to drink. Enough.

Theres still some left in the keg, Fandral says, shaking it and holding it up to force Loki to drink more.

What are you doing? Thor speaks up, and the three of them let go of Loki immediately. He falls to the floor, coughing and sputtering, wiping angrily at his mouth.

Ah, Thor, we were just Volstagg begins, trailing off as he meets Thors angry eyes.

We were teaching him a lesson, Hogun answers.

Thor looks at Loki, who is standing with a hand resting on his stomach, bloated with water.

Out of my way, Loki mutters, pushing past Fandral and walking out of the door.

Leave him, Thor says, when Volstagg takes a step forward to restrain Loki. Putting the barrel of ale down, he turns to follow his brother.

Loki is interested in one thing at the moment, and that is to find a bathroom. When Thor grabs his arm, he hisses angrily, batting at him.

I dont need you to rescue me, he spits, struggling against his brothers superior strength as he is dragged into Thors room.

I never said anything about rescuing you, Thor replies, kicking the door shut and pressing Loki to the wall of his chambers. What you did to that ale was unnecessary, and Im sure I told you to apologise.

I would never apologise to your friends, Loki hisses. Arrogant swine, all of them. I have no interest in associating with them

Brother, remember that you are talking about my friends, Thor says, emphasising his last word by pressing his palm to Lokis stomach.

Loki makes a sound of discomfort, trying to press himself against the wall even more to escape Thors touch. He grips Thors wrist firmly. Do not do that. Not right now.

Whats the matter, Loki? Thor murmurs, his lips against Lokis neck, pressing feather light kisses along his brothers jaw, I thought you liked it when I touched you.

Not now, you imbecile, Loki gasps as Thors hand palms his cock through his clothes. Right now, I must

I know, Thor smiles. Its frustrating, isnt it? Having one thing planned, but then having someone else ruin that and get in your way?

If youre angry about the ale

Not just the ale today, Loki, but every single time you dont like what were doing. I know you dislike my friends, but youre always with us anyway. If you arent having fun, theres no need to ruin ours. I dont understand

You dont understand anything, Loki snaps bitterly. His hands are on Thors wrists, torn between helping him undo Lokis pants, or just pushing him away. You idiot, you big, stupid

Thor silences him with a kiss, pushing Lokis pants out of the way so he can wrap a hand around Lokis cock. Its already half hard, and Loki hisses as it is stroked.

You arent helping, Lokis voice trembles slightly. His eyes are wet and his teeth are clenched, his entire body tense as he struggles to control himself. Younghyoure making this so much worse. Please, Thor. Please, please

Do you want me to let you go? Thors hand stills, and that just feels worse.

No. No, just Loki squeezes his eyes shut, not caring that he feels a tear escape from the corner of his left eye. He doesnt know what he wants, because his mind is a mess and his body just needs release, one way or another.

You should see yourself, Thor says, sounding so reverent that Loki thinks that perhaps he can forgive his brother. In a few weeks. Thor thumbs at Lokis slit, and Lokis head makes a loud sound as it bangs against the wall.

Thor, he cries, hands balled into fists, nails digging into his palms as he lets go. He keeps his eyes shut as he wets himself, wets Thor, tears of humiliation running down his cheeks. His cock twitches, still hard despite the humiliation (or perhaps because of it, his mind supplies) and hes unsure who he addresses when he whispers, I hate you.

Thor, when Loki finally opens his eyes again, has the good grace to look apologetic. He touches Lokis shoulder gently, waiting to make sure he wont be shrugged off before pulling Loki away from the wall. They ignore the mess on the floor and Thor places a hand on Lokis back, leading him to the royal bathroom that they share.

Ill bathe with you, he offers quietly, watching Loki hopefully.

Loki snorts, shaking his head as he disrobes, pulling drenched cloth away from his skin and looking over his shoulder at Thor. Youll need to do far more than that this time. But its a start.

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