Bad Romance - Chapter 10

TITLE: Bad Romance

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Ch. 10- Loki, spicy chicken and salt and pepper!

AUTHOR: Lokis Anon

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Loki, before Thor

GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Erotica

FIC SUMMARY:Marly, a Midgardian brought to Asgard as a child after events unknown to her happened on Earth, has a crush on Loki since she can remember.

RATING:M-Mature, in some chapters

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Language for this chapter, thats really all. Hope you like:)


Bad Romance

Ch. 10- Loki, spicy chicken and salt and pepper!

Marlys POV

Can I ask you something? I was really confused about what exactly me and Loki where, I still, mind you, couldnt understand why he was with me, spending all this time here and asking me to kiss him and shit like that, not to mention last night and the night in the cave thing! I didnt understand why he, a prince, would want to even talk to a loser nobody like me. I know, thats harsh, but thats what I really am, a nobody, plus Im not the best looking maybe we were just friends? Even being friends was odd though you know?

What? he asked simply, flipping the menu over, his eyes scanning the food choices, omg he was so cute! I almost forgot what I was saying, like usual with Loki.

What are we me and you like I read something the other day, about mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and salt and pepper. It said that mayo, ketchup and mustard are just friends, because they are three you know? Like they cant like each other because of that, so they are just friends. And one would feel left out and alone if two of them got together but salt and pepper are like.. you know. In love. They are always together and no other spice comes between them, theyre a perfect match and they love each other. I know, that was stupid, I dont know why I even said that in front of him. Trust me, as soon as I said it, I regretted it!

What? he laughed and looked up at me, What kind of books are you reading?

. Never mind Ugh! Please you guys, kill me now! Why did I even say that?! Ugh!

But he leaned in close to me across the table, a smirk played on his perfect rosy little lips and his eyes looked directly into mine, I instantly felt uncomfortable I looked everywhere but his perfect fucking face. Bloody hell, save me from this, Im melting!

Do you really think friends pleasure each other like I did you? Do you really think friends kiss like me and you? Tell me Marly, do you really think we are just friends?

T-t-then we are best friends? Okay, I know that was stupid too, but just be quiet, Im stupid, I know!

His eyes narrowed and he looked at me more intensely, making me shift in my seat uncomfortably.

Have you ever had a man?

W-w-what?! I was shocked, I didnt see that coming! Oh snap

I can see you havent. I already know you havent been with a man intimately, but you havent even had a boyfriend? his eyebrows shot up, I could tell he was surprised, and I felt embarrassed. I couldnt hide the sadness, because no, Ive never had anyone come around and even pretend to like me, I always hoped for someone (eeheemm Loki maybe?!), but I was ugly and not even from this realm, I guess I could understand why no one had ever shown interest. He looked at me a second before sitting back against his chair and crossing his arms across his chest.

I like this, I like that you are, and will always be, mine and only mine. He grinned but I didnt say anything. His? What did that make us then?

Then the waitress came, and boy was she all over him, she didnt even look at me but to see who Loki was with. Yeah, I was used to people looking at me like that, I knew her too, she was a bitch that I went to school with. She and her hot friends teased me like they got paid for it.

Prince what can I get you, Ill get you anything she smiled and batted her eyelashes at him. Loki looked at her, up and down, checking her out probably. Yeah, I instantly felt jealous for no reason, he wasnt anything to me you know, he hadnt even answered my question about what me and him where! But I felt jealous none the less

What should I get, Ive never been here before he smiled at her. Wow, he knew how to make me feel like crap, I hated him.

Hmmm, your servant would have a good idea, shes been here many times Prince. I dont eat here, I watch my figure. She smiled. There she goes, thats the bitch I remember, treating me like shit and making fun of me and my body. But it was like a gazillion times more embarrassing in front of Loki.

What should I have? he asked, looking over at me. I couldnt believe it, a little part of me had expected him to say, no shes not my servant, shes my girlfriend or friend or best friend, but I knew how stupid that was. I felt like crying, it was like he was joining her in making fun of me what do I do?! I looked down at the table, not being able to say anything, I didnt want them to see me upset, but I could feel the fucking tears coming. He asked again and I finally picked something from the menu, I just pointed at it without looking and he looked, then told the bitch he would have that.

And what for you? he asked me and I told her I would have the same thing. She talked a little to him and then left to do something, probably fix her hair for him or something. Loki noticed, he wasnt stupid of course, that I was upset.

Dont tell me, are you angry about something? He laughed, What is it?

No, nothing I mumbled and took a drink of water, chocking on it. Loki stood and walked over to me, patting my back gently to help me but I moved away from him. I was angry, he had no idea how much it hurt me. Call me a drama queen, but I hated that girl, and it hurt to know that he only considered me a servant

He was surprised when I moved away from him, but he only stood and walked back to his seat, the smile on his face gone, he looked mad. We were quiet until our food came. Then I noticed it, opps again! Story of my life.

