Poor Yuri.

It isn’t often that Otabek can be caught pitying his best friend for much – if anything. Yuri, through a combination of talent, bluntness, and sheer luck, manages to get most things his way. It also helps that Yuri does not make himself an easy person to pity, and might yell if anyone tried. With his (absolutely deserved) gold in the Grand Prix Finals only a month ago, Otabek had doubted he’d be feeling bad for Yuri about anything for a long time.

This is a special situation, however, because Otabek is pretty sure Yuri is going to pass out on a virtual-stranger’s couch at a party neither of them had even wanted to go to.

“Hey. Stay awake,” Otabek scolds, patting Yuri’s cheeks lightly. The sick boy jolts from his haze, fever-clouded eyes snapping towards Otabek.

“’M not gonna pass out,” he mutters. “’M fine. Really. Jus’ – don’t feel well.”

Yuri swallows hard, screwing his eyes shut. His entire body tenses. Otabek takes this as a sign that it’s definitely time to go.

“Okay. We’re going home now, and you’re walking or I will carry you. Pick one.”

“Die,” Yuri mutters without any venom, pulling himself to his feet. Otabek is impressed that he gave in so quickly; halfway through the party, when it became clear that he wasn’t okay, Yuri began to insist on staying as a matter of pride. He is less impressed by the way the other boy sways on his feet, and tumbles straight into Otabek’s arms.

“Easy. Easy,” Otabek soothes, steadying him. Yuri’s legs’ newfound defiance makes walking difficult, but they manage to make it out the door in a matter of minutes. (It helps that Yuri weighs 120lbs soaking wet, maybe.)

No sooner have they gotten into the front lawn, however, than Yuri is sent doubling forward, arms around his stomach. Otabek steadies him as he sinks to his knees; foresight drives him to hold back Yuri’s blond hair, pulling it into a loose ponytail. Yuri gags several times, and tries the bring a hand to his mouth. He doesn’t make it.

As sick spills across the grass, Otabek continues to hold Yuri’s hair, and rubs his back with his other hand. Yuri, for all his stubbornness, is too weak to refuse.

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