Prince, dont eat that, the meat is very spicy and you will get sick. I had to warn him, it was my fault. Great, I had to pick the spiciest one for him!

You dont think I can handle it? You will see he said, picking the chicken up and took a bite. After a few chews, his face began to turn red, suits him right! I didnt even try to stop him, and I didnt even eat my food, I had lost my appetite. He kept eating, probably to show me up but whatever, I just wanted to go home and cry.

But it wasnt over, bitch came back for round two of humiliation, and this was bad, REALLY BAD!

Prince, did Marly tell you about her little crush on you? Heavens, its kind of cute actually, everyone knew about it since she could never hide it, Isabel told us about her obsession too! When she was little, Ana called her Mrs. Odinson secretly and she always wore green, like the green you wear Prince! she laughed and sat down in the empty chair, what was worse? Loki looked at me and laughed too, after taking a drink of water, his face wasnt red from the spice anymore. People, he laughed at me you can imagine how the insecure me felt, he laughed at me!

She must be happy to be your servant now. Poor Marly, everyone knew that was impossible, liking a Prince of Asgard and being a mortal. Marly, did you ever get that little stuffed prince Loki you wanted? Oh right! You didnt have money to play the game, how sad! she pouted and laughed, Isabel told us about it, that when you began to work you went to play but you never could get one she laughed, placing a hand on Lokis shoulder, he was still laughing at what she was saying, but looked at her hand like thinking bitch, get your paws off me! Or I hoped thats what he thought, he probably wasnt used to people just touching him, or maybe he liked her touching him, idk..

That was all I could take too, I stood and ran out of the restaurant as fast as I could, then the tears came, I cried so hard I couldnt see in front of me, only a few people turned and looked at me, thankfully no one I knew well. Of course I tripped, but before I could hit the floor someone caught me and turned me around, it was Loki, oh hell I couldnt get away from him! It was night and I had ran far enough that the street was almost empty.

Where are you going Mrs. Odinson? he asked, and I began to struggle against his hold, I was a crying mess and I wanted to just go die! When he didnt let me go I stopped and gave up, it was impossible to keep struggling against him so I cried there in front of him, how pathetic I know

He watched as I cried louder and louder, my whole body shook from my cries and I just wanted him to leave, go! Go laugh with bitch at the restaurant! His face showed no emotion as he just stood there, not even trying to stop me from crying. Finally after like forever when my crying turned into just sobbing he spoke.

Why are you so upset over what the waitress said? he questioned me, like he didnt even know! My god! Would you not have cried? Imagine that! I just shrugged, I didnt want to talk to him. Slowly he let go of my wrists and cupped my ugly wet face in his gorgeous big hands.

It was just a bit of fun, I did not intend to make you this upset by laughing too. He whispered, and I sniffed, ugh I wanted the ground to swallow me up!

Im sorry for upsetting you, about your feelings towards

Please, I dont want to talk about that I begged him, starting to cry again.

Shhh, dont cry. Why dont you just tell me? he whispered, wiping my tears with his thumbs.

Please I mumbled again.

He sighed, rolling his eyes, How am I to tell you how I feel if you wont? Why cant you just say it?

Because, look at me, I-I-Imugly. You heard what she said, that it would never happen and everyone knew that and everyone laughed at me and everyone made jokes about my feelings, its embarrassing to admit it. Please I started to cry again.

Just say it, I want to hear it from you he said, his voice was stronger, it was a command.

I hesitated and tried to look away but his hold on my face tightened, preventing me from looking away so I sucked it up and said it.

I like you Loki I closed my eyes, never had I felt so embarrassed, mortified, scared, humiliated and everything else horrible in my whole life, I felt like I was going to fucking pass out.

He grinned and moved one of his hands to my lower back, pulling me to him, Marly, I like you too. Now I can answer your question from before, you can say that me and you are like salt and pepper, you are my girl and I am your man he leaned down and kissed my forehead slowly, then tilted my face up and kissed my lips. It was cold but his lips were so warm and tasty, all of him warmed me up completely, his words made my heart flutter and swell, was it true? Instantly I felt like a million bucks! Pinch me! Someone fucking pinch me!

Salt and pepper, me and Loki are like salt and pepper! Wait, thats weird haha! But I was so happy! Then his stomach grumbled, really REALLY loud.

Oh right! The spicy chicken

He pulled away from me, which he had never done before, you know that it was usually me who pulled away and stopped him, he was holding his stomach, his face was pulled into a painful grimace.

What in the 9 realms did you make me eat? he winced and looked back to me as his stomach growled again.

I didnt make you eat anythingI told you not to I knew this would happen, thats why I warned him!

He whined, slouching over, placing one hand on his knee while the other still rubbed his stomach, They have poisoned me! he said suddenly.

No! No! That happens with that chicken, you just need a bathroom I said and when he looked at me I looked away fidgeting with my fingers, feeling guilty.

He moaned, standing up straight and nodding, his forehead was sweaty already, I think you are right, take me there, now!

I nodded and ran off, but then I realized he wasnt with me, so I looked back and he was standing back there, holding his stomach, looking all mad, oh right, I forgot! I ran back to him quickly and slowly and hesitantly reached out for his hand, once I put my hand in his he held it firmly and I began to take him to the nearest bathroom, he moaned and complained the whole time, blaming me and telling me I would pay for doing this to him. I didnt argue he was right, I had ordered the food, ugh! Im so fucking stupid!

Finally we made it there and Loki looked at the bathrooms with disgust, yeah they looked kinda rough and nasty, not to mention they smelled so bad they could knock out the whole freaking Earth!

Do you really think Im going to go in there?! he said angry.

Its the closest one! Its that or wait until you get to the palace or my house I mumbled and he groaned angrily. I always managed to make him mad, great

But then his stomach growled again and he took the bottom of his shirt, placing it over his nose and opening the door, hesitating and looking at me annoyed before finally stepping in and closing the door. I sat outside and waited, for like ever too, poor Loki! I felt bed, I really felt bad! Then he finally came out, looking horrible, horribly beautiful.

You he stopped, he moaned and stepped back into the bathroom and closed the door quickly.

Oh, now I really felt bad! I wait a whole lifetime before he came back out, still holding his stomach. I think you know what was really wrong with Loki, like really, no need to say it! Let me just say he wasnt like vomiting sick

Lets go he said and began to walk back to where the horse was, so he did know his way back! I stood and quickly followed behind him.

Do you do this on purpose? he said as he walked.

NoIm sorry I really

Just dont he mumbled.

When we finally reached the horse, the man brought horsy and Loki lifted me up on top of him, I moved back so Loki could sit in front and he looked at me confused, I usually sat in front of him.

Ill rub your belly to make it feel better. Goodness! That was awful but I wanted to do something for him! I had taken him to a place where he had been groped and touched in places he himself had probably never touched, dunked him into cold water in front of everyone and gave him diarrhea from spicy food, I wanted to do something dammit

He looked surprised, but he smiled and got up on the horse, sitting in front of me and we began to ride off after thanking the man for caring for horsy all day. I was a little scared to do it at first, so I just kept my hands still.

Well? he asked, I thought you where going to do something for me

Oh, yeah I said stupidly and began to rub his stomach gently with my open palms. His back was warm and his abs were tight and hard, I had dreamed about something like this happening like my whole miserable life. I rested my face against his broad back as horsy carried us back to my house. A dream come true! Check!

I cant feel anything he said and took my hands in one of his, slipping them under his shirt, I flinched and tugged trying to pull them away but he didnt let go.

Now, you may continue he said and took hold of the reins again. So slowly I started to rub his bare stomach, okay this is what I really wanted to do, Im not going to lie. It was the first time I had really, like really, touched him, his skin was soft, softer than I had imagined, so soft I wanted to lick it! Oh, forget I said that! Suddenly I realized I was tracing his abs and stopped, rubbing his tummy again but he laughed, I could feel his muscles tighten when he did, it was so sexy! Asdfghjkl!

You can do that, I dont mind he said and I swallowed, of course he had noticed, I hadnt even noticed I was doing it! I decided to change the subject, but I kept rubbing his stomach slowly.

Whats your horses name? Does he have a name?

No he said simply.

But why? You always bring him, you had him the other day, so I know hes yours, why dont you name him?

I dont know, I just didnt

But you have too, how about hmm I read about a famous Midgardian named Galileo

Galileo? No!

Why not?


Then you think of something. I said back.


Then its Galileo!

No, I said no!

Its Galileo! I said happily and he sighed, not arguing anymore. Suddenly he placed one of his hands over mine and stopped my hands from rubbing his stomach.

You dont like? I felt kinda rejected, you know the feeling right?

I think I like it too much he said back. Oh what did that mean?

Then I should keep going? I asked.

If you want, I just wanted to warn you

About what? I asked, still confused.

He sighed then stopped the horse, getting off then reaching up to me, placing his hands on my hips and lifting me off, it always surprised me how easily he could lift me. I looked around, we were just out by the road, nowhere special

Loki took the horses reins and my hand, then he stepped into the trees, leading me and Galileo into the dark forest. We didnt go far, he stopped and tied Galileo to a tree and led me a little further in, then he turned and looked down at me. He reached up and ran his fingers lightly down my cheek, his eyes watching the goosebumps his touch left on my skin.

Marly, lets do something a man and a woman do when they are together like salt and pepper he whispered as his hand settled on the back of my neck and his thumb rubbed my skin gently, my heart began to race and I could feel the blood quickly drain from my face when he said that

Oh shit

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